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4x4 Envy: Four Things A Street Car Guy Loves About Off-Roading

Here are four reasons the off-road scene tempts this "regular" car enthusiast.

2020 Toyota 4Runner Venture Special Edition Doesn't Deliver For Modern SUV Fans

The 4Runner's claim to modern manners has begun to wear thin.

5 Mods to Optimize Diesel Towing

These five mods will help you get the best performance out of your diesel tow rig.

2020 Ford Ranger RTR Fun-Runner

More than just a demo vehicle, Fun-Runner was designed as an all-around performer that could be used as a support truck when off-road racing.

Model Truckin': Five Radical Custom Pickup Ideas in Scale

V12 swaps, vintage JDM and a whole lot of slammed goodness.

Project Paw-Paw: Part 11

567rwhp, 13-second quarter-miles, same old factory look.

Anatomy of a Work Stock Diesel Truck

They might look similar to your tow-rig, but these diesel trucks pack more than 800 hp and spend their days hooked to the sled.

EV Revenge: HUMMER Returns as 1,000 Horsepower GMC All-Electric Truck

One of the most iconic brands of the 2000s returns for a new generation.

Bigger Is Better: 2019 Ram 3500 Built for Style

It’s mean, huge and rolling on 40s. This 2019 Ram 3500 is the quintessential SEMA show truck.

Project Paw-Paw: Part 10

Now that the hard part is over with, it’s time to install gauges and keep a watchful eye on our old Ford’s 600hp powertrain.

Decoding an Off-Road Tire: What the Numbers on Your Sidewall Mean

Those numbers on your tire's sidewall may look like gibberish, but what they say can make all the difference on your rig.

Stealth Bomber: A Tuned 2010 BMW 335D Diesel

This diesel BMW slips under the radar with stealthy looks and gobs of torque.

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