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Now What? Cars & Coffee Alternatives

85c_crew_1 With Cars & Coffee now gone, SoCal enthusiasts (including myself) are looking to the next alternative to getting the weekend morning dose of cars and caffeine. Immediately after the last Cars & Coffee, mini-meets have popped up in the interim. While the founders of Cars & Coffee decide what to do next, here are the locations and times of a few Orange County car meets...

Redhill Meet

Just a few exits over from Irvine Cars & Coffee, this meet in Tustin takes place on Saturdays from 7-9AM on the corner of Redhill Ave and El Camino Real. I was initially warned not to attend this meet, as the organizer was known to be one of the more obnoxious rev'ing guys from Cars & Coffee, but in the 3 times I've attended - there hasn't been any burnouts or anything dumb like that. Decent quality and variety of cars, but can be hit and miss. There's a DelTaco in the lot to handle any AM breakfast. tustin_meet_sc1 Nice open parking lot with plenty of space. tustin_meet_sc2 Nice variety of exotics courtesy of the OC Xotics Crew. tustin_meet_sc3 New and old - something for everyone. tustin_meet_sc4 996, 997, 964 - a nice family of Porsche 911's. tustin_meet_sc5 Nice old school air-cooled 911 RS America. tustin_meet_sc6 Lambo's latest - the Huracán courtesy of Famous Autosports.

Fight Club

I actually chose this name, since I was invited under secrecy - the organizers want to try and keep the location and time on the DL. Started by some of the associates of the Cars & Coffee crew - this is a nice, quiet meet with some great cars. Ironically, my buddies and I had been meeting at this location for breakfast after Cars & Coffee for years. Scheduling for this meet still varies, once it's formalized I'm sure they'll release more info to the general public. In the meantime, here's some pics... scp_meet_1 Sick 458 Speciale clad in Schumi's Enzo livery. scp_meet4 Rocket Bunny NSX should be familiar - debuted at Nitto Tire's SEMA booth! scp_meet3 The newly completed RWB Porsche Targa showed up. scp_meet2 A very wide variety from JDM to Italian Exotics, to good ol' German Horsepower. Fight Club usually has em all...

Sunset Beach

This event takes place on Sundays and reminds me a lot of the way Crystal Cove started, way back in the day. A very small group of cool old guys (probably not politically correct, but I have to keep it real) and some great cars. Lots of variety and lots of great stories. Runs from 7-9AM at Peter's landing. Nice Starbucks in the parking lot. sunset_5 sunset_4 Nice 25th Anniversary Lotus Esprit in British Racing Green. sunset_8 Ferrari Parking Only LOL. Nice 430 Scuderia next to a 250GT. sunset_6 Legit Brabus SL parked next to me.

Lamborghini Newport Beach SuperCar Show

This only happens once a month, but it's the one to attend if you miss Cars & Coffee and want to see some amazing stuff. Takes place at Lamborghini Newport Beach off of Baker and Harbor in Costa Mesa. lambo_event1 Just a Porsche 918 Hypercar in RS Orange. No Big Deal. LOL. lambo_nb_2 Not restricted to strictly Lamborghini's - the dealership welcomes all enthusiasts and vehicles. Nice old-school Porsche Turbo from Bisimoto. lambo_nb_3 Yep, another Porsche 918 Hypercar. No Big Deal! There you have it! Four mini-Cars & Coffee alternatives have popped up within the past month, in addition to DrivingLine's previously-featured Tuners and Tea. I've heard of a few more that I'll be attending in the coming weekends... so stay tuned as we bring you the latest coverage of weekend-morning automotive goodness!

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