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Here Comes the Boom: The Thunderous Transformation of a '65 Chevy C10 Truck

Dave's classic pickup transcends mere transportation, it’s aggressive and crazy like the model cars we used to put together as kids.

2025 Ram Heavy Duty: What’s Coming & Will It Beat Ford?

Is Ram fixing to release the biggest 2500 and 3500 model overhaul we’ve seen in years?

Slammed to Perfection: A Patina ’68 Travelette Built to Stand Out

Pulled from a muddy field that required recovery gear to extract, this truck required extensive restomodification.

Fired Up: A Stunning ’66 Chevy C10 Shop Truck with a Flare for the Dramatic

Formerly owned by a custom painter, this simple truck build captured the eyes of many with its unique style.

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Switchgear

The all-electric pickup changing the dual-purpose game forever.

2024 Tacoma Buyers Guide: Making the Most of Toyota’s Long Awaited, All-New Taco

Which version of the new Tacoma is best for enthusiasts? Breaking down trims, suspension, engine and transmission choices.

Extreme Drivetrain Swaps: Possible for the Average Enthusiast?

How realistic is it for the average enthusiast to dive this deep into a mechanical project?

Rear-Wheel Drive Off-Roading: How much fun can you have in a pre-runner, and is it cheaper to build?

A rear-wheel drive vehicle really challenges you as a driver.

Slammed '62 Ford Country Squire Sporting a 900hp Diesel Swap

Kodie Paxton’s patina'd 6.0L Power Stroke-powered ’62 Ford Country Squire packs a pair of compound turbos.

Hidden Gem: Third-Gen, Cummins Diesel-Powered Dodge Ram

Meet Paul Szczypta’s immaculate ’07 Dodge Ram, an 800hp beast with zero rust and just 113,000 miles on the clock.

2025 Chevrolet Suburban And Tahoe: The Diesel SUV(s) You Never Knew You Needed

Nearly 500 lb-ft of torque, 4-tons of towing capacity, seating for 8 and 30-mpg highway says GM is building the ultimate full-size SUV.

Can You Trust Your Factory Gauges? What They’re Telling You, And What They’re Not

You might need to take the data that’s on display with a grain of salt.

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