From Le Mans to the Road: Toyota's 1,000HP Hypercar is Coming

It was a big racing weekend for Toyota—and there's a lot more on the way.

The Best Used Diesel Trucks for 20K

Maximize the return on your $20,000 investment by sticking to these three used diesel options.

The 4 Weirdest Monster Trucks To Bear The Bigfoot Name

When Bigfoot got 80s, Bigfoot got weird. Check out this monster truck madness.

Driver Battles Episode 5 In-Car Footage: E46 M3 (Hand Control) vs. Civic Type R [VIDEO]

A Civic Type R battles a hand-controlled E46 M3.

Come Drive With Us!

Join our lobby to get in on the fun.

Gennie: The Drool-Worthy Dropped Diesel Dodge Dually

The 12-valve powered crew cab dually you need in your life.

The Best from All ToyotaFest 23 [Gallery]

New and old, fast and low, high and slow (even brand new!)—ToyotaFest brought it All.

To Britain! Forza Horizon 4 Announced for October

The next entry in the open world racing series arrives in October.

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