More Huracán Drift: Hübinettes Hand Over the Wheel

While no foreigner to cars, professional Red Bull freeskier Jon Olsson had never seen a car like this one. This weekend he got behind the wheel of the Hübinette’s Huracan and did what we’ve all been wanting to do since first watching Huracán Drift… had Sam teach him how to drift in it!

Jon Olssen Lamborghini Drifting

“I have never been sideways in anything like this,” says Jon as he hops in. Jon’s had a string of varied cars over the years, you can check out his progression on his blog, from a VW Passat, through an Ultima GTR and some Audis, and finally numerous Lamborghinis. A frequent Gumballer, Jon celebrates his love of cars in his many travels and adventures.

Watch as Sam and Stina Hübinette help Jon put a Lamborghini through the paces – it didn’t take Jon too long to catch on!

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