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For the past few years now, Nakai-san of RWB - more affectionately known to the Porsche and car community as Rauh-Welt Begriff - takes over the Hard Rock Roppongi parking lot to bring together owners of his infamous creations, which also happens to attract those who travel from near and far for the Tokyo Auto Salon. For locals, it's probably standard fare but for someone like me who only sees a handful Stateside, it's a real treat to see it in person for the first time, to see the other RWB models that I've only seen otherwise via social media. Even partners from the various RWB chapters from around the world come in for this, that's how big a deal it is. For a good couple hours, you get a solid showing of enthusiasts before the crew breaks up for a little celebration down the street for all-you-can-eat/drink until the wee hours of the next morning. 

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Fatlace/illest founder, Mark Arcenal

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Ultra-rare Porsche 904 tucked away in the corner, relatively unnoticed in the sea of RWB cars.

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