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5 Years Of Towing And Showing (Off) On Nitto Mud Grapplers

This vintage Cummins conversion has been using (and abusing) Nitto’s extreme terrain tire for half a decade.

50,000-Mile NT420V Tire Review

Two and a half years of towing, daily driving and drag racing on Nitto’s luxury truck and SUV all-season tire has made a believer out of this Cummins owner.

Late-Model Diesel Solutions For Cummins And Duramax Owners

From loose flex plates to trashed transmissions to gelled up fuel filters, for every factory shortcoming there is an aftermarket fix.

Air Ride Vs Hydraulics: Which is Better for Going Low?

For those looking for the ultimate shock factor, going extremely low with adjustable suspension systems that utilize hydraulics or airbags can be the perfect solution.

Heart Transplant Every 6.7L Power Stroke Needs: Prevent Engine Failure with a CP4.2 To DCR Conversion

With CP4.2 fuel pump failure rampant throughout the diesel truck industry, two industry titans teamed up for a dependable solution.

Gearing Up For Bigger Tires

Big tires need the right gear If you want to gain that power and performance back after increasing tire size, the correct solution is re-gearing.

Leaf Springs Vs. Coil Springs Vs. Air Springs: What’s Best For Your Truck?

From heavy-hauling to off-roading to show-going, each type of truck suspension has its place.

Why You Should Keep Your Work Truck’s Stock Tire Size

Time for fresh tires? If you’re not headed off-road, stick with factory sizing on your work rig. Here’s why.

What Are Locking Lug Nuts and How Do They Work? We Examine 3 Different Types

We look at locking wheel nut styles and effectiveness, and provide tips to minimize wheel theft opportunity.

What’s Coming From Ford: 1,200 lb-ft of Torque Power Stroke Diesel Engine

How Ford is pulling off the biggest flex in the history of heavy-duty, diesel-powered pickup trucks.

Why Adding Bigger Tires To Your Diesel Truck Doesn’t Warrant A Ring And Pinion Change

Don’t re-gear your diesel! Chances are those larger wheels and tires will put your oil-burner in its happy place.

History Of The 2019-Present HD Rams: 1,000 LB-FT Cummins, New Frame And Best-In-Class Towing (Again)

Bigger rear axle, stronger frame, gargantuan towing figures and the first diesel to 1,000 lb-ft of torque. Yeah, you could say Ram’s fifth-gen HD’s are a big deal.

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