The 1000HP DuraBurb Diesel: The Ultimate Duramax-Powered Suburban

The 1,000rwhp family hauler does exist—you just have to build it yourself. Getting to and from the store has never been so fun.

2020 Chevrolet Silverado Now With New 3.0L Duramax Diesel

Decent power, gobs of torque, refinement and economy: Chevy's new 3.0L Duramax Diesel.

The Ultimate Cummins Commuter

570rwhp, 1,140 lb-ft of torque, 18 mpg and 22-inch ‘Forces with Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Yeah, we’d drive it.

Third Time's a Charm: Dan Glauser's LS-Powered Chevy C10

From farm truck to tire shredder, Dan's given this truck a second lease on life...and a third.

Editor’s Picks: Top 5 Trucks and 4x4s From AED

Pizza Planet, a dual tire carrier and one of the first modified Jeep Gladiators. Don't miss these five incredible builds from AED!

The Lunch Truck: From Built to Blown Up in Three Days

The three day build that went out with a bang!

How to Defend Your Car From the Elements: Prevent Rust, Protect Paint and Shelter From Sand

It’s battling the elements, not other drivers, that you should be worried about.

Gap Train, Comin’ Through: 700HP Daily Driver F-250

No, it’s not just some dolled-up old farm truck—this 700hp 7.3L Power Stroke means business.

Cummins 6BT vs. Toyota 2JZ-GTE: Which Iconic Inline-Six Is Better?

The indestructible all-American 5.9L diesel and the immortal Japanese tuner engine. So alike, yet so different.

Sinister: 1000HP '56 Chevy Truck

It's slammed, sports a pair of turbos and the finish is flawless.

Chevy Runs Deep: Jerry Barker's 1971 Bagged Suburban

This vintage Suburban perfectly displays one man's lifetime love for the bowtie brand.

Blazing a Different Trail: Upgrading a Nissan Titan XD Cummins

548hp from a Cummins may not sound crazy, but in a Nissan Titan XD? It’s unheard of.

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