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Kristin Cline - Editor-in-Chief

Addicted to cars since she dove headfirst into restoring her first classic, a '55 Studebaker, Kristin couldn't stop sharing the many adventures that ensued. Whether on the road, under the hood or among our wide world of car culture, Kristin is getting her hands dirty as @greasegirl. She took the reins of Driving Line in 2013 and hasn't looked back.

Ali Mansour - Off-Road & Truck Editor

Ali has been working professionally as a magazine editor since 2006 and held contributor/editor positions for many titles. Long before that, Ali spent his time working on 4x4s and motorcycles. Going off-road has always been a major part of his life. The fact that he turned his passion into a career is still something he still feels incredibly fortunate about today.

Mike Sabounchi - Director of Audience Growth

Starting his automotive career in the tire industry, Mike has had a healthy automotive addiction since the '90s. While he has a deep love for Subarus (even though his is always broken), he’s contributed to building just about everything with four wheels. With previous experience sharpening his social media chops at Hoonigan, Super Street, Lowrider and European Car magazine, Mike is excited to dive into the Driving Line social media world. Oh, he’s also obsessed with pizza.

Greg Friend - Digital Content Editor

Whether he’s keeping his ’73 Mustang Mach1 running, wrenching on his motorcycle or urban off-roading in his F-150, life is all about wheels and horsepower for Greg. He’s been creating exciting automotive and motorcycle content since 2001 in titles like Hot Bike, Street Chopper, Baggers, Custom Classic Trucks, Honda Tuning, Car Audio, and Future automotive exploits include drag racing his Mach1 and continuing his search for vehicular oddities and excessive horsepower. Follow him @gearheadgreg.

Mike McGlothlin - Contributing Editor

Mike McGlothlin is a freelance writer and photographer based in central Illinois. He’s spent his entire professional career working solely in the diesel performance industry. Diesel World Magazine, Ultimate Diesel Builder’s Guide, Diesel Power Magazine and Driving Line are among the diesel-centric publications he’s worked for or contributed to over the past decade.

Mike Garrett - Contributing Editor

Mike began blogging about his automotive adventures both in the U.S. and Japan back in 2007 and has been working in automotive media ever since. His vehicle interests are as varied as it gets, and no matter what side of the Pacific he's on, cars are his life. When he's not writing or shooting photos, Mike can usually be found scheming his next project car. Follow along on Instagram @japanifornia.

Benjamin Hunting

Benjamin contributes to a number of magazines, newspapers and online publications, and is one of the hosts of the Unnamed Automotive Podcast. He enjoys keeping the shiny side up during track days, and is probably in your rear-view mirror right now.

Kevin Aguilar

As the son of a Southern California street racer, Kevin quickly became addicted to custom vehicles during childhood. Making a start by tinkering with Hot Wheels, his passion was scaled up to modifying real-life trucks to sit low and go fast! Though most others keep themselves segmented, Kevin has an affinity for just about anything on wheels. During high school, he developed a taste for photography and now has over two-decades of experience in creating automotive content for industry-leading automotive magazines. He recently expanded his skill set to reach new audiences over multiple platforms including his social media outlets, @FuelishMedia. Always wanting to take a different spin on projects, he continues to push his visions and share them with the rest of the world.

Matt Moghaddam - Contributing Editor

Just a step down from obsessed, Matt’s passion for all things automotive stems from his roots in building muscle cars in high school. A short time later, he was introduced to the off-road world and hasn’t let off the throttle since. Matt has owned and built an array of 4x4s and prerunners and spends most of his free time either in the garage or off the grid. Photography and videography have also been a big part of his life, so he feels very fortunate to be able to blend his two passions together as part of the Driving Line team.

Tim Sutton

From an early age, Tim Sutton suspected that he saw the world differently. Criss-crossing the country each year in the family sedan, the passing scenery and cars etched themselves into his young mind. It took a serious car accident before Tim picked up a camera to study photography; realizing that his experiences from the frame of a backseat window. Now with an expansive list of successful collaborations with top auto makers and TV networks such as Toyota, Acura, Honda, Speed channel, FOX and more. Automobiles and visual expression have been the two constants in Tim’s life. Through the nuance and quality of his images, he consistently confirms his early suspicions – he clearly sees the world differently.

