8 'Fate of the Furious' Lines That Made Me an Instant Fan

"The Fate of the Furious" may not win an Oscar (although it did break a global box office record), but these quotes prove it is the most fun you'll have in the movies this year.

3 Ridiculous, F1-Inspired Hybrid Hypercars to Look Forward To

Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and McLaren take the hybrid hypercar game to a whole new level. Because normal hypercars just don't cut it.

#TakenWithiPhone: How to Step Up Your Car Spotting Game

Anyone with a smartphone can take a mediocre photo of the next parked exotic they see, but with a few adjustments, you can take a really good one. It's time to take your #iPhoneOnly photography to the next level.

11.5 Cars You Shouldn't Overlook Just Because They're Automatic-Only

Sorry, not sorry, stick shift enthusiasts. These cars don't come with a manual option, and we're OK with it. Here's why.

Soft & Smooth OR Hard & Rough: KOH Edition

We've asked the question before, but thought we'd get a unique take on this question out at King of The Hammers.

11 Gearhead Girls You Should Get to Know

Here are 11 women who are using their passion and skills to inspire other enthusiasts and give the automotive world a good name.

11 of Our Favorite Women on Wheels

Look out for motorsports' leading ladies of today — they just might race (or drift) their way right into your hearts.

11 Legendary Ladies of Motorsports

The pioneers of female racing — these women made history by taking on a male-dominated world at full throttle, impressing and inspiring all who watched.

Talking Shift_11: Barrett-Jackson Bid Predictions

How much do you think the car of your dreams would go for in auction? We give our best guesses for the Hennessey, Countach, Firebird Trans Am and more on this week's Barrett-Jackson edition of Talking Shift.

Can Faraday Deliver the Future? The World Awaits the FF 91

Faraday Future just released their "flagship" electric concept car — not without a hitch, but still with a lot of hype. Now, we wait for 2018.

Could You Trust 'Automatic Parking Assist' After Watching This Video?

Ah, the advances of modern automotive technology. More and more drivers are embracing Drive Assist systems, but it's a bit more complicated than Autopilot.

You Know You're a Car Guy If These Are Your 2017 Resolutions

I truly focus on the drive itself – rather than everything else that’s coming after it.

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