Rudy’s Diesel Season Opener, Part 2: Pulls

The best of the best descended upon Julian, North Carolina, for the first large scale sled pull of 2017.

Rudy’s Diesel Season Opener, Part 1: Drags

The first stop along the Outlaw Diesel Super Series brings 165 oil burners to Piedmont Dragway’s eighth-mile drag strip.

Ultimate Callout Challenge 2017: Dyno Competition

From the trucks that made 2,500 hp to the ones that scattered engines, the chassis dyno saw a little bit of everything at UCC 2017.

Street Car Takeover 2017 Indianapolis [Gallery]

Catch up on all the photo action that went down at Lucas Oil Raceway for SCT.

Indy Brings It: Street Car Takeover 2017 Indianapolis

Indy’s wildest street cars go heads-up down the drags for cash prizes in an all-out racing event put on by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

The Trucks of Ultimate Callout Challenge 2017: Part 1

These 13 beasts make up the starting lineup for the wildest diesel event we’ve ever encountered: the Ultimate Callout Challenge.

Engineering Perfection: The V8 Twin-Turbo Datsun 620 Build You Have to See

From CAD renderings to full-scale fabrication, the level of calculated detail in this project is second to none. You might want to take a seat for this one.

Matt Moghaddam: Capturing Roads Less Traveled

An introduction from Editor Matt Maghaddam, the newest addition to the Driving Line team.

5 Fatal Flaws of the B Series Cummins

From the killer dowel pin to a blown head gasket, these weak links can stop the almighty Cummins dead in its tracks.

Diesel Thunder Drag Racing Season Storms the Sunshine State

How did you spend your spring break? We took in one of the first diesel drag races of 2017.

EcoBoosted: Adding an Easy 60 HP to Ford’s Twin-Turbo 3.5L V6

How to bring your 3.5L EcoBoost to life—and an ear-to-ear smile to your face…

Skyjacking a Tundra

How a little lift and the right tires transformed this 2014 Toyota half-ton into a work and play machine.

11.5 Cars You Shouldn't Overlook Just Because They're Automatic-Only

Sorry, not sorry, stick shift enthusiasts. These cars don't come with a manual option, and we're OK with it. Here's why.

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