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EcoBoosted: How To Add 60 HP To Your 2.3L Ford Ranger

If you needed a reason to choose Ford’s Ranger over Toyota’s Tacoma, this is it!

Junkyard Heroes: Is A Used Ford EcoBoost V6 The Hot Ticket for Engine Swaps?

A used 2.7 or 3.5 liter twin turbo V6 can be had cheap, but is it the right choice for your project?

How To Make Your Diesel Engine Last As Long As Possible

Racking up hundreds of thousands of miles isn’t rocket science, even in the modern era of highly complex diesel engines.

The ZL1500: An 850hp LT4 Supercharged Drag Strip Killing Pickup

With some inspiration in mind and a spare LT4 drivetrain in hand, in was inevitable that Justin Keith would create this wicked OBS Chevy.

Nitto Terra Grapper G2 All-Terrain Tire Review on a Chevy Silverado Z71

For you kids just now joining us in the magical world of off-road exploration, the Terra Grappler G2 is one of Nitto's premium all-terrain light truck tires.

Old-School Diesel Swaps (Including a 3,000HP Supercharged Duramax Hot Rod)

A diesel-powered ’50 Chevy, a ’49 Cummins Power Wagon and a screw-blown Duramax coupe—three jaw-dropping conversions you have to see.

How to Put Air in Your Car or Truck Tires

The air pressure in your tires is very important, and it's never been easier to keep them aired up.

Hot-Rod Semis: The 20,000-LB Monsters Of The Dirt

These chassis-tweaking, wheel-lifting torque monsters never disappoint.

Rampage: This FWD, Hemi V8-Powered Half Minivan, Half Pickup is One of the Strangest Trucks Ever

If you thought Hyundai's new Santa Fe was unusual, get a load of this Dodge Concept.

6.0L Power Stroke Problems, Part 9: All The Rest Of It

Just when you thought the major failures were over, there are still high-pressure oil leaks, cracked degas bottles and wiring harness issues to worry about.

The Ram 1500 TRX Is A Mopar Stomp On Ford's Raptor With 702hp Of Hellcat Fury

The Ram 1500 TRX is a truck with humongous horsepower aimed at off-road fans who aren't satisfied by Ford's EcoBoost V6.

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