Duramax History, Lesson 3: LBZ

The LBZ is one of the most sought after Duramax V8’s ever built. Here’s why.

Duramax History, Lesson 2: LLY

The LLY brought variable geometry turbocharging, 50-state emissions equipment and more reliable injectors to the Duramax line.

6.0L vs. 6.4L: Which Power Stroke Is Really Better?

Is the 6.4L Power Stroke truly worse than the 6.0L? Find out here!

Unique Diesel Swaps, Volume 4

The compression-ignition craze continues with these two Duramax-swapped classics and a Cummins-motivated ’52 Ford.

Diesel Performance 2018 Year in Review: Part 2

Ever seen a manually-shifted ¾-ton diesel in the 10s or a Cummins-powered Nova hunting down Mustangs in X275? You have now!

The World’s 5 Fastest Diesels: Cummins Edition

Like most of diesel motorsports, Cummins is king—and these bad boys are the fastest Cummins-powered rides in the world.

The World’s 5 Fastest Diesels: Power Stroke Edition

From the high-tech 6.7L to the prehistoric 7.3L, these Power Strokes can boogie through the quarter-mile in a big hurry.

The World’s 5 Fastest Diesels: Duramax Edition

GM’s V8 Duramax has been tearing up the dragstrip since it’s 2001 debut—but these are the fastest 6.6L oil-burners on the planet.

Life With Ridge Grapplers: Part 1

We long-term test a set of Nitto’s popular hybrid-terrains on a 1-ton diesel truck.

2011-2014 Post-Warranty Power Stroke Fix Part 2: Turbo & CP4.2 Install

With the right air and fuel added to an early 6.7L Power Stroke you can have a 640hp tow monster!

2011-2014 Post-Warranty Power Stroke Fix Part 1: Ditching the VGT

Improving reliability and adding horsepower on an ’11-’14 6.7L Power Stroke begins with a turbo swap.

Anatomy of a Pro Mod Diesel Drag Truck

Big boost, plenty of fiberglass and four-second eighth-miles...this is as fast as diesel gets in a pickup body.

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