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The 1996-2004 Nissan Pathfinder Is Your Cheap 4x4 SUV Alternative To The Toyota 4Runner Tax

Do your due diligence, be patient, and you can find an affordable and reliable Nissan Pathfinder to satisfy your off-road itch.

Pintos, PT Cruisers & More: Five Misunderstood Machines that Don't Deserve the Hate

From the Pontiac Aztek to your Mom's Minivan. Think about these cars again the next time you talk trash.

Manual Transmission Nissan Z Proto Targets Auto-Only Toyota Supra With Retro Flair and Modern Twin Turbos

Where, exactly, does a new Nissan Z fit into the modern sports car landscape?

Running Late but Worth the Wait? The Twin-Turbo Next Gen Nissan Z Prototype is Here

Retro looks, twin-turbo power and a manual transmission will take the Nissan Z into a new era.

The 5 Worst Car Lighting Upgrades You Can Make To Your Vehicle

When it comes to car lighting mods it seems like for some the answer is always 'more, more, more.'

Is The 2020 Lexus GX 460 SUV A Worthwhile Luxury Upgrade Over The Toyota 4Runner 4x4?

The pace of change can be glacially slow for some SUV builders.

The 5 Best High Performance Kit Cars You Can Buy In America

Which kit cars are worth your time and money?

We Haven't Forgotten: Five Classic American Car Names That Were Ruined in the '80s

There was a time when the Pontiac Le Mans was built in Korea and the Dodge Charger was front-wheel drive.

On the Street or at the Track: Is a DOT Competition Tire Right for You?

When should you make the jump to a drag radial or road course tire?

Bulletproof Engines: 4 More Unkillable Motors From Detroit, Japan, And Europe

Four of the most reliable motors to have ever been built by American, European, or Japanese car and truck manufacturers. Did your favorite engine make the list?

Budget Performance: Five Upcoming Affordable Enthusiast Cars to Be Excited About

Subaru, Toyota, Mazda and Volkswagen all have some great cars coming down the line that are all priced near $30K.

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