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500,000-Mile 6.0L Power Stroke: How To Make The Impossible Possible

Here’s something you don’t hear every day: the fact that a 6.0L Power Stroke can surpass the 300,000-mile mark with few, if any issues.

Don’t Buy A New Truck! Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Your Current Workhorse

With supply issues and runaway inflation fueling sky-high new truck prices, there has never been a better time to hold onto the one you already own.

Diesel Mechanics: Great Pay and Excellent Job Security

Whether it’s Class 8 trucks, buses, construction, farm and forestry equipment or marine vessels, if you can work on diesels there will always be a job for you.

Wastegates: The Simple Insurance Item Every Turbo Needs

Turbochargers are huge investments. Protect them at all costs.

How to Properly Add a 44-Foot Camper (And Air Springs) To Our Ford Super Duty’s Workload: A Truck for Work And Play, Part 3

Improving the towing experience of a late-model F-250 with an AirLift air spring system.

Unrivaled: The World’s Only 3,000rwhp Street-Driven Diesel Pickup

3,000hp dyno-melter, eighth-mile obliterator and sled-pulling beast. Meet Chris Patterson’s unworldly ’07 Dodge Ram 3500.

What To Expect At U.C.C. 2022: Cutting-Edge Tech, New Records And Carnage

The all-in-one drag race, dyno, sled pull and truck show is one of the most exciting things to ever hit the diesel performance world. Here’s why.

The $40 LML Duramax Fueling Fix

A 2-in-1 cure for a common fueling problem on all ’11-’16 Duramax-powered heavy-duty GM’s.

Any Engine Can Fail, Part 2: Power Stroke Diesel Edition

Whether it dies from being leaned on too hard, operator error or maintenance neglect, no Power Stroke is indestructible.

Rainmakers: 10 Bangin’ Trucks That Brought the Storm to Lone Star Throwdown 2022

The nation’s largest custom truck show brings the high-caliber heat during a serious Texas downpour.

Mid-Winter Diesel Prep: Use These Simple Tips to Keep from Getting Stranded in the Cold

Mid-season cold-weather solutions for diesel engine health and performance.

Any Engine Can Fail, Even Diesels With Incredible Reputations: What to Look Out For

Your friendly reminder that neither the Cummins, the Duramax or any Power Stroke is fail-proof.

Hidden In Plain Sight: The Performance Anvil That Is BMW’s M57 Diesel Engine

It’s refined, it’s tough and it can handle three times the factory horsepower—it’s the M57 diesel found in BMW’s 335d.

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