Top 10 Must-Haves for Expedition Gear Junkies

Luckily for us, the increasing demand for aftermarket off-road parts and camping gadgets means there is more variety in the available products... and with wider price ranges.

2017 Leadfoot Festival: Homecoming King

Mad Mike comes home with some powerful toys to unleash on the world’s best driveway. Let's get ready to RUMBUL!

Why I Race on Nittos: Ultra4 Edition

We caught up with a few Team Nitto drivers at KOH 2017 to learn how their tire of choice helps them stand out from the competition.

What Makes a $200K Land Rover Worth It?

East Coast Defender takes a Land Rover and makes it into a Beast. Is it worth the price?

More Traction & Action at the 2017 Superstition Run

What happens when it rains in the desert? The rare presence of sticky sand and wet rock presented a unique adventure for SoCal off-roaders at the 19th Annual San Diego 4-Wheelers event.

Jeep Wrangler Interior Rehash

We increase the safety and looks of our TJ project in a couple of hours. Learn why these dollar-smart upgrades are worth checking out.

The Lite Way: ADD Ford Raptor Bumper Review

Improving the looks and function of our 2012 F-150 Raptor with Addictive Desert Designs.

Race to the Finish: King of The Hammers 2017 Recap, Part 2

The KOH 2017 podium finishers might've crossed the Finish Line before 3 o'clock, but the race was far from over. By the 14-hour cutoff time, history had been made.

Race to the Finish: King of The Hammers 2017 Recap

Here are the minute-by-minute highlights from the 2017 King of The Hammers race... the only way to get a real picture of the action!

KOH 2017: Racing Thoughts Before the Big Day

How to conquer the toughest one-day desert race on earth: Team Nitto drivers talk mindset and strategy leading up to the King of The Hammers Main Race. Eye on the prize.

2017 King of The Hammers Underclassmen Qualifying [Gallery]

The field has been set for the KOH underclassmen. See what went down during the day's action.

Above All, Race Safely: 10 Things That Protect Racers

How do you stay safe at King of The Hammers? Here's a primer for ya'.

Evolution of KOH: How It Has Changed Over the Years

What began as a group of friends having fun is now one of the most widely-known desert races in the world. Learn the history behind KOH as well as who's won it through the years.

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