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Jack Of All Trades: Ken Phillips’ Bracket-Racing, Daily-Driven, Cummins-Powered Dodge Workhorse

Don’t let the bed full of trophies confuse you, Ken Phillip’s deadly-consistent ¾-ton Dodge is more than just a drag racer.

Force-Fed: LokJaw’s Wild Intake Manifold, Supercharger And Nitrous Combination for a Duramax Diesel

A nitrous-huffing, supercharged L5P Duramax? Nothing about Banks’ LokJaw project could surprise us now.

The King Of All In-Cab Monitors and Why Your Diesel Pickup Needs One: Installing & Reviewing Edge Products’ Insight CTS3

Edge’s Insight CTS3 monitor is one of the hottest products in the diesel aftermarket—and it’s the ultimate add-on for a truck that tows.

Going Tow-Behind RV Camping? Here's How to Prepare

RV sales are up (way up). Here’s what you need to know if you’re new to travel trailers, toy haulers or fifth-wheel campers.

Holding The Road: Why LokJaw Rides On Nitto Drag Radials

To keep its blown L5P Duramax ’66 C20 glued to the pavement, Banks will rely on the perfect combination of Nitto tires.

Design, Fabricate, Install, Repeat: LokJaw’s Engine Access Gets Downright Savage

Banks’ ’66 C20 blown Duramax project gets a functional hood and becomes a verifiable frame-layer in the process.

The Cummins-Powered, First-Gen Crew Cab Dodge Should’ve Built

Classic lines, Cummins power and an Allison transmission make this farm-built ’82 D350 the ultimate old-school tow-rig.

The Family Cruiser: A Slammed ’72 Blazer Built to Modern Standards

Steve Green regretfully sold off a similar vehicle and later built this improved version with some newly acquired inspiration.

Wheels-Up, Cummins-Swapped, '75 Square Body C10

Inside Jesse Harris’ wild, wheel-carrying, 6.7L Cummins swapped, Chevy C10 daily driver.

The Ultimate Foundation: Inside LokJaw’s Custom Roadster Shop Chassis

A cutting-edge chassis for Banks’ one-of-a-kind ’66 C20 torque monster.

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