Snow White: The Fairest ’57 Chevy of Them All

Who says you need a classic truck to actually have classic parts? All-new can be just as good—if not better.

Standard Cab, Short Bed, V8: These Modern Pickups Are Muscle Cars in Disguise

Whether its Ford, Chevy or Ram, the stripped down V8 pickup truck is an underappreciated sleeper.

1998-2003 Dodge Dakota R/T: The Last "Compact" Muscle Truck

The "Mighty Dak" was not just unique for its time, but the last of a dying breed.

Jacked or Slammed: The Trucks of SEMA 2018 [GALLERY]

Don't miss the best trucks of the 2018 SEMA show

Life With Ridge Grapplers: Part 1

We long-term test a set of Nitto’s popular hybrid-terrains on a 1-ton diesel truck.

The 650HP Daily Drivable Diesel Drag Truck

Trent Skinner’s budget-built ’06 Dodge Ram gets it done on the street, at the ‘strip and in the dirt.

Buck the Truck: The SEMA-Quality '73 C10

An amazing truck to honor an amazing man.

Boosted on a Budget: The Chevy C20 With More Bang Than Buck

LS + turbo + old school truck = awesome

Boiling Point: How Much Power Can My Stock Turbo Handle?

Where does your diesel stack up in the max HP/factory turbo hierarchy?

Stadium SUPER Trucks: Thunder on the Streets

Stadium SUPER Trucks invade the Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Chasing the Blues Away With a Green Machine

Built for reality TV, this 1953 Ford F100 is a no-drama daily driver.

Preserved Patina: Mark Parham’s 1961 Chevy Apache 10

It might look like a rusted relic, but this supercharged pickup is a case study in sheetmetal revival and customization.

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