5 Killer Car and Custom Wheel Combos from Southrnfresh 8

Southrnfresh 8 brought out top quality Atlanta cars with perfect custom wheels.

Origin Story of the WRX, Nissan Skyline GT-R and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Group A racing turned boring cars into champions, video game heroes and posters on walls.

Dirt, Mud, Fun: Tahuya ORV Park Review

We braved the mud and bogs for some off-roading fun in the Pacific Northwest, just outside Seattle.

Driver Battles Season 2 Episode 3: EG Civic vs. 350Z [Video]

In a battle of really loud cars, will the rear-wheel drive Nissan 350Z or front-wheel driver Honda EG Civic be victorious?

Brothers From Another Mother: 8 Competing Cars That Might As Well Be Identical Twins

8 of our favorite examples that bear an uncanny resemblance to other cars.

6 Greatest Cars to Wear the Mitsubishi Badge

Let's reminisce about the good old days when Mitsubishi was all about turbo and all-wheel drive.

Wheelin' in the PNW: Nitto Ridge Grappler Impressions

We put Nitto Ridge Grapplers on our Mitsubishi Pajero to see if they can stand up to the Pacific Northwest.

5 Most Interesting Street Machines from AED 2019

They all seem fun to drive, but they're not all technically cars.

Aero Over Power: How Air Improves Lap Times

Big wings, big power. These cars may look a bit ridiculous, but they all lay down fast enough times to justify the massive aero.

Rear-Wheel Drive Fun: The Used Scion FR-S, Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ Buyer's Guide

The FR-S, 86 and BRZ are very similar but there are some differences. Read our guide before picking up one second-hand.

#GRIDLIFE Midwest’s 5 Fastest Street Legal Cars

#GRIDLIFE is home to the fastest street legal race cars in the Midwest.

When the Big H Got Funky: 5 Obscure but Cool Hondas from the '90s

It's not all Civics and Integras. Here are some more unusual Hondas from the 1990s.

10 Hottest Cars of HyperFEST

A bucket list automotive event paired with a dream track location attracts unforgettable race cars.

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