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Boosted Brilliance: Vintage Styling Meets Modern 1,000-hp Firepower on This ’66 Chevy Nova

Tony Causor's creation is more than just a car; it's a culmination of dreams, passion, and collaboration.

Beyond Pro Touring: EV Swaps, Unique Builds, Trends & More. What’s Next for Muscle Cars?

The Pro-Touring movement has been going strong for 20 years now. Is something else coming to take its place?

How the LS V8 Conquered the World

GM needed a new engine would be required to carry their brand into the new millennium. Something more compact and fuel efficient than the old SBC V8.

The Bad “Baby Camaro”: An Old School Toyota Celica with a Supercharged LS Secret

Rocket Bunny Flares, Drag Radials, and a supercharged V8 stuffed into a classic Toyota.

Here Comes the Boom: The Thunderous Transformation of a '65 Chevy C10 Truck

Dave's classic pickup transcends mere transportation, it’s aggressive and crazy like the model cars we used to put together as kids.

2025 Ram Heavy Duty: What’s Coming & Will It Beat Ford?

Is Ram fixing to release the biggest 2500 and 3500 model overhaul we’ve seen in years?

Has GM Given Up on Regular Enthusiasts, Or is There Still Hope?

It's going to take more than expensive EVs and halo cars to keep GM relevant among the average American car enthusiast.

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Cardinal Camaro

Slammed to Perfection: A Patina ’68 Travelette Built to Stand Out

Pulled from a muddy field that required recovery gear to extract, this truck required extensive restomodification.

Fired Up: A Stunning ’66 Chevy C10 Shop Truck with a Flare for the Dramatic

Formerly owned by a custom painter, this simple truck build captured the eyes of many with its unique style.

The Golden Era: Transforming a Legendary ’68 C10 into a Modern Masterpiece

This symbol of Chevrolet’s enduring craftsmanship, a CST Gold Anniversary Edition, now shines brighter under Randy Bynum's care.

Modern Muscle with Room for the Kids: Mom's Hot-Rodded Charger Scat Pack

Tani's 2019 NT555 G2-equipped Dodge Charger Scat Pack does it all.

Extreme Drivetrain Swaps: Possible for the Average Enthusiast?

How realistic is it for the average enthusiast to dive this deep into a mechanical project?

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