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Inside GM’s 3.0L Duramax

The half-ton diesel market has grown. Get the inside scoop on the latest arrival—GM’s I6 Duramax.

Project Paw-Paw: Part 2

Addressing the 7.3L Power Stroke’s known weak links before bolting on our power-adders in our quest for 600 rear-wheel horsepower.

1,300rwhp ‘Fummins or Z06 Corvette: Which One Would You Drive?

So which is it? A sleeper, four-wheel drive Super Duty making nearly 1,400 hp at the tires, or the ultimate factory production sports car?

2020 Gasser Wars: Ford 7.3L vs GM 6.6L

It's a classic battle with a big displacement twist!

How Diesel Emission Systems Work

Curious what all those fancy, emission-related acronyms mean for your diesel truck? We explore all of them here.

The Single [Turbo] Life

Compounds are cool, but a well-spec’d single turbo offers the performance-hungry diesel owner a more affordable, simpler path toward making big power.

Product Spotlight: Mishimoto 5R110W Transmission Cooler

Protect your high-dollar Ford 5R110W automatic with Mishimoto’s direct-fit transmission cooler.

Chasing Dust: Controlling Auxiliary Lights with Bluetooth

Off-roaders, take notes!

Back in Time, Part 10: The Big Three Move Beyond 900 LB-FT

Four years and four torque title changes later, Ram’s 1,000 lb-ft 6.7L Cummins rules the roost.

Chasing Dust: Icon Vehicle Dynamics Factory Tour

From engineering, to development, to stocking the shelves—everything you need to know about Icon Vehicle Dynamics

Back in Time, Part 7: LMM Duramax Vs. 6.7L Cummins Vs. 6.4L Power Stroke

The clean diesel era yields a larger displacement Cummins for Dodge and a compound turbo Power Stroke for Ford—but GM’s Duramax remains on top.

Back in Time, Part 6: 5.9L Common-Rail Cummins Vs. Duramax

With Ford’s 6.0L Power Stroke out of the game, the battle for torque supremacy between Dodge and GM heated up.

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