760HP, 625 LB-FT: Ford Drops the Specs on the 2020 Shelby GT500

Have we met the new American performance car king? Ford spills the specs on the GT500's supercharged V8.

8 Greatest Race Cars From Gridlife Midwest 2019

The best cars from the event, including time attack, wheel-to-wheel, Honda’s first race car and some big-time surprise vehicles.

Cartoon Car Chases: "Fast & Furious: Spy Racers" Hits Netflix Later This Year

Later this year you can follow the adventures of Dominic Toretto's teenaged cousin as he races and crime fights his way to glory.

Derek West Wins at the 2019 Ultra4 Clash at Cross Bar Ranch

Nitto drivers take first, second, third...and fourth!

Driving Line Issue 20 Released

Relive all the best moments from the past year with the 2019 Photo Annual!

First Look: Vice Unlimited's Trophy T

It’s a hat tip to the famed Trophy Rat and something that blends the spirit of a hot rod, tech of a race car, and art for art’s sake.

Rear-Wheel Drive Fun: The Used Scion FR-S, Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ Buyer's Guide

The FR-S, 86 and BRZ are very similar but there are some differences. Read our guide before picking up one second-hand.

7 Automotive Organ Donors That Share Their Parts With Unlikely Vehicles

Sometimes when you get that six-figure sports car, it has the exact same engine as a Corolla. Go figure.

6 of the Best Drift Cars from Gridlife Midwest

Pros, pro-ams, and indys at the best car celebration of the year.

A New Way to Play: LEGO Comes to Forza Horizon 4

Have you ever wanted to drive a Lego car with realistic driving dynamics? Now’s your chance.

The Lunch Truck: From Built to Blown Up in Three Days

The three day build that went out with a bang!

10 Cars, 9,000+HP: The Wild Engines of 2019 Formula Drift

What's under the hood? We looked at 10 crazy powerful engine packages from Vaughn Gittin Jr., Ryan Tuerck and more.

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