The Best Used Diesel Trucks for 30K

How do you obtain a $70,000 truck for less than half the price? Find a slightly used version and pull the trigger!

TS Performance Shootout 2018

New records were set and 10 winners were crowned as the fastest diesels in the nation storm through Kentucky.

Profiled: 5 of Diesel Drag Racing’s Top Pro Mod Trucks

An inside look at diesel drag racing’s five latest Pro Mod rigs.

Bang for Your Buck: The Best Used Diesel Trucks for 10K

Buying on a budget? These sound Ford, GM and Ram ¾-ton options can be had for 10-large or less…

Cummins Pride Runs Deep

There are diesel owners and then there are Cummins owners—and there’s a very big difference.

9 Dying Diesel Fads

These trends are on their way out of the diesel enthusiast world—and we’re completely OK with it.

Texas Heat: Street Car Takeover Dallas [GALLERY]

The fastest street cars in the Dallas Ft. Worth area hit the Texas Motorplex drag strip.

Ultimate Callout Challenge 2018: Sled Pull Coverage

Aggressive tires, rigid suspensions and weights added—it’s time to hook to the sled!

Ultimate Callout Challenge 2018: Drag Race Coverage

North America’s baddest diesel trucks storm the quarter-mile in 7, 8 and 9-second intervals.

Why The Diesel World Is on Nittos

Street, ‘strip or sled, Nittos run at the front of the pack.

Product Spotlight: Mishimoto’s 6.4L Power Stroke Radiator

The aftermarket solution to the 6.4L Power Stroke’s biggest problem.

Extreme Diesel: 2,000HP in a 3,500-Pound Ram

Ben Shadday’s Pro Mod ’06 Dodge packs a big displacement Cummins, a 102mm turbo and 2,000 ponies.

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