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The 5 Worst Clone Trucks And SUVs Ever Built

Here are our picks for copcat trucks that simply shouldn't have bothered.

Fredric Aasbo Wins Second Formula Drift Championship at Irwindale Speedway!

Odi Bakchis claimed the win for the last event, but Fredric Aasbo won the championship for 2021.

Spy Photos: Upcoming Rally-Inspired, Lifted Porsche 911 Safari?

Porsche has a history of building rally cars starting in the '60s, and this manufacturer-owned prototype Porsche 911 sports generous ground clearance.

Review: The 2022 Genesis GV70 Tackles German Luxury Compact SUVs Head-On With Power, Performance, and Style

The 2022 Genesis GV70 is the next logical step for a company that continues to build its SUV stock.

Next Chapter of a Legendary Honda: The Turbocharged, Manual 2022 Civic Si Debuts

Power is slightly down, but handling and tech are up. Is this enough to take down the GTI and WRX?

Spy Photos: 2023 Honda Civic Type R Caught Testing in Rain

The 2.0L turbocharged engine is expected to make 320hp and features the model's biggest wing yet.

The Only Way to Get a Land Cruiser: The 409HP Turbocharged 2022 Lexus LX600 is the New King of Toyota SUVs

A new platform, a new twin turbo V6 and a lot more help set the next gen Lexus 4x4 apart from the crowd.

1,000 Miles In: How the Nitto Ridge Grappler Tire Has Transformed Our Project Lexus GX470

Bigger, better and cooler. Nitto Ridge Grappler tires and KMC wheels give this Toyota 4x4 and a major attitude upgrade.

Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Long-Term Review: 35,000 Miles On A Crossover SUV

Even a vehicle as docile as Toyota’s RAV4 can benefit from a high-quality all-terrain. Here’s how it’s been working out for us.

The Crossover Era: Why Modern SUVS Are Better Enthusiast Vehicles Than You Think

Whether its track-ready performance or new levels of off-road capability, enthusiasts shouldn't overlook crossovers.

Radical Redesign: Next Gen 2022 Toyota Tundra Debuts with New Platform, Twin Turbos & Hybrid Power

A new segment leader? In top trim it will make 437 horsepower and 583 pound feet of torque.

Is Toyota Bringing A Diesel To The U.S.?

Or is the world’s second largest automaker simply toying with our emotions?

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