Barrier Breaking C10

Nichols Paint and Fab takes an old C10 to new heights.

Silverado, Ram & Ranger: Truckmania in Detroit

Each of the big three showed off an all-new pickup truck at the 2018 NAIAS. Here's what's to look forward to.

11 Reasons Why Diesel Trumps Gasoline

If this isn’t the automotive equivalent of picking a fight, we don’t know what is…

Life of a Spring

The F-150 is Going Diesel: 10 Things You Need to Know!

You read that correctly. The long-awaited 3.0L Power Stroke has found its way into Ford’s best-selling pickup for 2018.

Soot Yeah! 6 Incredible Cummins Diesel Engine Swaps

From lifted trucks to one-off hot rods, the Cummins diesel continues to be the go-to choice for those looking for power and reliability.

All Hail the Duke: A Cummins-Powered K50 Built for a King

Get up close and personal with Rtech Fabrication's latest classic Chevy truck creation

Horsepower Factory: The High-End Engines of PRI 2017

From Top Fuel rails to triple-turbo'd diesels, big power lives here.

Truck Enough? The 2018 Honda Ridgeline Review

This unconventional midsized pickup is changing the way buyers look at the truck market.

7.3L vs 6.0L: Which is the Better Power Stroke Engine?

Reliability or Power? Discover what gives each of these Ford diesel engines a leg to stand on in this great debate.

Ride of the Week: Rtech Fabrication’s ’72 K50 Crew Cab

With a motto of "We build trucks to do truck things," this K50's builder is right up our alley. See what this K50 is built of.

Diesel Sleepers, Vol. 3: 5 More High-Powered Oil-Burners Hiding in Plain Sight

Stock-appearing and 700 to 1,000 hp…the art of deception runs deep with these daily-driven diesels.

Fastest of the Fast: Land Speed Diesels

From 200-mph pickups to 350-mph streamliners, these aerodynamic diesels own the salt flats.

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