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Spirit of 1970: Dodge Debuts 50th Anniversary Edition Challenger Models for 2020

Cool colors, big hood scoops and a whole lot of throwback style are coming to Dodge's special edition muscle car.

Steeda's Q850R: The Mustang Evolved

It's got 700 rear wheel horsepower and 580 lbs-ft of torque on tap out of a supercharged 5.0L—it's the ultimate Steeda Mustang.

Mustang, Prelude, 240SX, Supra, Firebird & More: The Speedvision Cup is Peak '90s Nostalgia

From Dodge Neons to RX-7s, the Speedvision Cup was a 1990s car enthusiast dream. Let's take a look back.

Front Wheel Drive LS V8: Looking Back on the GM's LS4 Experiment of the Mid 2000s

They may be odd, but there's something quite cool about these FWD V8 sleepers from last decade.

Electric Pony: A 900 Horsepower, Manual Transmission Ford Mustang EV Changes Things Up

The electric conversions continue as Ford shows off an EV-converted Mustang at SEMA, complete with a manual transmission.

The New Corvette Makes Fake Engine Noises, Should We Care?

Now, when the engine noises of a Corvette boom through the car, they come in part from the speaker system.

ST Blues: Why Ford Should Reconsider the American Enthusiast

They've just left, but we already miss Ford's great hot hatches of the 2010s.

Mopar Muscle for the Road Course? A Stripped Down ACR Challenger May Be Coming

Could the Camaro 1LE and the Shelby Mustangs have some new compeition on the way? Dodge may be cooking up something special.

Martin Gonzalez's 2018 Dodge Charger Hellcat

Applying Bruce Lee's one-inch punch philosophy to car customization: minimal effort for maximum effect.

Z06 & MazdaSpeed3? Do Chevy and Mazda's New Race Cars Preview Hotter Production Models?

Both of these new race cars will take to the track at Daytona next year, but could they tell us about upcoming street versions?

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