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The Turbo Era: Is it a Good Thing Mid-Size Trucks are Leaving the V6 Engine Behind?

Today's mid-size pickups are dumping the old V6 for turbo four-cylinder engines. Is this the right choice?

The New Old School: Charting the Rise in Popularity of the Lexus GX470 as a Dependable Off-Road Machine

Initially thought of as a high-end suburban people-mover, the Lexus GX470 helped to redefine off-roading for a new generation of 4x4 enthusiasts.

As Seen On Television: A Jeep Gladiator Rebuilt For Any Situation

How Nick DeLuca turned a TV show Gladiator (from the show "LA's Finest") into a functional wheeling rig.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Essentials

Easy Fixes and Worthwhile Upgrades

2023 Ford Bronco Inspired Ultra4 Build

Could This Be The Ultimate Off-road Machine?

Road Test Review: The 2024 Mazda CX-90 Is An SUV Like Nothing We've Ever Seen From The Japanese Brand

It’s clear that the CX-90 is making a play for customers used to shopping well above Mazda’s traditional station.

Bronco Fighter? Wrangler Rival? Return of the FJ Cruiser? Could Toyota Take the 2025 4Runner Back to Its '80s Roots?

In the wake of the Land Cruiser getting cheaper, could Toyota change its strategy with the next-gen 4Runner?

Aftermarket Head-To-Head: Does The Toyota 4Runner Or Toyota FJ Cruiser Have Stronger Off-Road Parts Support?

Here’s how the Toyota 4Runner and the Toyota FJ Cruiser stack up when comparing their aftermarket parts support.

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