Life after Dieselgate Part 1: The Domestics

The fallout from the largest emissions scandal in history isn’t quite what you pictured.

Under Pressure: Extreme Injection Pumps

Volume, pressure and power—meet the method behind the mega-horsepower madness in the performance diesel world.

5 Most Extreme 7.3L Power Strokes

Underdog what? These aren’t the powerless noise-makers you’re used to seeing…

Product Spotlight: Icon’s 2.5-Inch Lift and Front 4-Link for ’05-’10 Super Dutys

In the world of lift kits, you get what you pay for—and the stuff built at Icon Vehicle Dynamics is worth every penny.

5 More Wild Turbo Combinations: Triplets!

In the dirt, on the pavement or aboard the chassis dyno, triple-turbos are dominating diesel performance.

Boiling Point: How Much Power Can My Stock Turbo Handle?

Where does your diesel stack up in the max HP/factory turbo hierarchy?

5 More Aftermarket Fixes for Factory Diesel Problems

From Dodge’s dreaded death wobble to bent GM tie rods, we give you the cure for the common OEM problem.

Blast from the Past: 5 Influential Diesel Racers from Yesteryear

These trail-blazing diesels might be gone from the current racing scene, but they’ll never be forgotten.

Diesel’s Top Index Racers

From daily drivers and tow rigs to gutted and caged former work trucks, diesel index racing offers a little bit of everything.

TS Performance Shootout 2018

New records were set and 10 winners were crowned as the fastest diesels in the nation storm through Kentucky.

The Best Used Diesel Trucks for 20K

Maximize the return on your $20,000 investment by sticking to these three used diesel options.

Buying a Used Diesel Truck: Everything You Need to Know

Finding the perfect pre-owned diesel is a tall order—let us help you make the right choice.

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