Keepin' It Legal: The LS-Swapped S13 That California Is Cool With

Possibly the only 240SX owner that doesn't need a "smog guy."

A Four-Cylinder Supra? Toyota Says It's Coming

A less powerful and cheaper version of the upcoming Toyota Supra will also be available when it goes on sale.

Futuristic NISMO: Nissan and Italdesign Reveal GT-R50 Prototype

Nissan and Italdesign took the GT-R into the future, in both performance and looks.

Toyota Supra Coming to NASCAR Xfinity Series

The Supra is back on the NASCAR.

Showa Pride: Celebrating the Classics in Japan [Gallery]

We headed to Saitama, Japan for a perfect Sunday full of retro machines.

The Long Road to Victory: Toyota Wins Le Mans

The result may have been inevitable, but that doesn't mean it was any less sweet for Toyota.

Go Faster, Rev Higher: Mazda Adds Muscle to the 2019 MX-5 Miata

New and improved with 181hp and a 7,500 RPM redline.

From Le Mans to the Road: Toyota's 1,000HP Hypercar is Coming

It was a big racing weekend for Toyota—and there's a lot more on the way.

The Best from All ToyotaFest 23 [Gallery]

New and old, fast and low, high and slow (even brand new!)—ToyotaFest brought it All.

Found in Translation: How Japan Keeps the Spirit of Vanning Alive

American custom vanning style is alive and well across the Pacific and we love it.

Hot 100: Eibach Honda Meet West 2018 [Gallery]

Bigger, better, faster. The U.S.’s premier Honda gathering re-writes the recipe…and the records!

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