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Controlled Diesel Mayhem

Middle Tennessee’s premiere diesel event offers truck enthusiasts one last hurrah before the weather turns cold.

10 Craziest Big Money Off-Road 4x4 Rigs

Which trucks would be our picks for conquering the great outdoors in the most flamboyant fashion possible?

Inside Line: Synergy MFG's 2014 Ram 2500 Hauler Crawler [Video]

Pushing the limits of a tow rig never looked so fun.

Product Spotlight: Mishimoto Universal High-Flow Catch Can

Let your crankcase breath with Mishimoto’s universal high-flow and internally-baffled catch can.

Daily Crawler: The SAS Toyota Pickup Done Right

Not all first vehicles turn out to be winners. This one did.

Why is it so Expensive to Paint a Car?

There's a big difference in what a paint job costs—we explore some of the reasons.

2020 Ford Super Duty: the Most Powerful Production Pickup

Ford's latest volley in the diesel pickup torque wars will be (Ford) tough to beat, surpassing 1,000-lb-ft barrier with latest 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel

5 Best Vehicles for Overlanding

If you're thinking about getting into the overland scene, we think these five vehicles are best suited for the task.

The Race to Electric Pickup Trucks

What we know so far about the all-electric workhorses from Ford, Tesla, Chevy, Rivian, Atlis, Bollinger and Fisker.

Product Spotlight: Mishimoto 5R110W Transmission Cooler

Protect your high-dollar Ford 5R110W automatic with Mishimoto’s direct-fit transmission cooler.

5 One-of-a-Kind Diesels: Unique Swaps, Volume 5

A ’39 Ford packing an aluminum-block Cummins, Power Strokes in dent sides and a Chevy Loadmaster packing a 12-valve? Feast your eyes on these diesel swaps.

700HP Diesel Show-Stopper Pickup

Tom Schuman’s ’10 F-250 does it all: makes roughly 700 hp, sports 22x14-inch custom Super Singles and is still expected to work.

Inside Line: 2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Overland Build [Video]

Duramax powered, 35-inch-tall Nitto Trail Grapplers, and all the off-road gear you need. This ZR2 is proof that the midsized off-road truck market is no longer just for Tacomas.

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