The Ultimate Homebuilt High-Boy, Part 2: One Step Closer to Perfection

This phase of the perfect High-Boy build calls for engine mock-up, modernizing the interior and 6 gallons of Blue Flame Metallic paint.

Fabtech Motorsports' Off-Road-Ready Ram 2500

This 2014 Ram 3/4-ton 4x4 transformed into a multipurpose rig that can haul, tow and play all in the same day.

Build Plans for Aaron Kaufman's 1975 Ford F-350

Now that Aaron has this F-350 dentside home to Texas, what's in store for it?

Aaron Kaufman's Road to Restoration

Flying halfway across the country to buy a 1975 F-350 pickup and drive it home to Texas? You may call it crazy, but we call it an adventure.

Anatomy of a Limited Pro Stock Truck

Squeezing 1,400 hp through a 76 mm turbo is no small feat, but these diesel monsters make it look easy.

Truck Norris: Possibly the Most 'Merica Thing on 4 Wheels

You don't drive Truck Norris... Truck Norris drives you. Heavy D of Diesel Brothers reinvents Chuck Norris' prized Duramax-powered Silverado into this badass, patriotic beast.

Joel Gonzales' Unconventional Chevy C-10

Being the truck that really gave Joel his start in modifying vehicles for performance, it's only fitting that the C-10 be a real competitive driver.

Anatomy of a Super Stock Diesel Truck

Find out exactly what makes these mega-horsepower monsters tick — and where you can catch them in action this summer.

Summertime Classics: The 19th Annual Brothers Truck Show [Gallery]

Classic Chevy truck fans, you better bring extra napkins... this is one tasty picnic in the park.

New Product Spotlight: Air Lift Load Lifter 7500XL

Own your truck’s GCWR with Air Lift’s strongest air spring system yet.

A Tribute to Dad: Breathing New Life Into This Classic C10

There’s nothing like riding in the back of Dad’s old pickup truck as a kid, but building your own as an adult comes pretty close.

Supreme Taco: A Solid-Axle Toyota Built to Trail Grapple

The first-gen Tacoma is one of the most capable off-road trucks ever produced. Find out how one Utah ‘wheeler transformed his SR5 into an incredible off-road machine.

Nitto 420S: Dominating the Street or 'Strip

Find out why diesel truck owners prefer Nitto’s popular all-season performance tire on the street and at the track.

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