11 Reasons Why Diesel Trumps Gasoline

If this isn’t the automotive equivalent of picking a fight, we don’t know what is…

The F-150 is Going Diesel: 10 Things You Need to Know!

You read that correctly. The long-awaited 3.0L Power Stroke has found its way into Ford’s best-selling pickup for 2018.

All Hail the Duke: A Cummins-Powered K50 Built for a King

Get up close and personal with Rtech Fabrication's latest classic Chevy truck creation

7.3L vs 6.0L: Which is the Better Power Stroke Engine?

Reliability or Power? Discover what gives each of these Ford diesel engines a leg to stand on in this great debate.

More Must-See Rides from the 2017 PRI Show

From champions to record-setters, Pro Mods to pickups and LS swaps to Cummins swaps, this one’s got it all!

Top Picks: 10 of the Baddest Vehicles on Hand at PRI 2017

An inside look at 10 of the nastiest vehicles on display at this year’s Performance Racing Industry trade show.

Diesel Sleepers, Vol. 3: 5 More High-Powered Oil-Burners Hiding in Plain Sight

Stock-appearing and 700 to 1,000 hp…the art of deception runs deep with these daily-driven diesels.

Boiling Point, Part 3: How Long Before Your Dodge’s Automatic Cries Uncle?

Big power capability handicapped by weak transmissions—it’s the Cummins conundrum.

Boiling Point, Part 2: How Much Abuse Can the Allison Take?

Don’t limp your Allison! Find out the horsepower limit for your transmission here.

Why VGT Turbo’s Fail—And How You Can Prevent It

While variable geometry turbos provide the ultimate in drivability, they’re not always the best option for longevity.

Threshold for Pain: Duramax Edition

Thinking of pushing the limits with your Duramax? Read this first.

Threshold for Pain: Power Stroke Edition

Exactly how much abuse can your Power Stroke take?

The World’s Fastest Power Strokes

These 1/8th mile assassins are the current front-runners in the Ford diesel segment.

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