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Vörsteiner Aero for McLaren MP4-12C: Improving on Perfection

header When the McLaren MP4-12C was released in 2011, the engineering wunderkind won the hearts of sportscar enthusiasts with amazing performance and cutting edge technology. Released to compete with the likes of the Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini LP560-4, the MP4 was no question a suitable, if not better performer, in most categories - except when it came to its rather “vanilla” looks. Enter the aero-specialists at Vörsteiner, who have moved into the exotic aftermarket with their 2011 release of the Ferrari VXX kit. This time around, the team has put their design queues on giving the MP4-12C a little bit of “P1” treatment (The latest hypercar offering from McLaren) adding a much needed edgier look to the understated McLaren. McLaren_Mp4-12C_Vorsteiner_MP4-VX_Aero_Kit_07 Styling from the P1 is most apparent in the front and rear bumpers. Starting with the front bumper – Vörsteiner provides a complete front bumper replacement with an integrated carbon fiber spoiler. Dual air-ducts and ventilation louvers on the side of the bumper add a more race inspired front facia compared to the more basic OEM bumper. McLaren_Mp4-12C_Vorsteiner_MP4-VX_Aero_Kit_05 Moving to the side sill extension blades, Vörsteiner’s Autoclaved Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber structure gives exceptional stiffness, strength and durability compared to traditional hand-laid carbon fiber composites. The two-piece extensions give the appearance of a much lower stance while complementing the front and rear bumpers respectively. McLaren_Mp4-12C_Vorsteiner_MP4-VX_Aero_Kit_01 The most assertive piece of the aero is actually the part that will be seen if you attempt to challenge a McLaren, it's rear bumper. Dripping in carbon fiber, the ultra-aggressive rear bumper includes a diffuser and integrated under-tray, further referencing McLaren's racing heritage. McLaren_Mp4-12C_Vorsteiner_MP4-VX_Aero_Kit_04 Although some prefer a more understated look for the MP4-12C (beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder), the Vörsteiner MP4-VX aero offers another option for McLaren owners. While describing it as a "mini-P1" isn't far off, some may prefer referring to it as carbon covered chocolate dripping with Kevlar sprinkles... -Albert Roxas McLaren_Mp4-12C_Vorsteiner_MP4-VX_Aero_Kit_03
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