The Crowning Muscle Match: 2016 NMCA World Street Finals [Gallery]

The NMCA Muscle Car Nationals came to a close in Norwalk, Ohio, for the 15th Annual World Street Finals. The last weekend of August was a hot one (we're not just talking temperature), and the turnout at Summit Motorsports Park was nearly double from what it was last year to see which drivers would come out on top.

VP Racing Fuels Extreme Pro Mod

Tim Savell - '13 Camaro at NMCA World Street Finals

  • WINNER: Tim Savell, '13 Camaro
  • RUNNER-UP: Randy Adler, '57 Bel-Air

Dart Pro Stock

  • WINNER: Kevin Lawrence, '13 Avenger
  • RUNNER-UP: Rob Pearce, '53 Studebaker

Mickey Thompson Radial Wars

  • WINNER: DeWayne Mills, '68 Camaro
  • RUNNER-UP: Keith Berry, '02 Corvette

Wiseco Street Outlaw

  • WINNER: Jacky McCarty, '91 Mustang
  • RUNNER-UP: Phil Hines, Mustang

Holley EFI Factory Super Cars

  • WINNER: Kevin Skinner, ’16 Cobra Jet
  • RUNNER-UP: Anthony Bongiavanni, ’16 Cobra Jet

ARP Nitrous Pro Street

Joe Bucaro - '04 Mustang at NMCA World Street Finals

  • WINNER: Joe Bucaro, '04 Mustang
  • RUNNER-UP: Andy Vogt, ’90 Trans Am

Edelbrock Xtreme Street

  • WINNER: Louie Filippides, '10 Camaro
  • RUNNER-UP: Eric Kenward, '79 Malibu

Quick Lane at Downs Ford NA 10.5

  • WINNER: Mike DeMayo, Jr., '95 Mustang
  • RUNNER-UP: Dwight Ausmus, ’72 Firebird

Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center Chevrolet Performance Stock

  • WINNER: Kevin Lumsden, ’99 Camaro
  • RUNNER-UP: Glenn Pushis, CRC Camaro

E3 Spark Plug Top Sportsman

Gary Wojnowski Sr. - Top Sportsman winner at NMCA World Street Finals

  • WINNER: Gary Wojnowski, Sr., '96 Cutlass
  • RUNNER-UP: Ken Langlois, '63 Corvette

ATI Nostalgia Super Stock

  • WINNER: Doug Duell, '74 Fury
  • RUNNER-UP: Gary Beemer, '63 Tempest

Detroit Truetrac Nostalgia Muscle Car

  • WINNER: Ken Weilbrenner, '70 Chevelle
  • RUNNER-UP: Noah Winters, '71 Nova

MagnaFuel Open Comp

Ken Hebert - '11 Mini Cooper at NMCA World Street Finals

  • WINNER: Ken Hebert, '11 Mini Cooper
  • RUNNER-UP: Dennis Ashmun, '71 Nova

Cobra Jet Showdown

  • WINNER: Rodney Heitzel
  • RUNNER-UP: Anthony Bongiovanni

Factory Appearing Stock Tire

  • WINNER: Dave Dudek, '69 Road Runner
  • RUNNER-UP: Don Giannone, '66 Chevelle

Gear Vendors True Street

  • WINNER: Chris Bishir, S-10
  • RUNNER-UP: Richard Trunkett, Duster
  • 9-SECOND WINNER: Lonnie Tibbs
  • 10-SECOND WINNER: Ted Timmerman, Camaro
  • 11-SECOND WINNER: Jason Struckman, Mustang
  • 12-SECOND WINNER: Nicholas Massengale, Camaro
  • 13-SECOND WINNER: Steve Hansen
  • 14-SECOND WINNER: Anthony Jager, Mustang
  • 15-SECOND WINNER: Ian May, Charger

Fast Street Car Magazine Bracket 1

  • WINNER: Chris Wallin
  • RUNNER-UP: Chris Schneider

Fast Street Car Magazine Bracket 2

  • WINNER: A.J. Buchanan, Fox body Mustang
  • RUNNER-UP: Mike Galati, '67 Camaro

Mike Galati - '67 Camaro at NMCA World Street Finals

Visit NMCA Digital's website for a full event recap.

(All photos courtesy of ProMedia)

Browse the gallery above for more shots of the muscle champions, and catch up on what happened at NMCA's previous event.


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