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The 3200hp 3-Second Diesel Door-Slammer Drag Strip Destroyer: Inside Firepunk’s Record-Setting, Cummins-Powered S10

A behind-the-scenes look at the quickest eighth-mile pass in diesel history.

The Volkswagen Touareg Is Your V10 Turbo Diesel Alternative Off-Road 4x4

The Touareg is a legitimately rugged trail beast that shames the vast majority of the mall crawler SUVs.

Achates Power: The Squeaky-Clean Diesel Engine Of Tomorrow?

The opposed-piston, two-stroke diesel engine is over 100 years old, but this one meets NOx emissions standards well into the future. Say what?

Mud Terrain Longevity—How To Get The Most Miles Out Of Your Aggressive Tread Tire

Mud terrains aren’t normally associated with long tread life—but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here’s how you can get the most miles out of yours.

Hot-Rod Semis: The 20,000-LB Monsters Of The Dirt

These chassis-tweaking, wheel-lifting torque monsters never disappoint.

6.0L Power Stroke Problems, Part 8: STC Fitting

When it leaks you get hard re-starts. When it finally blows out you’re stranded completely. It’s STC fitting failure and it’s no joke.

Project Slate: Lifted Heavy-Duty 2013 RAM 3500 Cummins Diesel

BDS Suspension's test truck was built for work and play, and they've had a lot of fun with this pickup.

6.0L Power Stroke Problems, Part 7: FICM

By the time you notice it, it’s too late to save it. Welcome to the 6.0L’s notorious problem of FICM failure.

Duramax Tahoe: Chevrolet Treats Its Second Largest SUV To 3.0L Duramax Love

Is Chevrolet’s diesel Tahoe a shrewd move or just another marginally powerful North American diesel option?

Not the Average Work Truck: A Radical Raised 2017 Flatbed Ford F350 Super Duty Dually

When was the last time you saw a raised heavy-duty off-road show truck with a workbed?

A History of the Unimog, The World's Most Versatile 4x4 Truck And Overland Champion

The simplicity of the Unimog has made it both an indelible part of the overland scene.

6.0L Power Stroke Problems, Part 4: VGT

Even though your oil cooler, EGR and head gasket issues are behind you, you may still end up with a truck that’s undrivable. Here’s why.

500HP On A Budget: 12-Valve Cummins Edition

There is always more than one way to skin a cat—but this is the most effective means of squeezing 500rwhp out of your 12-valve Cummins.

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