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The Juice Is Loose: Hill’s Hot Rods’ Vision of the Perfect OBS Chevy 454 SS Pickup

“I’ve always said that GM should’ve done this truck in orange because back in the day, GM always had a performance model offered in orange paint except for this model truck.”

The Alpha Superwolf: A Macho Off-Road Electric Pickup to Take on Bronco & Gladiator

Alpha Motor Corporation debuts another EV concept—this one is a rugged 4WD truck.

Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage Tests Nitto's New Recon Grappler A/T Tires on his 702hp Truck

Richard Rawlings reviews Nitto Recon Grappler tires on his 2021 RAM TRX: the results are in!

The End of Affordable Fox Body Fun: Are the Days of the Cheap Mustang 5.0 Over?

No longer a choice for cheap speed, the legendary Fox Body Mustang is now a genuine classic.

3UR-FE: How Toyota's "All-American" 5.7L V8 Engine Changed the Game

With its days on the market numbered, we look back at Toyota's groundbreaking 5.7 V8.

Nitto NT01 Track Day Tire Review: Classic Datsun Z

Right from the first session, it's easy to understand the NT01's positives.

The SRT-Powered Dodge Razor Was an American Miata-Beater That Never Happened

It had the engine of the Neon SRT-4 and was styled with the help of a scooter company.

The Modernized AC Cobra Experience for a Fraction of the Cost

This home-built, Factory Five Racing roadster mixes vintage aesthetics with modern performance.

The End of the Hemi? Dodge Announces All-Electric Muscle Car for 2024

The days of Hellcat V8s are numbered, and Dodge is planning to adapt with this EV performance car.

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