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Invested In Diesel: The Big Three Are Still All-In On Compression-Ignition in HD Pickups

Is the ¾-ton and larger diesel truck segment the last bastion of hope for the internal combustion engine?

History Of The 2010-2018 HD Rams: Fresh Body Style, New Suspension Options, Best-In-Class Towing

Ram emerged from the ashes of the Great Recession with a brand-new HD—and it delivered on all fronts.

History Of The 2007.5-2009 HD Dodge Rams: Brand-New Cummins, Six-Speed Automatic And Stricter Emissions

With a 6.7L Cummins, 68RFE, improved steering and new 4500/5500 series trucks, Chrysler definitely sent the third-gen body style out with a bang.

Unique Diesel Swaps: A ’70 K15 Duramax and a CAT-Powered ’93 F-350

One was built to go fast, the other to be the perfect daily driver—both are guaranteed to turn heads.

History Of The 2003-2007 HD Dodge Rams: Common-Rail Cummins, New Transmissions And A Stronger Frame

Without question, the ’03-’07 Rams were more powerful, capable and appealing than Dodge’s HD trucks had ever been.

Built-To-Order Explorer: Our Black-On-Black Twin-Turbo ST Arrives

Family trips just became a whole lot more entertaining…

Tom the C-10: A Faithful, Rejuvenated ’84 Chevy Truck

After many years of being used as a commuter vehicle for Jamin Jones, he decided to give it a bit of a makeover.

Tidy Two-Door Tahoe: Lowered Street Style '90s OBS Chevrolet

Classic sport truck styling turns this 1999 SUV icon into an unexpected stunner for the street.

Floored by Four: This Turbocharged GMC Z71 is Not Your Typical 4x4 Pickup

The appeal of building a high-horsepower sport truck that could make it to the track and back under its own power was too great to ignore.

History Of GM’s HD Trucks, Part 5: ’24-Beyond

GM’s 2024 model HD trucks aim to set the standard in towing technology.

Dirt Cheap Fun: The 1990s and 2000s Ford Ranger is a Bargain Blast

Light, fun and incredibly cheap. The Ranger has all the makings of a perfect project vehicle.

Top 10 Trucks From Dino’s Git Down 2022

The world’s biggest GM truck event continues to prove that no venue can contain it—we rounded up the best ones for your viewing pleasure.

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