Cummins History, Lesson 5: ’07.5-’18 6.7L

More than 85 percent of all heavy-duty Ram buyers want the 6.7L Cummins under the hood. Here’s why.

The Holy Trinity of Better Braking

Better brake systems require more than just a big caliper and rotor.

The 10 Year Club: 5 Future Classics From '09 to Buy Now

Too new to be classics? Think again. Here's five late 2000s enthusiast cars to keep an eye on.

New Tech for an Old Favorite: Toyota Debuts Updated 2020 Tacoma

While the changes aren't major, the popular Tacoma will receive some important upgrades for 2020.

Cummins History, Lesson 2: ’94-’98 5.9L

Dodge’s gas-guzzling 8.0L V10 might’ve been the talk of the town in ‘94, but behind the scenes a legacy was being built thanks to the P-pumped Cummins.

Cummins History, Lesson 1: ’89-’93 5.9L

Designed for off-highway equipment and gen-sets, the 6BT Cummins brought million-mile durability to Dodge pickup trucks.

Inside the 1,000 LB-FT 6.7L Cummins

You don’t become the torque king by following the status quo—you create a whole new animal!

Raising the Bar With Towing Tech: GMC Announces 2020 Sierra Heavy Duty

GMC brings a ton of tech to the table to help drivers easily manage towing large loads.

Power Stroke History, Lesson 4: 6.7L

Ford’s first in-house diesel is arguably the best engine to ever grace its trucks.

Snow White: The Fairest ’57 Chevy of Them All

Who says you need a classic truck to actually have classic parts? All-new can be just as good—if not better.

Behold the 2019 Ram 3500: The Most Powerful Diesel Pickup Ever

The diesel truck game is batting a thousand—torque that is!

Power Stroke History, Lesson 2: 6.0L

Get all the gritty details behind the Power Stroke that replaced the esteemed 7.3L.

Power Stroke History, Lesson 1: 7.3L

The time-tested 7.3L Power Stroke once revolutionized the diesel pickup market. This is how it happened.

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