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More Than Just an EV? Project Tesla Model 3 Performance Buying Experience & Ownership Impressions

Can the Tesla Model 3 Performance be a proper alternative to gasoline enthusiast cars? We buy one to find out.

Gasoline Forever or Embrace the EV Revolution? How I Learned to Love (and Hate) the Electric Car

Can enthusiasts adapt to an EV world? Should they even have to? Here's a nuanced view from an open-minded car-lover.

The Supra Returned—Why not a BMW-Built Skyline GT-R? A Genuine Argument for Nissan & BMW to Team Up

Turbocharged inline-six, muscular styling, optional AWD. Could this be the next JDM revival?

The Future We Want? Dodge's EV Plans are Interesting—Are They Abandoning Their Internal Combustion V8 Engine Loving Customers?

Are Scat Pack and Hellcat lovers going to line up for "electric muscle cars"? We aren't so sure.

Please Stop: Common Mods that Ruin Your Diesel's Looks and Performance

From smoke switches to giant exhaust tips, these are some of the lousiest upgrades you can make to a late-model diesel pickup.

Diesel Is [Not] Dead: Diesel Engines vs Electric Motors

The whole world may appear to be going electric, but it will be a long time before automotive graveyards are littered with oil burners.

Honda Gets Tough: Honda CUVs to get TrailSport Off-Road Treatment

Can Honda find its niche in the popular adventure-ready segment?

Better Than the Supra? 5 Reasons Why the GR Yaris is Toyota's Best Performance Car

Why this turbocharged, three-cylinder AWD hot hatchback might be Toyota's real performance flagship.

5 More Four-Door Performance Cars From the 2000s You Probably Forgot About

These lesser known performance cars prove that the 2000s were the time for four-door power.

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