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500HP On A Budget: 12-Valve Cummins Edition

There is always more than one way to skin a cat—but this is the most effective means of squeezing 500rwhp out of your 12-valve Cummins.

A Ford F350 Power Stroke Built with No Apologies

There's nothing quite like a built truck, and in Colorado, those that are built are built not only for looks, but also utility. Avid wheeler and “big truck” enthusiast, Monica Coakley, is no stranger to this concept, and when it comes to her full-size pickup, there's no question about bigger being better.

500HP On A Budget: 7.3L Power Stroke Edition

Discover the affordable path to making a reliable 500-plus horsepower and 1,000 lb-ft of torque with your 7.3L Power Stroke.

6.0L Power Stroke Problems, Part 1: Oil Cooler

Addressing the biggest failure point of the 6.0L Power Stroke. And no, it’s not the EGR cooler or the head bolts!

To Smoke A Muscle Car…L5P Duramax Edition

A tune-only 600rwhp and 1,300 lb-ft? No wonder GM’s latest Duramax is scaring away all the pony cars at the track!

LokJaw: Has Banks Gone Off the Deep End with a ’66 Chevy C20 Build?

Banks exercises self expressionism with a classic pickup built to showcase an exciting new engine platform.

Chain Smokin’ II: A Ground-Pounding IH Packing 1,200hp

An inside look at a 1,200hp, 9,500-pound, wheels-up Pro Farm Tractor.

To Smoke A Muscle Car…LMM Duramax Edition

Just like the ’01-’07 HD’s, you can push your LMM Duramax into the 12’s with a built Allison and a few other minor investments.

9 More Quirky Things Diesel Owners Do

Just when you thought you’d seen it all…the diesel crowd continues to keep things interesting.

A Sky-High White Knight from the Seaside

A Clean, Massive, 2017 Ford Super Duty F-250 Rolling Out of the Northwest on 40-inch Tires

Cummins Is King (Again)

Ram’s 2021 Cummins-powered 3500 models will out-tow and out-torque Ford’s Super Duty.

History of the Ford Super Duty, Part 6

With 1,050 lb-ft of torque, a 10-speed automatic and 37,000 pounds of towing capacity, you could say the 2020 Super Duty is the king of trucks.

History of the Ford Super Duty, Part 5

As the battle for towing and torque supremacy heated up in Detroit, Ford ushered the Super Duty into medium-duty territory.

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