Traveling the Extended Nadeau Trail via Slate Range Crossing

This historic section of Remi Nadeau's Shotgun Road was left out of the National Recreational Trail designation. We discovered amazing panoramic views and a bit of history.

Jailed in Death Valley

Although we never figured out how it was named, the Jail Canyon trail provides scenic views of Panamint Valley and a chance to explore the Corona Mine and Camp in Death Valley.

Top 10 Must-Haves for Expedition Gear Junkies

Luckily for us, the increasing demand for aftermarket off-road parts and camping gadgets means there is more variety in the available products... and with wider price ranges.

More Traction & Action at the 2017 Superstition Run

What happens when it rains in the desert? The rare presence of sticky sand and wet rock presented a unique adventure for SoCal off-roaders at the 19th Annual San Diego 4-Wheelers event.

Racing Among Kings: Mel Wade's KOH 2017 Recap

Racing a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in the premier 4400 class is no cakewalk.

Death Valley Escape Route Over the Slate Range Mountains

The Slate Range Trail follows the route taken by lost 49ers to escape the perils of Death Valley. This trail will have you holding your breath over the steep descents and amazing views.

EVO1 Takes on the Baja 1000 [Video]

The world’s toughest JK tackles one of the most legendary desert races.

Happy New Year From Driving Line!

2016 was great, but 2017 — here we come!

2016 Off-Road Highlights

A glance back at some of the incredible ‘wheeling journeys we’ve been a part of over the past year.

SEMA 4-Ways: 2016 Editors' Picks

There's more than one way to see SEMA. Here are our very own picks from this year's show.

Wheeling at Death Valley Mine Trail

An overnight camping trip out to Dawson Camp and beyond led to some fun mine exploring in the Mojave National Preserve.

Hit Up the Dunes With Mel Wade [360 Virtual Reality]

It doesn't have to be a beach for you to play in the sand. Go for a 360° ride in Mel Wade's Off Road Evolution Jeep Wrangler at Johnson Valley, California.

Volcanic Wheeling in the Mojave: Aiken Mine Trail Review

Touring off-road through the Mojave National Preserve's Cima Volcanic Field and Cinder Cones National Natural Landmark.

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