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LAP 1 UPDATE: 2015 King of The Hammers


Clean Air on Lap 1 of #KOH2015

  IMG_5313 Jason Scherer #76 was the fast qualifier for the 2015 Nitto King of The Hammers presented by 4 Wheel Parts, putting him on the pole position next to Erik Miller #4421.  Being the “rabbit” isn’t always the best place to be on race day though, as you are responsible for setting the pace that the field behind you must match. Push too hard and you risk breaking early, but drive too conservatively and others can follow you to the finish line and still beat you on corrected time. IMG_6167 Jason Scherer headed straight to Backdoor after leaving the line, a strategic move to complete this obstacle early and let others play rabbit. “Backdoor” is a ten foot tall dry waterfall that each competitor must complete once out of the three laps (check out the carnage their during the East/West shootout).  Many competitors, such as Shannon and Wayland Campbell, choose to wait until the last lap to tackle this obstacle. Instead their priority is to get as much of a lead on the rest of the field as possible, so that dust and traffic are less of an issue. This is a gamble though; if you show up to Backdoor on your third lap and it is a traffic jam, you risk watching your win disappear as you wait in line. IMG_6363 Scherer’s move to Backdoor allowed Erik Miller to take an early lead in the race, which he maintained throughout the entire first lap. Despite having to replace multiple drivetrain components on the lakebed throughout the week, Miller’s only issue on Lap One was his safety net, which his pit crew quickly remedied during his first pass through the main pits. Miller then headed to Backdoor to start his second lap, where he winched up the obstacle to conserve his car for the long race ahead. IMG_6328 The unofficial lap running order of cars coming through the main pit after their first, and shortest, lap of three for the 2015 Nitto King of The Hammers presented by 4 Wheel Parts is:
  1.  Erik Miller #4421
  2.  Tom Wayes #321
  3.  Greg Adler #210
  4.  Derek West #20
  5.  Clay Gilstrap #26
  6.  Corey Kuchta #4464
  7.  Loren Healy #67
  8.  Jeff Russell #4427
  9.  Shannon Campbell #5
  10.  Levi Shirley #81
  11.  Jason Shipman #4414
  12.  Casey Currie #2
  13.  Jason Scherer #76
  14.  Bill Baird #5252
  15.  Ben Napier #4461
  16.  Paul Horschel
  17.  John Cagliero #27
  18. Randy Slawson #4448
  19. Wayland Campbell #3

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