Building Dreams: Sung Kang's '72 Ford Maverick

Sung Kang, SEMA, Ford and three high school students conspire to build the most outrageous Ford Maverick ever, Project Underdog.

Engine-Swap Basics

Follow this pro engine-swap advice to ensure your next swap project is a dream instead of a nightmare.

Engine-Swap Basics

Master Class: Shelby Car Restoration Tips From Tim Lea

An expert on Ford Mustangs and Shelbys, Tim Lea has proven himself a master of restorations. Learn his top tips here.

All About Drag Radials

What Drag Tires Are and Why You Need Them

Blowing Your Mind: Navigating Supercharger Basics

Want that perfect nostalgic muscle car look but don't know the first thing on building it? Read these blower basics with expert advice from Bobby Walden.

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