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The New Old School: Charting the Rise in Popularity of the Lexus GX470 as a Dependable Off-Road Machine

Initially thought of as a high-end suburban people-mover, the Lexus GX470 helped to redefine off-roading for a new generation of 4x4 enthusiasts.

Road Test Review: Is The 2023 BMW Z4 The GR Supra Convertible You've Been Waiting For?

The Z4 is more than just a fashion-forward alternative to Toyota’s fixed-roof fun-mobile.

What’s Your Favorite Engine?

Every True Enthusiast has a Beloved Powerplant to Praise

Road Test Review: The 2024 Mazda CX-90 Is An SUV Like Nothing We've Ever Seen From The Japanese Brand

It’s clear that the CX-90 is making a play for customers used to shopping well above Mazda’s traditional station.

Road Test Review: The 2023 BMW M2 Is All-New, But Has It Strayed Too Far From Its Roots?

A stint behind the wheel reveals that “better, faster, stronger,” somehow also encompasses “bigger."

Chelsea DeNofa Wins Again at 2023 Formula Drift Seattle, Round 6

The 2023 points championship is still up for grabs, but a new leader emerges for the season.

Turn Up the Heat: 3 Lukewarm Hatchbacks You Can Heat Up On The Cheap

Here’s a look at three would-be hot hatches that can save you a bundle over a brand new option.

Your’e Next, 4Runner: Why the Long-Awaited 6th Gen Toyota 4Runner is Shaping Up to be a Game-Changer

Now that we've seen the new Tacoma and new Lexus GX, we anxiously await the debut of the next-gen 4Runner.

Twin Turbo Nissan Choices: Is a Used R35 GT-R a Better Buy than the New Z?

Upset about markup and low availability of the new Nissan Z? Could a used R35 be a worthy alternative?

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