Party Monster: 1988 Mazda RX-7

Meet Ruby: an '88 RX-7 FC3S built by Buddha Concept Designs, and The Weeknd's latest music video vixen.

EVO1 Takes on the Baja 1000 [Video]

The world’s toughest JK tackles one of the most legendary desert races.

Doonies 3 Is Here, and It's Awesome [Video]

Gravity-defying Ultra4 cars, sand-dune launching monster trucks and non-stop action make this Monster Energy video one to watch.

Let Granny Drive the 'Vette

You're never too old for a good burnout. Watch this grandma get behind the wheel of a C7 Corvette.

Can Faraday Deliver the Future? The World Awaits the FF 91

Faraday Future just released their "flagship" electric concept car — not without a hitch, but still with a lot of hype. Now, we wait for 2018.

2016 Off-Road Highlights

A glance back at some of the incredible ‘wheeling journeys we’ve been a part of over the past year.

Honda Brings 360° Holiday Joy to Children's Hospital

A lot of heart and a little VR magic can go a long way for kids too sick to spend Christmas at home. Here's how you can help.


You can be a good driver, but to be UNSTOPPABUL, you need a little horsepower... (err, BUL...power?) Here's never-before-seen footage from last year's shoot with Mad Mike Whiddett.

The 5.9L TJ [Video]

How to Survive Your First SEMA

Send a rookie to SEMA, they're going to make a few rookie mistakes... even with veterans to help along the way.

Talking Shift_09 LIVE: Most Likely to Get Stopped for Speeding

Avoiding a speeding ticket (besides not speeding) is a bit difficult when your ride isn't exactly inconspicuous... You'll never guess how many our special guest has gotten.

Art in Motion: Post-it Notes That Won't Go Unnoticed

Doug Breuninger is an automotive artist. His medium of choice? Post-it notes. You have to check out these Notable Rides.

Turn Up for the Lexus LIT IS

Because Christmas lights are so 2015. This Lexus is lit, fam.

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