Straight Six & RWD? Mazda Moves Toward the Future

The Japanese automaker confirms it has plans to go upmarket with a new platform and a pair of new inline six engines.

Driver Battles Season 2 Episode 2: FD RX-7 vs. C6 Corvette [Video]

In a battle of two iconic engines, rotary and LS, which will be the fastest around Willow Springs?

Cummins 6BT vs. Toyota 2JZ-GTE: Which Iconic Inline-Six Is Better?

The indestructible all-American 5.9L diesel and the immortal Japanese tuner engine. So alike, yet so different.

5 Things That the Hyundai Veloster N Does Better Than a Civic Type R

More doesn’t necessarily mean better. Here are 5 things that the Veloster N does better than the Civic Type R.

Toyota 86 Hakone Edition Is the Classiest 86 Yet

It's green over tan and named after one of the best driving roads in Japan.

JDM Nürburgring: Toyota Opens State of the Art Test Course

Just opened in Japan, Toyota's scaled down version of the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife looks incredible.

Turbocharged Adventure Wagon: Subaru Reveals 2020 Outback

Like the Legacy it's based on, the new Subaru Outback moves to a new platform and gets a new turbocharged engine option.

Aging in Style? Nissan Debuts Upgraded GT-R NISMO & New 50th Anniversary Editions in New York

They may be long in the tooth, but Nissan is still getting the most out of its R35 and Z34 platforms for 2020.

Ride of the Week: ’93 Mazda RX-7 R1 [Video]

Sometimes, unicorns really do exist. Tim Eull's Competition Yellow Mica RX-7 R1 is one of the cleanest we've ever seen.

Why Downsizing Your Tires is the Best Kept Secret to Faster Lap Times: Honda Civic Type R

The FK8 Honda Civic Type R comes with a rather exotic set of 20" wheels and tires. But is it the ideal setup for road and track use?

10 Strangest Badge-Engineered Vehicles of All Time

Check out these badge-engineered weirdoes that not even a salesman two units away from their monthly quota could love.

Ride of the Week: ‘99 Time Attack Miata [Video]

Great handling with aero makes this car is insanely fun to drive. Just ask the owner, Chris Willard.

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