Florida Truck Fest: Burnouts, Tug O’ War & Drag Racing

Going fast, hooking bumper-to-bumper and obliterating tires — it’s all in a day’s work at this Florida venue.

Kymera: A Cummins-Powered Colorado Unlike Anything Else

Fit with a 12-valve, 5.9L diesel engine, MRAP axles and coilover shocks straight from a trophy truck, this midsized Bowtie is one of the wildest machines on the planet.

Take 5: Boss Coyote vs. Red Ram 2.0

Peek inside the minds of two different owners and their project builds: one, an 800 rwhp Grabber Blue Mustang; the other, a big red Ram 2500 diesel.

First to Market: Fab Fours 2017 Ford F-250

How teaming up with the right brands got this new Super Duty ready to go.

Power Stroke Sleepers: 5 Stock-Appearing Fords That Pack Big Surprises

These mild-looking diesels might not scream power, but they're some of the fastest you'll find.

Breakfast With the Lobster Wagon: Dodge Ram 6BT Crew Cab

Putting this special 1990-slash-1984 pickup through the paces, city style.

2017 Pickup Truck Buyer’s Guide

From midsize to heavy-duty, our comprehensive list includes everything you need to know about the incoming crop of American pickups.

Year in Preview: 2017 Diesel Truck Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to know about the 2017 diesel truck lineup.

The Power Stroke Blues: 6.4L Edition

Find out why so many of these diesel mills bite the dust before the 200,000-mile mark.

Forward Progress: How to Get All Your Diesel’s Power to the Ground

Here's why a set of quality traction bars is a must for your diesel.

5 Ways to Ready Your 6.0L Power Stroke for Winter

Don’t let your Ford's diesel engine get left out in the cold this year. Prevent the five most common winter diesel starting issues on the 6.0L V8 engine.

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