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5 High Performance Minivans You Didn't Know Existed

Why take such a practical, stodgy vehicle and provide it with a heaping helping of horsepower and handling?

5 American Domestic Cars And Trucks That Borrowed Japanese And German Import Engines

These 5 domestic vehicles broke with tradition by tagging in some help from Europe and Japan in the engine compartment.

5 Fake Film Cars That Fooled Movie Audiences

Substituting replicas and custom builds for off-the-lot automobiles is a time-tested tradition in Hollywood.

5 Anniversary Edition Performance Cars That Were Actually Fast And Cool

With their focus on boosting more than just the bottom line, these are the best anniversary cars (and trucks) ever built.

The 5 Best High Performance Kit Cars You Can Buy In America

Which kit cars are worth your time and money?

BMW E90 M3 vs Lexus IS-F: Driver Battles

In this episode of Driver battles we pit two luxury brand sports cars against each other in an all out sprint around Chuckwalla Raceway.

Bulletproof Engines: 4 More Unkillable Motors From Detroit, Japan, And Europe

Four of the most reliable motors to have ever been built by American, European, or Japanese car and truck manufacturers. Did your favorite engine make the list?

5 Crazy Honda K Swaps from VTEC Club

We take a look at six of the oddest, all non-Honda, but all powered by Honda’s K-series inline-four-cylinder engines.

The Case for the Hydraulic Handbrake: Maximizing Smiles Per Mile

Installing a hand brake in your streetcar is the most fun mod (without adding horsepower), but is it worth it in an FWD, AWD or automatic trans equipped car?

NOS, OEM, or Replica Parts? Which Are The Best Classic Car Components For Your Project

If you can't locate what you need from the factory, there are a number of different tiers when it comes to car restoration parts.

6 Quarantine Hacks for Auto Enthusiasts

Continuing the Fun During the Extended Corona Virus Lockdown

5 Forgotten Concept Cars That Should Have Been Built (And What We Got Instead)

What might have been had history taken a different course with these concept cars from Pontiac, Cadillac, Nissan, Dodge and BMW.

10 Of The Weirdest Concept Cars We All Forgot About

Attract as much attention as possible, because a concept car that no one sees might as well not exist.

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