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The Mustang Era is Over, Raptor is King: Trucks are the New Face of American Performance

The times are changing. Why high performance trucks and SUVs have pushed out coupes and muscle cars as America's enthusiast sweethearts.

Killer Crimson Cruiser: Slammed, Blood-Red 2018 Mustang GT

This dark red Ford Mustang GT strikes a balance between looks and performance.

Will GM and Ram Bring Large Displacement Diesel Engines to the Pickup Truck Market?

Expect a new, bigger cubic inch Duramax to target 550 to 600 hp and more than 1,200 lb-ft of torque.

All-Season Tires Are Not Created Equal

How the Nitto Motivo 365's 3PMS Rating Maximizes Year-Round Capability

How the LS V8 Conquered the World

GM needed a new engine would be required to carry their brand into the new millennium. Something more compact and fuel efficient than the old SBC V8.

Dependable Performance All Year Round: Nitto’s New All-Season Tire, The Motivo 365

If you own a luxury sedan, sport coupe, or CUV do yourself a favor and get a set of Nitto’s new Motivo 365 All-Season UHP tires with the 3PMS rating.

2025 Ram Heavy Duty: What’s Coming & Will It Beat Ford?

Is Ram fixing to release the biggest 2500 and 3500 model overhaul we’ve seen in years?

Now or Never for Front-Engine, RWD Chevy V8 Fun: Should You Buy One of the Last New Camaros?

The Camaro has reached the end of the line (for now). Is now the time to buy a new one while you still can?

Battle of the 5.0s: Is the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse Worth its $20,000 Price Premium Over the Mustang GT?

The Ford Mustang Dark Horse has some great hardware for track use, but is it a better choice than the cheaper Mustang GT?

Truck Pulling’s Dark Horse: Josh Graver’s One-Of-A-Kind 1,100hp 6.7L Ford Diesel

A homegrown, dirt-slinging Super Duty with a high-horsepower attitude.

From Quick EV to Track-Ready Super Sedan: Leveling up the Tesla Model 3 Performance with Mountain Pass Performance Suspension

Coilovers, camber arms and more. Mountain Pass Performance makes our Tesla look and handle better than ever.

The Blue Devil: Show & Speed's Chevy Silverado Custom

You don’t need to tear a Chevy Silverado 1500 apart to clean up the wiring and tune it up. And yet, that’s the origin story of The Blue Devil

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