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Rampage: This FWD, Hemi V8-Powered Half Minivan, Half Pickup is One of the Strangest Trucks Ever

If you thought Hyundai's new Santa Fe was unusual, get a load of this Dodge Concept.

6.0L Power Stroke Problems, Part 9: All The Rest Of It

Just when you thought the major failures were over, there are still high-pressure oil leaks, cracked degas bottles and wiring harness issues to worry about.

Retro Adventure: The Bigger, Badder "Wolf Plus" Electric Pickup Truck is Coming

Alpha Motor Corporation expands its upcoming lineup once again with a larger, more capable electric pickup truck.

The Ram 1500 TRX Is A Mopar Stomp On Ford's Raptor With 702hp Of Hellcat Fury

The Ram 1500 TRX is a truck with humongous horsepower aimed at off-road fans who aren't satisfied by Ford's EcoBoost V6.

Part Truck, Part Crossover: The 2022 Santa Cruz is Hyundai's First Pickup for America

Will AWD, a turbocharged engine and a compact size help give Hyundai's unusual new pickup an edge?

Editor's Picks

On the Trail: Imogene Pass

Imogene Pass looks like the sort of place where you'd run into orcs while you and eight friends seek to destroy Sauron's ring: misty, mountainous, and ripe for off-road exploration.

Exploring Texas Off-Road on Big Bend National Park’s River Road

Wondering what off-road trails are like in Texas? Big Bend National Parks offers plenty of 4x4 trails to explore.

Change is Coming: Five Reasons Why Electric Pickups May Dominate Gasoline-Powered Trucks

We take a look at what upcoming electric pickups from Ford, Chevy, Tesla, Rivian could offer to truck buyers.

Editor's Picks

On the Trail: Ocala National Forest

If you've ever dreamed of off-roading a hedge maze full of alligators, the Ocala National Forest is for you.

General Motors Announces Next Addition to Their EV Lineup: The Chevy Silverado EV

General Motors' new Hummer EV Edition 1 is set to hit the market in 2022. Doubling-down on the potential popularity of electric trucks, another EV pickup truck model has been announced by the automotive giant.

Is Your Ford Bronco Delayed? You Can Off-Road With The Jeep Wrangler, Lexus GX 460, and Toyota 4Runner While You Wait

One obvious answer, one traditional choice, and one outlier that you may have never before considered.

6.0L Power Stroke Problems, Part 8: STC Fitting

When it leaks you get hard re-starts. When it finally blows out you’re stranded completely. It’s STC fitting failure and it’s no joke.

Editor's Picks

On the Trail: Sand Hollow to Sand Mountain OHV Area

In this episode of On the Trail, we off-road through Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, Utah with the help of Desert Race School.

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