Ford Ranger Tech: Reaching New Heights With Icon Vehicle Dynamics

Want more suspension performance from your new Ford Ranger? Read on...

Stung by a Sharp Kia Stinger

Korean car brands are out to make a name for themselves and this Kia Stinger is some of the evidence.

Turning 50 in Style: 5 Best Pontiac Trans Ams of All Time

From the muscle car era through the '90s, these are the five greatest versions of Pontiac's iconic machine.

Mid-Engine LS-Swapped Rear-Wheel Drive VW Golf “R59”

You read right, mid-engine V8-powered Golf.

10 Most Memorable Indianapolis 500 Pace Cars

Some were great, others were automotive travesties, but all were memorable in their trips around the famous circuit at Indy.

5 TV Trucks We Miss the Most

Which trucks are still lodged the most deeply in the collective pop culture psyche?

What Killed Off the Manual Transmission?

Meet the state-of-the-art automatics that led to the bolt-action’s demise in diesel pickups.

Never Gonna Grow Up: Why the Latest Matchbox Cars Are Cooler Than Ever

From Jeeps and VWs to station wagons and rally cars, you might want to check out the toy aisle the next time you're at the store.

Straight Six & RWD? Mazda Moves Toward the Future

The Japanese automaker confirms it has plans to go upmarket with a new platform and a pair of new inline six engines.

Doomsday Overlander Anyone? The Ultimate HMMWV Restomod

Duramax power, 40s and more custom touches that we can point out, this retired military HMMWV has us at full attention.

Ride of the Week: ‘94 Mazda RX-7 [Video]

This beautiful example of rotary power is built for the track—and sounds amazing.

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