2011-2014 Post-Warranty Power Stroke Fix Part 2: Turbo & CP4.2 Install

With the right air and fuel added to an early 6.7L Power Stroke you can have a 640hp tow monster!

2011-2014 Post-Warranty Power Stroke Fix Part 1: Ditching the VGT

Improving reliability and adding horsepower on an ’11-’14 6.7L Power Stroke begins with a turbo swap.

Bona Fide: Life and Hot Rodding with Hale’s Speed Shop

You’ve not seen him on TV or competing in high-profile builder competitions. In fact, you’ve probably never seen him before, but you’re going to want to get to know Nathan Hale and Hale’s Speed Shop builds.

Anatomy of a Pro Mod Diesel Drag Truck

Big boost, plenty of fiberglass and four-second eighth-miles...this is as fast as diesel gets in a pickup body.

9 New Diesel Trends

These diesel trends have taken hold in the past few years and don't appear to be going away anytime soon.

Hardway Sunshine Showdown 2018

Records. Shattered. Harness up and hold on, things just got real serious in diesel drag racing.

Alpha Van: The Ultimate Overland Ford E-350 4x4 [Video]

You’ve never seen a van quite like this.

New Product Spotlight: Mishimoto’s Carbon Fiber Catch Can

Killer looks and optimum functionality from the aftermarket’s latest air-oil separator.

Ride of the Week: Against All Odds '06 Ram 2500 [Video]

This homebuilt 1300hp+ puller isn't like the others. It's better than them.

Against All Odds: The 1300HP+ Homebuilt Puller

A homebuilt Limited Pro Stock Dodge that runs at the front of the pack.

The New Overland King? Chevy Introduces 2019 Colorado ZR2 Bison

The already impressive Colorado ZR2 gets some trail-ready improvements with the help of AEV.

Small-Town Sled Pull Throwdown

Daily drivers, loping big-blocks, chassis-twisting tractors and diesel trucks all take to the dirt.

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