Dodge Does It Again: Legal Street Racing, & We Have Photo Evidence [Gallery]

You know you’ve reached Roadkill Nights when you hear a train horn blaring, and then minutes later witness barely legal streetcars do side-by-side burnouts while 5,500 tons of solid metal rolls across the train tracks. #BecauseRoadkill

9 Street Cars To Look Twice At From AED 2017

A little bit of everything showed up at Auto Enthusiast Day, here are a few that caught our attention.

How to Get More Power From Your P-Pump Cummins

If the P7100’s ability to add 100 hp for free doesn’t get your attention, its four-digit horsepower potential should.

10 Trucks & 4x4s That Stood Out From the Rest at Auto Enthusiast Day 2017

Sorry, you must be this tall to be featured in this article.

Trees Take a Toll at the Ultra4 2017 KMC Wheels Battle in Bluegrass

Nitto drivers take the Top 2 at Ultra4 Kentucky, with Wayland Campbell winning the Eastern Series Championship and continuing his all-season podium streak.

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Editor's Picks

Planning a Build: The Blueprints for a Successful Project

Building a car is hard enough on its own, but with some careful planning and preparation, you can transform any idea into the keys in your pocket.

Top 3 at AED: Auto Enthusiast Day 2017 Editors' Picks

With a thousand vehicles to choose from at the largest AED to date, picking favorites wasn't easy, but we narrowed it down to three.

Horsepower Horseplay: How I Came to Fear the Race Car & Love the Cyclekart

Cyclekart racing... It's a thing. It's unusual, inexpensive, kind of wild and lots of fun. And one small town in Washington state is all about it. Welcome to the Tieton Grand Prix.

Readers' Rides: Just Keep on Building

What makes your project car or truck special to you? No matter the reason, keep building and sharing! Maybe it'll inspire someone else's next project.

AED 2017: Relive the Biggest & Best Auto Enthusiast Day Yet [Gallery]

Auto Enthusiast Day 2017 may be over, but we have new t-shirts, tan lines and memories to show for it.

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9 GIFs That Prove Ultra4 Racing Is Pretty Much Every Off-Roader's Fantasy

If you're into 4x4s and off-roading, Ultra4 is the holy embodiment of everything you hold near and dear. How so? Let's take a look...

Here's a Clean Trio of Nissan Classics for You to Drool Over

These three classic Nissans make a statement at Atlanta's Caffeine & Octane August meet-up.

Goodbye to the House of Drift: Irwindale Speedway Closing in January 2018

This October will mark Formula Drift's final event at Irwindale Speedway.

Miata Life: Mazda Introduces Factory Restoration Program

Mazda has announced it will start a factory restoration service for the NA-chassis Miata beginning next year, and we're all for it.

Take 5: A Pontiac Grand Am Named 'Caddywampus'

After sitting disassembled for nearly a decade in the back of Mike Brown Customs' shop, this '74 Grand Am is now living life to its fullest.

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