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The Growth Of Domestic ¾-Ton And Larger Diesels

Unlike the half-ton segment, diesel continues to thrive in the world of heavy-duty pickups.

Trailer To The Trail: Should You Build A Street-Legal Rig Or Go All-Out For Off-Road Fun?

The benefits of keeping things street legal versus the advantages of building exclusively for off-road shenanigans.

History Of GM’s HD Trucks, Part 5: ’24-Beyond

GM’s 2024 model HD trucks aim to set the standard in towing technology.

Dirt Cheap Fun: The 1990s and 2000s Ford Ranger is a Bargain Blast

Light, fun and incredibly cheap. The Ranger has all the makings of a perfect project vehicle.

King Of The Dyno: Chris Patterson’s 3,400-RWHP Cummins

From breaking dyno records to incredible 5-second eighth-mile times while still driving the streets, Chris Patterson’s Dodge dually is changing an industry.

Aqua-Tested Part II: Wet and Dry Track Driving In A Nitto NT01-Equipped Ford Mustang GT

Here's what it was like to pilot an American muscle car on R-compound tires while dodging puddles and dealing with constantly shifting traction.

Remaining Relevant: How To Make Your Older Diesel Keep Pace With Detroit’s Latest 1,000 LB-FT Monsters

Most factory late-model diesel trucks apply roughly 400 to 420 hp to the pavement…here’s how to make your old workhorse do the same.

History Of GM’s HD Trucks, Part 4: ’17-‘23

13-million miles worth of testing ensured the ’17 HDs lived up to the hype—and they only got better as the years wore on.

Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum vs GMC Sierra EV Denali: Battle of the Loaded EV Pickups

Looking to drop $100,000 (or more) for an electric pickup? Here's how the Lightning and Sierra compare.

Test Drive Review: 2022 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Widebody Says A Big, Loud Goodbye

Stellantis is on the verge of replacing both the two-door Challenger and the four-door Charger with a fresh pair of electrified offerings.

LS2, LS3 and Beyond: The Budget Buyer’s C6 Corvette Guide

The perfect mix of modern, refined performance and bang for the buck - the C6 Corvette.

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