8 'Fate of the Furious' Lines That Made Me an Instant Fan

"The Fate of the Furious" may not win an Oscar (although it did break a global box office record), but these quotes prove it is the most fun you'll have in the movies this year.

'Fate of the Furious' Makes Global Box Office History on Opening Weekend

Step aside, "Star Wars" — "Fast & Furious 8" just set the box office record for highest grossing opening weekend of all time. Looks like there are many miles to go before the franchise meets its end.

Rookie of the Year: A Vintage Datsun Built for Enjoyment

When considering all the work put into any project car (3,000 hours and counting in this first time builder’s case), it can be easy to get overwhelmed. One great piece of advice? Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

3 Ridiculous, F1-Inspired Hybrid Hypercars to Look Forward To

Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and McLaren take the hybrid hypercar game to a whole new level. Because normal hypercars just don't cut it.

Take 5: Black Hawk Civic

We've got eyes on this '14 Honda Civic Si coupe... like a hawk.

4 Supercar Fails That Will Make You Rethink Your Dream Car Goals

It’s one thing to get a seatbelt recall on your $20K Honda. It’s another to have issues with your supercar — or should we say, "not-so-supercar."

The Cars That Introduced Us to the Fast & Furious Family

Fast & Furious is more than just biceps and explosions. It's about what matters most in life: family and cars, obviously. See if you can remember the first car each of these 16 family members were introduced in.

Unveiled: 2017 Jeep Concept Vehicles

Jeep (and Mopar) roll out some killer concept rigs for the 51st annual Easter Jeep Safari. What could it mean for the next generation Wrangler?

Motoshield Pro: 3 Easy Steps to No More Car Washes

Is this the future? Motoshield Pro uses nano technology to protect your vehicle inside and out. Put that scrubbing sponge away; a quick rinse is all you need to keep your car looking brand new.

Roof Top Tents: Shameless Glamping or Tactical Camping?

Roof top tents offer more than just a nice place to sleep; they also save space—something Overland junkies can't get enough of on their week-long excursions. So go ahead and camp where you park. It's worth it. Here are our top five favorite roof top tents.

#TakenWithiPhone: How to Step Up Your Car Spotting Game

Anyone with a smartphone can take a mediocre photo of the next parked exotic they see, but with a few adjustments, you can take a really good one. It's time to take your #iPhoneOnly photography to the next level.

It's a Mega Race: Fast N' Loud Faces Off Against Street Outlaws

Gas Monkey Garage races Midwest Street Cars in the ultimate automotive showdown.

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