The 2019 Chevy Blazer: Hardcore 4x4 Turned Modest Crossover

They probably should have named it something else.

Loren Healy Wins in the Oklahoma Dirt: Ultra4 Cross Bar Ranch 2018 Recap

Loren Healy notched his first win in the Red Dragon 2.0 by a mere 37 seconds.

Ultra4 Holley EFI Clash at Cross Bar Ranch 2018 Gallery

Loren Healy brought home the win in 4400, with Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Casey Gilbert also taking their classes.

From Le Mans to the Road: Toyota's 1,000HP Hypercar is Coming

It was a big racing weekend for Toyota—and there's a lot more on the way.

The Best Used Diesel Trucks for 20K

Maximize the return on your $20,000 investment by sticking to these three used diesel options.

Yokohama Sunset, Wangan Sunrise: A Crazy Night in Japan

One night that shows why Japan's car culture is unreal.

Driver Battles Episode 5 In-Car Footage: E46 M3 (Hand Control) vs. Civic Type R [VIDEO]

A Civic Type R battles a hand-controlled E46 M3.

Fantastic Four: 4 Convertible Supercar Blockbusters

Think brutal launch with unabashed violence.

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The Best from All ToyotaFest 23 [Gallery]

New and old, fast and low, high and slow (even brand new!)—ToyotaFest brought it All.

To Britain! Forza Horizon 4 Announced for October

The next entry in the open world racing series arrives in October.

GT to the Rescue: GTE Pro at Le Mans 24 Hours 2018 Preview

Porsche is always a favorite at Le Mans, but can Aston Martin and Ford challenge them?

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