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Go EV or Go V8? Should the Modern Enthusiast Embrace Electric or Stick with Gas?

As the EV vs ICE debate goes on, we look at what it means to be an auto enthusiast in the mid 2020s.

Ford Maverick XL Hybrid Long Term Review

Is this truck truly worth the hype?

How Much Your Gas Guzzler is Really Costing You (and Why You Should Keep It)

We breakdown the numbers and to find out if selling your fun car for a more efficient one will actually save you money.

Please Stop: Common Mods that Ruin Your Diesel's Looks and Performance

From smoke switches to giant exhaust tips, these are some of the lousiest upgrades you can make to a late-model diesel pickup.

Is Toyota Bringing A Diesel To The U.S.?

Or is the world’s second largest automaker simply toying with our emotions?

Honda Gets Tough: Honda CUVs to get TrailSport Off-Road Treatment

Can Honda find its niche in the popular adventure-ready segment?

Then & Now: How Micro Machines Influenced Toy & Car Culture in the '80s

The nostalgia runs deep as we remember these tiny, popular little toy cars from the '80s and '90s.

5 4WD Nissan Trucks and SUVs that Deserve Your Attention

Nissan may not be the number one name in Japanese off-road performance, but these models are confirmed trail-ready.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 392 vs 4xe

The hybrid meets Hemi showdown.

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