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Product Spotlight: Mishimoto 5R110W Transmission Cooler

Protect your high-dollar Ford 5R110W automatic with Mishimoto’s direct-fit transmission cooler.

To Engine Swap, Or Not To Engine Swap?

Here's the process I used to decide if I should update the original iron or swap in something more modern in my 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

Back in Time, Part 10: The Big Three Move Beyond 900 LB-FT

Four years and four torque title changes later, Ram’s 1,000 lb-ft 6.7L Cummins rules the roost.

Chasing Dust: Icon Vehicle Dynamics Factory Tour

From engineering, to development, to stocking the shelves—everything you need to know about Icon Vehicle Dynamics

Back in Time, Part 8: 6.7L Power Stroke Vs. LML Duramax

After a three-year pause in the torque war, Ford and GM reignite the back-and-forth hostilities with 800 lb-ft diesels.

Back in Time, Part 6: 5.9L Common-Rail Cummins Vs. Duramax

With Ford’s 6.0L Power Stroke out of the game, the battle for torque supremacy between Dodge and GM heated up.

Back in Time, Part 5: 6.0L Power Stroke Vs. Common-Rail Cummins

It’s 2002 and the all-new 6.0L Power Stroke and high output, common-rail 5.9L Cummins are about to square off.

Back in Time, Part 4: The Duramax Changes the Game

Exactly 19 years ago, the automaker that’d practically invented the diesel pickup truck scene was back in the game—and GM was soundly on top.

3 Unrealistic Yet Terrifying Fears People Have About Amazon Key Car Delivery

What's the worst that could happen? This is the worst that could happen.

Chasing Dust: Shooting the Show-Winning "Ponderosa" by Rtech Fabrications [Video]

Newer, greener and dually-er. This might just be the one truck that tops "The Duke," and we can't take our eyes off it.

All-Electric Ford F-150 Prototype Moves 1 Million Pounds

What's not to love about instant torque, possible 3-second 0-60 mph and a 400-mile range.

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