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Raptor Ranger Killer? APG ProRunner Takes to the Desert

10 inches wider than stock, 35-inch tires, and carbon fiber body panels. What’s not to love?

4 Restomod Overland 4x4 SUVs That Redefine Classic Bronco Styling And Jeep Capability

These classic trucks offer a host of modern upgrades while maintaining the integrity of their vintage packages.

A Country in Lockdown—A Diesel Drag Race in Indiana

Pandemic or not, diesel drag racing made its return over the Memorial Day weekend. Plus, a Duramax Diesel Swapped Chevelle that runs 10s.

Blue Oval Heroes: The Shared DNA of the Ford F-150 & Ford GT

One is a pickup. One is a supercar. Yet they share some important traits.

Raptor King: Ultra4 Racing’s Versatile Work & Play Desert Truck

From the desert sand at King of the Hammers to the Arctic and highways in between; this Ford Raptor has seen 20,000 miles in just 4 months.

A Truck, A Tractor and A Bus? 3 Unique Diesel Swaps You Have to See

A chopped and lowered ’41 Chevy school bus, a VW-powered mini-rod tractor and a street-racing Cummins-swapped F-250? Yeah, we’re in!

8 Most Outrageous 6x6 Conversions For Off-Road Supremacy

Tired of four-wheelin'? Then you should consider upgrading to a 6x6 for your next off-road adventure.

'90s-Era Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon Ushered In GM's SUV Future

These rugged and useful 4x4s that would become stalwarts of GM's truck portfolio.

Performance Roadblocks of the LBZ Duramax

Meeting and overcoming the horsepower barriers that face GM’s revered ’06-’07 LBZ.

4BT Cummins vs. 1.9L TDI Volkswagen

It’s German engineering meets American brawn in this small diesel shootout.

Summer Tire Inspection Checklist: 5 Tips For A Safe Driving Season

Tires take more abuse than almost any other component.

How Often (and Why) Should I Balance My Tires?

If you thought balancing a set of tires was a one-time proposition, you need to read this.

The Jay-10: A Dazed and Customized ’68 Chevy

A Few Roadblocks Couldn’t Stop This Truck From Getting Completed

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