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How the LS V8 Conquered the World

GM needed a new engine would be required to carry their brand into the new millennium. Something more compact and fuel efficient than the old SBC V8.

The New American Hot Rod: An LS-Swapped Chevy S10 Pickup

Older pickups like the S10 have become increasingly great choices for builders on a budget.

Hold Up on the "EV Revolution," Toyota has the Right Idea for an Uncertain Automotive Future

While some of have attacked the company for its limited EV efforts, Toyota is winning big for now.

The Bad “Baby Camaro”: An Old School Toyota Celica with a Supercharged LS Secret

Rocket Bunny Flares, Drag Radials, and a supercharged V8 stuffed into a classic Toyota.

The Lowest Lift and 38’s On A Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Stuffing massive tires on our 392 with only 2.5 inches of lift.

slammedmaster sm02

Editor's Picks

Slammed to Perfection: A Patina ’68 Travelette Built to Stand Out

Pulled from a muddy field that required recovery gear to extract, this truck required extensive restomodification.

From Daisy Duke Dreamin' to Jeep Livin': Backroad Bri's JKU Wrangler

Simple and fun. Bridget Brown's Ridge Grappler-Equipped 2015 Wrangler nails the essentials.

2024 Ford Maverick Tremor Real World Review

A practical pickup with real capabilities.

Dependable Performance All Year Round: Nitto’s New All-Season Tire, The Motivo 365

If you own a luxury sedan, sport coupe, or CUV do yourself a favor and get a set of Nitto’s new Motivo 365 All-Season UHP tires with the 3PMS rating.

f150 lead

Editor's Picks

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Switchgear

The all-electric pickup changing the dual-purpose game forever.

15 Years In the Making: Does the 2025 4Runner Live up to the Hype? Should you Buy a 5th Gen Instead?

How does the new 4Runner fit into Toyota's SUV lineup? Is it a worthy upgade ove the proven 5th Gen?

Wet Willy: A Modernized, Cummins-Powered ’57 Willys Panel

This rare Willys panel truck underpinned by a modern Wrangler is a perfect blend of old and new.

First Track Days, Then Trails: An Enthusiast’s Journey to the Ideal Lexus GX470

From an S2000 to a Mustang, a Subaru Outback and now a Lexus GX on Ridge Grapplers.

Is the Mk4 Toyota Supra The Most Overrated Japanese Performance Car Ever?

The 80-series Supra is hands down one of the most popular and beloved Japanese cars of the '90s - but does it live up to the legend?

55 chevy sob nowatermark 47

Editor's Picks

Mid-Century Modern: '55 Chevrolet Bel-Air Restomod

With blown LSX power and a killer stance, this classic 1955 Chevy Tri-5 is back for another round.

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