Talking Shift_05: A Babe, a Boat and a Box Walk Into a Bar...

There's so much we could say a-boat this.

Talking Shift_04 LIVE: Cummins Cuties & Grocery-Getter

Bet you've never heard a Cummins described as "cute" before. Jonathan (a.k.a. @JDMwong) also never thought he'd never consider an off-road vehicle cool... until now.

Talking Shift_02: How Low Can You Glow?

Whose BRIGHT idea was it to add green underglow to this Integra? Anyone up for a CARbecue? Sorry in advance for all the "light" puns. See which vehicles SHINE in our weekly series' second episode!

BMW Films' "The Hire" Is Back! Time to Binge Watch Season 1

Do you remember BMW Films' "The Hire" starring Clive Owen? Think James Bond in 10 minutes or less.

7 Better Debates Than the Presidential One

If you get tired of hearing our presidential candidates duke it out tonight, we have several alternative debates that may interest you. Because automotive stuff is just more fun anyway.

Apple Might Buy McLaren, and We're Not Sure How We Feel About It

Our thoughts on Apple's potential acquisition of supercar maker McLaren—kiss the steering wheel goodbye!

Two Artists, One Car: Ferrari Re-Imagined [Video]

Insta-famous automotive artists Doug Breuninger and Deven Hitchens face off to recreate a 488 GTB. It's Saferrari vs. Zombie Apocalypse 488. What's your pick?

Sometimes Size DOES Matter...

We weren't surprised to find diesel guys talking about size, but we were surprised by how much it made us laugh!

10 Drool-Worthy Machines That Make Us Proud to Be American

Celebrating Labor Day with these 10 top U.S.-made car picks.

Why Front Engine Porsches Are Cool Again: 924, 928 & 944 Comeback

Like any other manufacturer, Porsche designs fall in and out of favor. See why what once was seen as the Porsche-family stepchild is now en vouge.

The Droptop 4Runner: Give the People What They Want!

The Toyota 4Runner has come a long way, and it’s got plenty more to go... might we suggest a droptop version (something the smart peeps are already making)?

InstaObsession: How to Turn Your Car Pics Into Works of Art With the Prisma App

Find out how to transform a normal car pic into something remarkable with the newly released Prisma app and find out what our favorite 11 filters are.

15 Reasons Why the Toyota 2JZ-GTE (Still) Rules

Strong, can produce tons of power. What's not to love about one of Toyota's best motors?

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