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Is the End Near for Gas-powered Vehicles? The push for zero-emissions vehicles continues in the Golden State.

California attempts a new standard as Governor Newsom enacts executive order to ban new vehicles that consume fossil fuels by 2035.

Real-World EGT Solution For a Working-Class Duramax

We quell an LBZ Duramax’s toasty exhaust gas temperatures with a Mishimoto intercooler system.

Father and Son D100: DCM Classic’s ’62 Dodge Sweptline Pickup

After getting a lead on a tired old truck and an invitation to the SEMA Show, Steve and Todd Flokstra created a marvelous hauler with modern features.

Diesel Nirvana: The 2020 Scheid Diesel Extravaganza

Social dieseling comes to small-town America for a full weekend of high horsepower and ceaseless competition.

The World’s Fastest Pro Street Diesel Truck

2,500hp and 155-mph eighth-miles…inside Stainless Diesel’s record-setting Dodge Ram.

Crunching The Numbers: Which Half-Ton Diesel Gets The Best MPG?

In the world of MPG supremacy, which 3.0L oil-burner will it be, Chevy, Ram or Ford?

Climate Change: The Triple-Turbo Tractor Engine’d Diesel Pro Mod Truck

At 168-psi of boost and 2,500 hp, the Royalty’s Cummins-powered Dakota is one of the wilder Pro Mods on the diesel racing circuit.

EV Pickups: Is America Ready?

EV’s are definitely here to stay, but current technology and infrastructure may make all-electric trucks a hard sell.

A Chevelle, A C10 and A Rare Second-Gen Dodge: 3 Faultless Diesel Swaps You Can’t Afford to Miss

Two classic Duramax drag racers and one top-of-the-line Cummins make this trio of diesel swaps unmissable.

The Rise of Diesel: Why Compression Ignition Has Become So Popular

30 years ago they were a joke. Now your truck isn’t really a truck without one. What made diesel such a hit?

Big Stick Energy: Massive Turbo Power in a 2009 Ford F-250 6.4L Power Stroke

This buttoned-up diesel F-250 pounds the Georgia pavement with nearly 1200-ft-lbs of torque.

2020 Ram 1500 Rebel EcoDiesel Off-Road Pickup Comparison: Do You Really Need A Gladiator?

Do you really need a Gladiator to have a good time on the trail, or is a full-size Ram Rebel a better all-around option?

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