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A Muscle Car Tires Guide

Tire tech has reached the point where subtlety matters, even for muscle cars.

Power & Sound: Dyno-Proven Bolt-Ons for the S550 Mustang GT

Upgrading the 5.0 Coyote Engine with a Steeda Intake, Tune & Catback Exhaust.

Power Meets Control: Upgrading the S550 Mustang's Suspension with ST & Steeda

For the first stage of our 2016 Mustang GT build, we fit a set of ST XTA coilovers, Steeda sway bars and more.

Buying UHP Tires: All You Need to Know

Buying ultra high performance (UHP) tires is a great idea. Provided, of course, you pick the best ones for your beloved muscle car or performance hellraiser.

Go Home 5.0: 5 Ford Project Cars Ripe for a 2.3L EcoBoost Swap

From German imports to minitrucks and SUVs, we've found five good homes for a Ford EcoBoost engine swap.

Do-It-Yourself Aero

How to make effective splitters and diffusers the easy way.

That Thing Got a Hemi? How a Modern Mopar V8 Swap Compares to the Chevy LS and Ford Coyote

5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L, Hellcat & More. There's never been more parts available for Gen III Hemi-swapping your car or truck.

Performance Roadblocks of the LS7 V8: 4 Upgrade Tips For Moving Past Stock Horsepower

The LS7 was the ultimate evolution of the Gen IV LS architecture, and as such it's become a target for racers seeking a reliable platform for big power builds.

Bulletproof Engines: 4 More Unkillable Motors From Detroit, Japan, And Europe

Four of the most reliable motors to have ever been built by American, European, or Japanese car and truck manufacturers. Did your favorite engine make the list?

5.0 is Go: How a Ford Coyote 5.0L V8 Swap Compares to the LS V8 and Why You Should Do it

The Coyote is here to stay. Here are the basics on swapping one into your project.

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