New Product Spotlight: S&S Diesel Motorsport’s CP4.2 Bypass Kit

The $360 insurance policy every 6.7L Power Stroke needs…

How to Keep the VP44 in Your ’98.5-’02 Cummins Alive

If you want your Bosch VP44 to last 200,000 miles or more, you need to read this!

Is the Electric Atlis XT a Threat to the Diesel Pickup’s Dominance?

Atlis’ pre-production vehicle matches the Big Three’s heaviest hitters in nearly every category, but will that be enough?

Why We Think the 2020 Super Duty Will Break the 1000 LB-FT Barrier

Will Ford answer Ram’s 1,000 lb-ft Cummins with a four-digit contender of its own? We think so.

Do's, Don'ts and Necessary Tools for Changing a Wheel and Tire

When it comes to changing a tire, there's no reason to be a MacGyver about it.

How to Repaint Your Car’s Interior

Giving the interior of your car a refresh is much easier than you think, so long as you follow these steps and guidelines.

Blazing a Different Trail: Upgrading a Nissan Titan XD Cummins

548hp from a Cummins may not sound crazy, but in a Nissan Titan XD? It’s unheard of.

Single Best Upgrade for Every Cummins

These mods might not add triple-digit horsepower, but they’ll keep your Cummins safe when you do decide to turn up the wick.

Single Best Upgrade for Every Power Stroke

The first and last upgrade your diesel-powered Blue Oval will ever need.

Cummins History, Lesson 5: ’07.5-’18 6.7L

More than 85 percent of all heavy-duty Ram buyers want the 6.7L Cummins under the hood. Here’s why.

Cummins History, Lesson 4: ’03-‘07 5.9L

Common-rail injection yielded the tamest yet torquiest 5.9L Cummins ever produced.

Cummins History, Lesson 3: ’98.5-’02 5.9L

Despite its pitfalls, the 24-valve 5.9L was a workhorse of an engine that ushered Dodge trucks into the modern age.

No Limits: The Differences in 4400 Class Suspension

The battle of solid vs independent. Who's got the winning combination?

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