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Inline-Six Turbo or PHEV: Will Mazda's New 2024 CX-90 Take Down the RAV4 Prime & Other Competitors?

A new platform, new engines and electric power could help Mazda become the new three-row king.

Can I Ditch My Spare Tire and Just Carry a Can of Aerosol Tire Repair Kit?

It's a question more people are asking as they weigh the space, weight, and cost savings associated with leaving a traditional spare at home.

Face-to-Face: Comparing The 2023 Nissan Z To The 2023 Toyota GR Supra

Here's how these two coupes stack up when comparing what matters most to sports car fans.

The Third-Generation Toyota 4Runner: Overhyped or Modern Classic?

The value of these Toyota from the 1990s and early 2000s are up, but are they worth it?

Subaru Forester Trim Options: A Guide to Sport, Wilderness & More

A great AWD system, lots of space and a low price. We break down the Subaru's popular CUV.

Honda HR-V vs Toyota Corolla Cross: Battle of the Baby CUVs

Smaller and cheaper than the RAV4 and CR-V, we compare Honda and Toyota's subcompact SUV options.

PHEV Crossover Matchup: Toyota RAV4 Prime vs Mitsubishi Outlander

Is the Outlander worth a look when compared to the RAV4, Forester, CR-V and others?

Hot Hatch Bang for the Buck: 2023 GR Corolla vs Civic Type R vs Golf R

Finding one of these hot hatchbacks at MSRP might be tough, but here's how they break down.

OEM Overlanding: Trailhunter is Toyota's New Adventure-Ready Truck Line

Toyota previews its upcoming line of Trailhunter trucks and SUVs.

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