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Hey Amigo: Isuzu's Little 4x4 Was Peak '90s Off-Roader

Amigo, Rodeo Sport, MU—whatever you call it, this little SUV was a big player in the 1990s.

The Ideal, Modestly-Priced Mid-Sized SUV With Third-Row Seating: Part 4

A highly affordable top safety pick with seating capacity for as many as eight? It’s time to take a look at the Subaru Ascent.

5 Weird Classic 4x4 Cars You Can Actually Take Off-Road

These five unusual adventure machines are waiting to be rescued from obscurity.

Part 4x4, Part Minivan: The First Gen Mazda MPV Was Doing "Adventure" Before It Was Cool

A minivan with 4WD and a manual transmission? Yep, Mazda built it.

5 4WD Nissan Trucks and SUVs that Deserve Your Attention

Nissan may not be the number one name in Japanese off-road performance, but these models are confirmed trail-ready.

Fit for Battle

Not unlike the fabled 300 warriors at Thermopylae, Mario Mojica loves the challenge of fending off larger foe in battle in his track-ready Honda Fit.

How To Level Up And Build The Cheapest Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Truck For Factory Off-Road Fun

What is the least expensive way we could build an off-road capable Tacoma using factory Toyota parts?

What Are Those Yellow Dots On My Tires?

By aligning the valve stem and the yellow dot, a wheel has a better chance of being more easily balanced.

Safari Rally Sports Car Builds: The Other, Other Off-Road Look For The Porsche 911 and Datsun Z

A unique subculture hat celebrates these early rally stars by converting both classic and current coupes from brands as diverse as Porsche, Datsun, and Nissan to rally spec.

Flat Engines vs. V Engines: Why Do Car Companies Choose One Cylinder Layout Over Another?

In the V versus flat cylinder layout debate, there are definite advantages and disadvantages to each choice.

DA Resurrection: A Legendary 1991 Acura Integra LS Reborn

Ron Bergenholtz, of Bergenholtz Racing, resurrected his show-winning DA-chassis Acura Integra LS

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