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The Easy Way to Refinish Carbon Fiber

How to restore old, oxidized and weathered carbon fiber.

How To Choose The Right High Performance Brake Pad

There are almost as many different brake pad compounds out there as there are companies making brake pads—which one should you use?

Properly Torquing Your Lug Nuts—It's Not Just for the Race Track

The vast majority of cases where a wheel separates from the hub can be traced back to one simple thing: lug nut torque.

Maintaining Track Tires: How to Properly Store High Performance Rubber

Taking proper care of track tires is easy when you know how.

6 Reasons Why People Do Engine Swaps

The most common reasons why it's "out with the old, and in with the new" under the hood

Rear-Mount Turbochargers: Pros and Cons Of This Creative Boost Solution

Desperate for boost and willing to take a chance on something a little out-of-the-ordinary?

History's Most Dominant Engine Swaps

Here are the most popular engine swaps in history, along with how and why they achieved success.

(Not) Keeping It In The Family: 3 Reasons Why Cross-Brand Engine Swaps Make So Much Sense

Engine swaps that cross company lines often make a lot of sense, and almost always grab attention.

Prepping a Project Car for a Road Trip: 1970 GTO

We perform some last minute and maintance and a convenience upgrade before hitting the road in out '70 Pontiac GTO.

Chasing Dust: How to Photoshop Mods on Your Car or Truck

Ballin' on a budget was never this easy!

An In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump is What Your LS Swap Needs

If you’re planning an LS swap or converting your carbureted car to a fuel injection system, this universal in-tank electric fuel pump option is for you.

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