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Please Stop: Common Mods that Ruin Your Diesel's Looks and Performance

From smoke switches to giant exhaust tips, these are some of the lousiest upgrades you can make to a late-model diesel pickup.

Diesel Is [Not] Dead: Diesel Engines vs Electric Motors

The whole world may appear to be going electric, but it will be a long time before automotive graveyards are littered with oil burners.

Then & Now: How Micro Machines Influenced Toy & Car Culture in the '80s

The nostalgia runs deep as we remember these tiny, popular little toy cars from the '80s and '90s.

Back from the Dead: 5 Defunct Models that Would be Perfect Electric Vehicles

Could a jolt of electric power resurrect these old and forgotten cars, trucks and vans?

5 4WD Nissan Trucks and SUVs that Deserve Your Attention

Nissan may not be the number one name in Japanese off-road performance, but these models are confirmed trail-ready.

5 Reasons Why Hybrids Make Better Off-Roaders

As hybrids make their way into the off-road scene, here are some reasons why you should consider one for your off-road adventures.

A Californian Speaks: Can New Electric Cars and New Gasoline Performance Cars Coexist?

What does California's plan to outlaw new gas vehicles by 2035 mean for the enthusiast market?

The Evolution of Tire Shine: Why Enthusiasts Love it or Hate It

Can a tire be TOO clean? We dig into tire shine and the strong opinions that surround it.

Drag Racing 101: Five Things I Learned During my First Time at the Track

Traction, traps and reaction times. Hitting the drag strip in a 2016 Mustang GT.

The Rise of the Soft-Roader and Crossover-Landing

Are AWD crossovers the real deal or a quick way to get stuck on the trail?

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