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Mopar Muscle for the Road Course? A Stripped Down ACR Challenger May Be Coming

Could the Camaro 1LE and the Shelby Mustangs have some new compeition on the way? Dodge may be cooking up something special.

Return of the Bronco II? What We Can Learn from the Original "Baby Bronco" of the '80s

The 2020s won't be the first time Ford has sold two different off-road SUVs at the same time. Let's take a trip back to the '80s.

6 Reasons Why People Do Engine Swaps

The most common reasons why it's "out with the old, and in with the new" under the hood

2020 Dodge Charger Widebody Track Drive: Conquering Sonoma With 707 Horsepower

The thicker Charger steps in as the most corner-friendly version of the car to date.

Classic Lines, Cummins Twist

A unique, compression-ignition take on a timeless classic: the ’39 Ford.

All-Motor Mustang: Christina Lee's Cobra Jet S197

A showroom-looking sleeper hides extra horses under it's hood.

2020 C8 Corvette Stingray Convertible Released

The hardtop looks fantastic, shares the coupe's performance and maintains decent storage with the top down.

Why is it so Expensive to Paint a Car?

There's a big difference in what a paint job costs—we explore some of the reasons.

History's Most Dominant Engine Swaps

Here are the most popular engine swaps in history, along with how and why they achieved success.

Not Just an Econobox: Here's Why the Ford Festiva is a Cool Car

Developed in Japan, imported from Korea and sold by Ford. Why the Ford Festiva is a worthy project vehicle.

Superchargers, Turbos and Yes VTEC: A Look Back at Saturn's Performance Cars of the 2000s

From a hopped up SUV to a turbocharged roadster, we look back at Saturn's Redline vehicles.

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