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Sellin' the Motorcycle for 4x4 Freedom: Meet the Arctic Mojave Jeep Gladiator

Dan Nelson has used the "life-size LEGO" method to build a Jeep just to his liking.

How Did Moab Trails Get Their Names?

Some are fairly straightforward, but others aren't so obvious. How close were your guesses?

Koda's Tacoma: A Bargain-Priced Toyota Tacoma Opens the Door to Outdoor Opportunity

The dog, the truck, and the keys to adventure.

From Daisy Duke Dreamin' to Jeep Livin': Backroad Bri's JKU Wrangler

Simple and fun. Bridget Brown's Ridge Grappler-Equipped 2015 Wrangler nails the essentials.

Wet Willy: A Modernized, Cummins-Powered ’57 Willys Panel

This rare Willys panel truck underpinned by a modern Wrangler is a perfect blend of old and new.

Ford E-450 4x4 Expedition School Bus

This is overlanding on an entirely different level.

Get Your Go Rig Ready

Is your overlanding/camping vehicle properly prepped for an emergency?

JP Gomez Keeps Family Winning Streak Alive By Winning Nitto Race of Kings at the 2024 King of the Hammers

Despite passing 98 other race cars, JP Gomez was never physically in the lead during the entire race.

OBS Two-Door Blazer, Tahoe & Yukon: The Next Big Thing for Off-Road Projects?

Do these 1990s Chevy and GMC 4x4s hold occupy the sweet spot between vintage and modern? We think so.

Tips for Packing Gear for an Overland Trip

How to best "3D Tetris" your cargo space when camping off-road.

Aftermarket Head-To-Head: Does The Toyota 4Runner Or Toyota FJ Cruiser Have Stronger Off-Road Parts Support?

Here’s how the Toyota 4Runner and the Toyota FJ Cruiser stack up when comparing their aftermarket parts support.

This Pair Of JLU Wranglers Illustrate The Power Of Pairing Up On The Overland Trail

With an almost limitless aftermarket, there are equally endless iterations of the Wrangler out there.

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