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Japan vs USA 5.0 V8 Showdown: The Ford Coyote and the Toyota 2UR-GSE Compared

One comes in high performance Lexus luxury cars, and the other comes in the Mustang GT—but they are very similar.

The Land Rover Discovery Provides Cheap 4X4 Fun For Do-It-Yourself Mechanics

The first and second generation Land Rover Discovery is one of the cheapest classic off-roaders on the market.

Crossover Adventuring: The Best Places to Go Off-Roading in Your Compact SUV

Whether stock or modified, today's crossovers are as capable as ever. But where to take them for fun?

The Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Is A Turbocharged Muscle Truck Terror

This sloped-roof tank weighs well over two tons and yet still smokes the vast majority of sports cars.

Why Isn't There A 2021 Toyota FJ Cruiser Offering Retro 4x4 Looks With Modern Off-Road Capability?

The FJ Cruiser stole the thunder from more conservative-looking SUVs, and provided a legitimate alternative to the ruling Jeep Wrangler.

Driver Battles: Honda S2000 vs Toyota Supra

Hana's 2021 Toyota Supra packs a power advantage over Matt's Honda S2000. Will that be the determining factor in this race?

The Volkswagen Touareg Is Your V10 Turbo Diesel Alternative Off-Road 4x4

The Touareg is a legitimately rugged trail beast that shames the vast majority of the mall crawler SUVs.

How to Put Air in Your Car or Truck Tires

The air pressure in your tires is very important, and it's never been easier to keep them aired up.

The Nissan Xterra SUV Is The Cheap Jeep Wrangler Fighter 4X4 Fans Have Forgotten About

Is there a body-on-frame 4x4 out there that gets less respect than the Nissan Xterra?

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