2017 NHRDA Texas Diesel Nationals

A 7-second ’41 Willys, a P-pumped 7.3L Mustang and a 6,000-pound truck running 8s — welcome to the Texas Diesel Nationals.

Supercars to Sleepers: 8 Favorites From Jay Leno's Garage

We choose eight of the coolest cars we found on our recent visit to Jay Leno's Garage. Some are well known parts of Jay's collection, while others fly a bit more under the radar.

Hyperfest Brings the Heat to the Virginia International Raceway

There's no doubt about it: Hyperfest is the epitome of what automotive culture is all about — it really does have something for everyone.

Against All Odds at the Ultra4 Clash at the Cross Bar

Ultra4 drivers have to be prepared at all times for whatever the course gives them, and Oklahoma delivered a doozy.

SR All Star Meeting: SR Paradise

The path to Nissan 240SX heaven is between a wild NSX and a boy band. You can thank us later.

Round 2 Has a Growth Spurt: NCRR 2017 [Gallery]

The Nor Cal Rock Racing series heats up in Nevada for its second round of action!

Operation Glacier Girl: The 5-Month Recovery of 2 Snowbound Rigs on the Rubicon

What began as a New Year's Day wheeling trip for father and son quickly became a complex recovery effort spanning two states and several forums — almost half a year in the making.

The Next Generation of Grip for Ford Mustangs

With Mustangs ranging from Fox Bodys to S550s, the NT555 G2 brings the latest in tire technology to improve upon an old classic for late-model to modern Mustangs.

10 Rigs From Overland Expo That Will Make You Want to Sell Your House

These unique, over-the-top 4x4 motorhomes would be perfect for global exploration.

7 Surprising Things We Learned From Our Visit to Jay Leno's Garage

We spend some time drooling over the machinery at Jay Leno's Garage and check out his new line of car care products.

Hunting Petroglyphs in the Rodman Mountains

Surprise Tank in the Rodman Mountains Wilderness is one of the largest collection of petroglyphs in California. It could make a great side trip if you’re out wheeling the Hammers trails in Johnson Valley and looking for a change of pace from hard core rock crawling.

5 Cheap & Underrated American Project Cars to Build Now

Looking for a unique base for your next project? Check out these '70s & '80s American underdog platforms.

5 Hondas You'll Find at the Eibach Meet

What started as a small meet has grown into the West Coast's largest Honda gathering.

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