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20 Years Later, the 2000 SVT Cobra R Remains One of the Greatest Mustangs Ever

We look back at Ford's track-ready monster from the turn of the millenium.

2018 Challenger Hellcat Wide Body ‘Strip Slayer

Drag race ready fat ‘Cat lightened with carbon fiber and upgraded with the latest in D.O.T. drag tire technology.

The EcoSlab: 2018 Ford F150 Wide Body Pickup Truck

Mashing-up styles with Landon Smith’s unique take on the look of a lowered truck.

2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Is Your Best Out Of The Box 4x4 Off-Roader'

The Rubicon trim gathers all of the in-house go-anywhere gear offered by Jeep in a single package.

3 Cylinder Domestic Cars Foretold Auto Industry's Efficiency-Obsessed Future

If you only buy American cars, chances are you haven't come across a 3-cylinder vehicle in a long time.

Driver Battles: Season 3, Drag Edition Episode 1, GTO vs. Challenger

It's an all-out battle down the drag strip between a 6.0L Pontiac GTO and a 392ci Hemi-powered Dodge Challenger. Who will win?

Hot Rod Pickup Perfection: SMG Motoring x Factory Five Racing

Not only does it have about 800hp, but there's a load of details in this build that the average car gawker might miss.

Back in '99: Did the Dodge Charger R/T Concept Lead to the Hellcats and Scat Packs of Today?

Still sexy more than 20 years later, we take look back at this famous concept car from the late 1990s.

10 Of The Weirdest Concept Cars We All Forgot About

Attract as much attention as possible, because a concept car that no one sees might as well not exist.

Chrysler 300C SRT-8: The Forgotten American Luxury Muscle Sedan

Gone but not forgotten. We look at back at the Hemi-powered 300C SRT8.

More Power & More Carbon: The Ford GT Gets Upgraded for 2020

Ford makes a good thing better for the lucky few who are able to purchase one.

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