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LS vs. LT: Which V8 Is The Right Choice For Your Swap?

here are now enough Gen V LT engines out there to at least make a go of competing against the Gen III and Gen IV LS.

Toyota GR Corolla + Nitto NT555 G2: A Match Made in Hot Hatch Heaven

A set of NT555 G2s mounted on Enkei Wheels take Toyota's new hot hatchback to the next level.

Nitto Tire 130,000 Mile Review: Across the Country in a Lexus LX570

Through 130,000 miles of sand, mud, clay, dirt and asphalt, our Lexus 4x4 SUV performed well with both the Nitto Ridge Grappler and Terra Grappler G2 tires.

Used FK8 Civic Type R vs FL5 Civic Type R: Is the Previous Version the Hot Ticket to Avoid Hype and Dealer Mark Up?

A tale of two Type Rs. Is the FL5 worth the extra money or is a used FK8 the sweet spot?

Extreme Drivetrain Swaps: Possible for the Average Enthusiast?

How realistic is it for the average enthusiast to dive this deep into a mechanical project?

Can You Trust Your Factory Gauges? What They’re Telling You, And What They’re Not

You might need to take the data that’s on display with a grain of salt.

Electric Vehicles with Manual Transmissions and Clutch Pedals: An Enthusiast Fantasy Or Realistic Possibility?

The idea might sound crazy, but automakers are working on new solutions for enthusiasts in an EV world.

Take the Type S Pill: Is Acura’s Luxury Hot Hatch the Real Deal or Just an Overpriced Civic?

It's built from good DNA, but does the new Integra Type S offer anything over its competition? We investigate.

Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Gasoline Performance Cars: The Ultimate Sub-$40,000 Daily Driver?

Used or new, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is cheaper than ever. Is it a legit alternative to gasoline performance cars?

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