Talking Shift_12: An 8-Year-Old Asks...

The Driving Line team has to gather up their best responses to an 8-year-old's question of "What's the Best & Worst car?" Watch to find out their answers and get a few laughs.

5 Genius Ways to Outsmart High-Tech Car Thieves

High-tech car theft is not fool-proof. Here are a few cheap, smart, low-fi ways to ensure that you’re not a victim.

4 Reasons Why Auto Enthusiasts Should Embrace Hydrogen

Think you're too cool for hydrogen? Think again! The latest hydrogen cars aren't sexy, but that doesn't mean the future of hydrogen isn't.

7 Trucks That Prove Your Grandpa Is Cool

You probably don't spend a lot of time with your grandpa. And you should, if for no other reason that he's probably got a much cooler truck than you do.

15 Car Owners Who Love 'Star Wars' More Than You

From ToYodas, Stormtrooper and Starfighter-themed vanity license plates, wraps and sun shades — there are some people whose "Star Wars" obsession transcends May the 4th and into their daily drivers.

Gone But Never Forgotten: Cars & Coffee Irvine

We look back at the iconic Southern California car meet that inspired a global movement.

Who's Ready to Go Racing with Hoonigan?

#HoonigansWanted is all we need to hear. See why we're endorsing one of our own for Hoonigan's latest race car driver search.

3 Ridiculous, F1-Inspired Hybrid Hypercars to Look Forward To

Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and McLaren take the hybrid hypercar game to a whole new level. Because normal hypercars just don't cut it.

4 Supercar Fails That Will Make You Rethink Your Dream Car Goals

It’s one thing to get a seatbelt recall on your $20K Honda. It’s another to have issues with your supercar — or should we say, "not-so-supercar."

Roof Top Tents: Shameless Glamping or Tactical Camping?

Roof top tents offer more than just a nice place to sleep; they also save space—something Overland junkies can't get enough of on their week-long excursions. So go ahead and camp where you park. It's worth it. Here are our top five favorite roof top tents.

11.5 Cars You Shouldn't Overlook Just Because They're Automatic-Only

Sorry, not sorry, stick shift enthusiasts. These cars don't come with a manual option, and we're OK with it. Here's why.

The Nürburgring Debate: Do Lap Times Matter?

The Lamborghini Performante just set a sub 7-minute lap time. Not since Nissan debuted the GT-R has there been this much conversation regarding a Ring time.

11 Gearhead Girls You Should Get to Know

Here are 11 women who are using their passion and skills to inspire other enthusiasts and give the automotive world a good name.

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