7 Automotive Organ Donors That Share Their Parts With Unlikely Vehicles

Sometimes when you get that six-figure sports car, it has the exact same engine as a Corolla. Go figure.

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Pros, pro-ams, and indys at the best car celebration of the year.

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Chasing Dust: LS-Turbo Swapping a Truck in Three Days [Video]

Can they pull off this seemingly impossible task?

GM's Quad 4 Engine Was a High-Tech Light at the End of a Long, Long Tunnel

General Motors had a rough track record with technological progress in the 1980s.

A Pair of Turbo Cadillacs: The Exciting New 2020 CT4-V and CT5-V

Cadillac continues to transform themselves into a performance-oriented brand.

Three Pedal Club: 5 New Performance Cars that are Manual Transmission Only

Even in a world of automatics, it's stick shift or nothing for these five desirable machines.

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From Jay Leno’s Garage to the local dragstrip, Vice Unlimited builds have been seen across the globe.

10 Hottest Cars of HyperFEST

A bucket list automotive event paired with a dream track location attracts unforgettable race cars.

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