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How Casey Currie Became the First American to Win Dakar

All the stage-by-stage notes from Casey Currie Racing during their bid to win the 2020 Dakar rally and how he conquered the world’s toughest off-road race in the SSV category.

Decoding an Off-Road Tire: What the Numbers on Your Sidewall Mean

Those numbers on your tire's sidewall may look like gibberish, but what they say can make all the difference on your rig.

History of the COPO Camaro, Chevrolet's Secret NHRA Warrior

Spy vs. Spy on the drag strip as dealers outsmarted the GM mothership to deliver faster cars to enthusiasts.

Casey Currie Wins the Dakar Rally

In his custom spec'd Can-Am Maverick SxS, Casey and Sean win the SSV category of the 2020 Dakar race.

Project Paw-Paw: Part 9

With the engine and transmission mods complete, it’s time to reprogram the 7.3L’s brain: the PCM.

Stealth Bomber: A Tuned 2010 BMW 335D Diesel

This diesel BMW slips under the radar with stealthy looks and gobs of torque.

Shelby Dakota: That Time Carroll Shelby & Dodge Made the Original Performance Pickup

In between his legendary Ford days and his modern creations, Carroll Shelby collaborated wth Dodge for a high performance Dakota.

Triton JL: Serious Goals for the Modern Jeeper

An ocean of adventure, packed into a Jeep JL platform.

2020 Ford Bronco 4-Door Spy Photos

Thankfully, we can see the retro lines Ford's been teasing hidden underneath all the camo. Take a peek for yourself.

5 Predictions for 2020's Muscle Car Future

There has never been a better time for gearheads obsessed with stuffing ultimate power under the hood, but what does the future hold?

JDM Baby Bronco: "Dronco" is American-Inspired, Japanese-Made

Can't wait for the real "Baby Bronco"? Maybe this one will satisfy you.

5 New Electronic Gadgets for Overlanders

New, useful electronic gear for overlanders from the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show.

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