Surprises Abound in Lengendary Surprise Canyon

Surprise Canyon was the toughest off road trail in the Mojave Desert until a land-use battle closed most of it forever. Join us as we tour the legendary trail by Jeep and by foot.

Florida Truck Fest: Burnouts, Tug O’ War & Drag Racing

Going fast, hooking bumper-to-bumper and obliterating tires — it’s all in a day’s work at this Florida venue.

I Got a Porsche! Sort Of

How to build a Porsche 911 GT3 RS... Lego style.

Take 5: This Savage Scat Is Where It's At

You don't need a Hellcat to turn heads.

What Makes a $200K Land Rover Worth It?

East Coast Defender takes a Land Rover and makes it into a Beast. Is it worth the price?

More Traction & Action at the 2017 Superstition Run

What happens when it rains in the desert? The rare presence of sticky sand and wet rock presented a unique adventure for SoCal off-roaders at the 19th Annual San Diego 4-Wheelers event.

What Is VANkulture?

You will never grow out of the import car scene; you just grow up within it.

2017 KOH Race Recap With Bailey Campbell

In case the leaders made this race look too easy, that's not usually the case. Hear Bailey Campbell recount what made KOH 2017 so challenging.

2017 KOH Race Recap With Erik Miller

Will the two-time King back up last year's win this King of The Hammers? Hear about Erik Miller's race in this video.


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Intercoolers 101: A Turbocharged Engine’s Best Supporting Actor

Maximize the performance and durability of your turbocharger: Install an intercooler.

Jeep Wrangler Interior Rehash

We increase the safety and looks of our TJ project in a couple of hours. Learn why these dollar-smart upgrades are worth checking out.

2017 KOH Race Recap With Wayland Campbell

First to cross the line and 2nd on elapsed time, Wayland Campbell is one rising star of off-road motorsports. Hear more about his race day.

Racing Among Kings: Mel Wade's KOH 2017 Recap

Racing a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in the premier 4400 class is no cakewalk.

6 Places You'd Never Expect to Find an LS Swap

In a world where no car is safe from the LS swap, there's no telling where else you'll find America's popular V8.

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