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Stealth Bomber: A Tuned 2010 BMW 335D Diesel

This diesel BMW slips under the radar with stealthy looks and gobs of torque.

5 Small Cars for Tall People

Tall enthusiasts don't have to be stuck in a boring SUV. Here are 5 fun and efficient cars for that'll make for an easy fit.

Upscaled Performance: BMW X3 M Competition

A high-power people-mover upgraded with a set of Nitto NT420V tires and more.

11 Raddest Rides of Radwood SoCal

From the rare Porsche C62 to the US Ski Team Subaru 4WD wagon, this show had everything rad from the '80s and '90s.

The Easy Way to Refinish Carbon Fiber

How to restore old, oxidized and weathered carbon fiber.

1960s Throwback: The $1.7 Million Elva is the Lightest McLaren Road Car Ever

It'll have a twin turbo V8 and be quicker to 124 miles per hour than the McLaren Senna when deliveries begin next year.

Mustang, Prelude, 240SX, Supra, Firebird & More: The Speedvision Cup is Peak '90s Nostalgia

From Dodge Neons to RX-7s, the Speedvision Cup was a 1990s car enthusiast dream. Let's take a look back.

Turbine Cars Are Cool: Here's Why They Never Made It To Showrooms

Why have turbines been largely overlooked when it comes to passenger cars and trucks?

1966-1974 Saab Sonett: The Forgotten Fiberglass Sports Car From Sweden

Is there a more overlooked classic two-seat sports car than the Saab Sonett?

2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI vs. 2019 Volkswagen Golf R: Comparing The German Hot Hatch Twins Head-To-Head

Should you save your pennies and dimes in anticipation of a Golf R down payment, or would you be nearly as happy snagging a GTI and enjoying the savings instead?

7 Affordable Mid-Engine Sports Cars That Pre-Date The Chevrolet Corvette C8

A history of 'party in the (middle) back' coupes have delivered exotic-like design with a relatively affordable window sticker.

Electric Showdown: Porsche Taycan Turbo vs Tesla Model S

They are both fast, luxurious sedans with all-electric powertrains but how else do they compare?

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