Alan Johnson

Telling the “short stories” of racing, adventure and travel from a “lower elevation," Alan (a.k.a. The Dusty Gnome) is a desert racer, writer, photographer, talker and observer. Based in Arizona, his work and play takes him all over the United States, UK and Mexico. Primarily focused on desert racing, Ultra4 and W.E.Rock, you can find The Dusty Gnome bouncing through the desert in his 83 Wagoneer, @gnome1.

Andrew Modena

"Car" might have been the first words out of his mouth. Andrew's lifelong fascination with cars has led to experiences such as: “off-roading” his parent's Accord, racing his turbo wagon at Willow Springs, daily driving a full-caged Time Attack car in college to being team photographer for a championship winning Formula Drift team. After attending his first KOH, he bought a Land Cruiser which continues to hemorrhage gas, oil and his bank account. Currently, Andrew enjoys searching for adventure on two or four wheels, on and off-road and scouring the internet for his next car(s).

Andy Carter

Andy Carter is a photographer that has lived with his wife in Macon, GA, since 2003. Andy has also photographed for Southrnfresh, Canibeat, S3 Magazine, Fast Car, Performance Auto and Sound, and USDM Freax, as well as producing a radio show with his friends on 100.9 The Creek FM. He currently drives a 2012 Honda Fit Sport and a 1992 Chevrolet S10. You can find more of his work at his website and on Instagram at @andycarterphoto.

Cory Mader

A childhood full of car posters, import magazines and discovering Formula Drift on G4TV back in middle school has fostered a love for the Japanese import scene in this bearded white guy from Georgia – but you can find nearly anything with a motor and wheels in front of his lens. As a recent transplant to California, Cory can be found taking full advantage of the local car scene and sunshine to photograph cars and automotive events nearly every weekend.

Doug Dienelt

After one rebellious off-road experience at the age of six in his Dad's 1984 2-door Chevy Blazer, Doug was hooked. He finally got to take the wheel in his own 1998 Toyota Tacoma and eventually discovered his love for photography amidst off-roading in the great outdoors. Now climbing to new heights while shooting his local T.R.E.C. series in Indiana and getting to as many Ultra4 races as he can swing.

Harry Wagner

Harry Wagner can't get enough of all things dirt. Raised in the back of his family's Land Cruiser, from a young age he cut his teeth on trails like the world famous Rubicon. The Land Cruiser had a lasting impression – much of his stable currently consists of Toyotas. Wagner currently calls Reno, Nevada, home, which makes a great base for everything from day trips to hot springs to desert races to some of the most fantastic rockcrawling the country has to offer. He has raced in the Baja 1000, made three trips to the famous Dakar Rally and makes regular pilgrimages to Johnson Valley, Moab, Las Cruces and the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Jacob Leveton

Jacob Leveton has worked as a freelance journalist for 12 years, specializing in drifting since the first professional competition landed on U.S. shores in 2003. Leveton has worked with more than 30 print and online media outlets to provide unique drifting content.

Kyle Wells

Automotive addiction began for Kyle with a 1986 Toyota Pickup when he was 16. With that he found where the pavement met the dirt and never looked back. For him, it's not just the sound of the engine and capability of a well-built machine, but where that machine takes him – views and vistas otherwise unreachable. A love for the outdoors and mountains surrounding his Utah home turned his passion for photography into a full time job, and it's been filling his life with epic adventures and memories ever since. You can see more of Kyle's work at

Luke Munnell

Los Angeles-based automotive and motorsports photographer with an affinity for fast cars, vintage cameras, large-format film, landscape photography, fresh synthwave, good whiskey, great friends, and raw life. You can find him around the web at and as @lukemunnell.

Philip Cheng

As someone who gets way too excited about the smallest engineering details on anything automotive-related, Philip attributes his peculiarity to all the oil fumes inhaled from his oil-cooled 911 and the unhealthy amount of time spent on internet forums. A novice to the writing trade, he hopes to leverage his background in vintage imports to help Driving Line generate interesting and insightful content.

Tara Hurlin

Tara Hurlin is a car nut to the core. She feeds her addiction by attending as many car shows and motorsports events that she can fit into her schedule alongside her own personal projects in the garage: a custom 1961 Cadillac Series 62, 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata track car, 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland/expedition rig and her husband’s 1985 Chevrolet C10. Whether fast and furious or slow and curious, Tara has a love and appreciation for all vehicles. To exercise that love she enjoys wrenching, researching, writing articles and advancing in her automotive photography skills. Motorsports photography is her delectation.

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