Ellen and Porsche: Match Made in Heaven

If you missed our written walkthrough, the new Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles (PEC LA) is open to the public, and it looks pretty cool. Ellen DeGeneres recently made a visit to the center, dragging her always reluctant but hilarious Executive Producer Andy along. Basically, she had the time of her life (Andy was a different story), and it was really fun watching her experience. No one puts the "joy" in "joyride" like Ellen.

Here are a few GIF-able moments from the video:

1. PEC LA Views

Alright, alright... we like what we see. Let's proceed.

2. Ellen's Love for Porsche

Wow, full circle is right. That's actually really funny.

4. The Simulator Lair

Look at Ellen's face. It might as well be Disneyland.

5. Restaurant 917

So generous — oh... LOL. But we know she totally would.

6. Andy = #1 Porsche Fan

Ellen just wants to make sure he doesn't get cold!

7. Pick a Porsche, Any Porsche!

It's okay, Ellen, this is an important decision!

8. Panamera 4S Hybrid Executive

Classic Andy can't hang, and Ellen is enjoying every second of it. She posted the best clip of the video on her Instagram:

9. Acceleration Straight

Although a little unsure of herself at first, Ellen quickly finds that driving full throttle is just like home.

10. Cayenne "Off-Road"

I don't know, Andy, but it's nice to know the Cayenne could handle it, regardless!

11. The Kick Plate

Yep, that's our Ellen in the driver's seat, staying calm, cool and collected.

Andy, your discomfort never fails to bring us joy.

Watch Ellen's whole experience in the video at the top. It's guaranteed to at least put a smile on your face, if not want to visit PEC yourself!


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