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Load Index: The Often-Overlooked Tire Spec You Need to Know

It’s time to get acquainted with the term load index and what that number means for your tires.

Unkillable Diesels: 5.9L Cummins

Its reputation precedes it, and rightfully so. It’s the overbuilt, ultra-simple B-series Cummins.

Unkillable Diesels: 7.3L Power Stroke

It’s big, it’s noisy, it’s primitive—and it just won’t die. It’s the 7.3L Power Stroke and here’s why.

Ford Diesel Failure Points

Don’t get stranded! Be prepared for the common pitfalls that await you and your Power Stroke.

To Smoke A Muscle Car…LB7 Duramax Edition

Late-model Camaros, Mustangs and Chargers are all in the kill zone for a tuned Duramax.

GMC Hummer EV an "Off-Road Beast"— Exclusive Info From a Hummer EV Engineer

We would have never thought a factory EV would make it as a hard core off-road vehicle. That is until we really started delving into the Hummer EV.

What's It Like To Daily Drive A Classic Truck With A Modern LS Swap?

Done right, an LS swap gives you the benefits of current-day engineering combined with timeless styling and a hefty dose of utility.

Fastest Passes of 2020: 5 Diesels That Owned the Eighth-Mile This Season

From a 390ci Cummins making 2,860hp to a 6.0L Power Stroke making 1,700hp, these vehicles raised the bar in the diesel racing—and then some!

That Thing Got a Hemi? How a Modern Mopar V8 Swap Compares to the Chevy LS and Ford Coyote

5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L, Hellcat & More. There's never been more parts available for Gen III Hemi-swapping your car or truck.

The World’s Fastest Pro Street Diesel Truck

2,500hp and 155-mph eighth-miles…inside Stainless Diesel’s record-setting Dodge Ram.

Climate Change: The Triple-Turbo Tractor Engine’d Diesel Pro Mod Truck

At 168-psi of boost and 2,500 hp, the Royalty’s Cummins-powered Dakota is one of the wilder Pro Mods on the diesel racing circuit.

Everything You Need To Know When Lowering Your Slammed Truck

Here are the key questions and concepts anyone about to build a lowered truck needs to consider prior to turning a wrench or buying parts.

How To Choose The Best Tire For Your Truck Or SUV: Know Your Driving Habits, Get Results

Truck owners often face limited sizing, load ratings, and reduced selection when trying to find a good performance tire. We help you figure it all out.

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