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Hey Amigo: Isuzu's Little 4x4 Was Peak '90s Off-Roader

Amigo, Rodeo Sport, MU—whatever you call it, this little SUV was a big player in the 1990s.

Japanese Muscle Car: Lexus Throws it Back with 472hp V8 2022 IS500

Lexus Brings Back the IS-F Formula with this high performance sedan.

Driver Battles, Drag Edition: 2020 Supra Supremacy Face-Off

What happens when two friendly rivals with the same car and different mods duel at the race track? Find out as these two 2020 A90 Supra models go head-to-head at Texas Motorplex.

Part 4x4, Part Minivan: The First Gen Mazda MPV Was Doing "Adventure" Before It Was Cool

A minivan with 4WD and a manual transmission? Yep, Mazda built it.

Fit for Battle

Not unlike the fabled 300 warriors at Thermopylae, Mario Mojica loves the challenge of fending off larger foe in battle in his track-ready Honda Fit.

Safari Rally Sports Car Builds: The Other, Other Off-Road Look For The Porsche 911 and Datsun Z

A unique subculture hat celebrates these early rally stars by converting both classic and current coupes from brands as diverse as Porsche, Datsun, and Nissan to rally spec.

Flat Engines vs. V Engines: Why Do Car Companies Choose One Cylinder Layout Over Another?

In the V versus flat cylinder layout debate, there are definite advantages and disadvantages to each choice.

DA Resurrection: A Legendary 1991 Acura Integra LS Reborn

Ron Bergenholtz, of Bergenholtz Racing, resurrected his show-winning DA-chassis Acura Integra LS

Engine Oddity: Looking Back on Honda's Short-Lived Inline Five-Cylinder

We love their four-cylinders and V6s, but what about Honda's experiment with the five-cylinder?

Honda's Hottest Hatch: Everything You Need to Know About the Civic Type R

We round up the essential info on the FK8 Honda Civic Type R.

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