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Best of the Other Cars & Coffee: Supercar Sunday


Imagine rolling into Cars & Coffee with your car spotless, enjoying the morning and then being served with trespassing papers by a local security guard with a dog. Hard to believe, but this is what actually happened to some regulars that attended the Village Coffee Roaster car meet back in 2009. VCR as it was called, was an automotive meeting event organized by Dustin Trovan, manager of VCR at the time. The event became wildly popular, to the point where local businesses in the same plaza began to complain about parking access due to the vast amounts of classics and exotics attending each Sunday. One thing leads to another and shortly thereafter, VCR is sued (along with some intimidation tactics towards regulars from the rent-a-cops) and Dustin and the other enthusiasts are stuck out in the cold. With such a solid following (Jay Leno and other stars were regular attendees), Dustin was able to find an alternative location at Westfield Promenade Mall in Woodland Hills. With the help of friends as well as The AutoGallery (a local high end automotive sales company) — SuperCar Sunday was born. Held each Sunday from 7-10AM, SuperCar Sunday is a little easier on those who like to sleep in. Think of it as “Cars & Coffee North” — a gathering more local to LA and Ventura residents. Billed as an event where celebrities and fabricators walk around and talk with “normal guys” — I can definitely attest to a more diverse group of vehicles within the large mall parking lot (but have yet to see any celebrities). I’ve seen 3 Zonda’s in my lifetime, one of them was at SuperCar Sunday.


An example of the diversity of cars, a classic Mercedes 300SL next to a 280Z (a classic to some as well!)  


A very cool Subie Van!


1 of 20 Lamborghini Reventon’s produced.


If you happen to be up on a Sunday morning and you’re looking for a great show, it’s definitely worth the drive over – particularly if you catch a marquee day, which happens once a month. Don’t worry, you won’t be served papers – although having this many cool cars in one place should be illegal! -Albert Roxas

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