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6.0L Power Stroke Problems, Part 8: STC Fitting

When it leaks you get hard re-starts. When it finally blows out you’re stranded completely. It’s STC fitting failure and it’s no joke.

A Do Anything, Cummins-Swapped, Four-Door ’79 Ford F-250

After an extensive search for this rare truck, Hunter Clark made his own by adding modern touches and a Cummins 5.9L 6BT engine swap.

Duramax Tahoe: Chevrolet Treats Its Second Largest SUV To 3.0L Duramax Love

Is Chevrolet’s diesel Tahoe a shrewd move or just another marginally powerful North American diesel option?

6.0L Power Stroke Problems, Part 5: HPOP

The high-pressure oil pump—yet another component that can leave you and your 6.0L Ford stranded.

Ranger ST? Ranger RS? Why Ford Should Build a New High-Performance Street Pickup

Ford has all the tools build to a next gen turbocharged street performance pickup.

For the Love of Vintage: A First Timer’s ’49 Bow Tie

Mark Lynch grew fond of classic trucks from experiences during his childhood and made it a life goal to own one.

10 Favorite Custom Trucks from the 2021 Lone Star Throwdown

A decade in, this Texas-sized event continues to bring out the best custom trucks in the nation

Looking Back: The Wild & Colorful World of '80s & '90s Concept Trucks

Check out these nine examples of old concept pickups dripping with '80s the '90s aesthetic.

6.0L Power Stroke Problems, Part 3: Head Bolts

When the torque-to-yield head bolts stretch, the 6.0’s most infamous failure strikes: blown head gaskets.

500HP On A Budget: 7.3L Power Stroke Edition

Discover the affordable path to making a reliable 500-plus horsepower and 1,000 lb-ft of torque with your 7.3L Power Stroke.

6.0L Power Stroke Problems, Part 1: Oil Cooler

Addressing the biggest failure point of the 6.0L Power Stroke. And no, it’s not the EGR cooler or the head bolts!

Corvette Meets Pickup: The Unrealized Potential of the 480 HP, 6-Speed Silverado SS Concept

Looking back 20 years to this radical high performance pickup concept from Chevy.

Nitto NT555RII Review: Getting Grip in a 600hp Turbo V8 F150

Nitto's latest DOT-compliant drag radial was a perfect fit for this boosted Ford muscle truck.

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