10 Coolest Cars from PRI That Aren't Just for Show

Not every show car is only made to look good. Here are our ten favorite that can really bring it on the track.

Collete Davis: A Racing Prodigy

My practice was always in front of a lot of people. In the end it made me a better driver as I had to adapt, like, right now.

Desert Playground: Driving Line's Open Track Day at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway [Gallery]

Ever wanted to throw your car on the road course just to see how it'll handle?

Fake Fast: 5 Automotive Sticker Packages That Over-Promised and Under-Delivered

Most of the time, these sticker-package specials promised fun, but delivered only disappointment.

The World’s 5 Fastest Diesels: Cummins Edition

Like most of diesel motorsports, Cummins is king—and these bad boys are the fastest Cummins-powered rides in the world.

Drivers #JustSendIt Despite Snow At Rally America’s LSPR

Snow made the track even more difficult than usual, leading to more than a few DNFs at Rally America's LSPR.

Top Stock Drag Cars of Today and Tomorrow

Do modern combustion-based dragsters still top the best electric vehicles can muster? We see how they compare.

The World’s 5 Fastest Diesels: Duramax Edition

GM’s V8 Duramax has been tearing up the dragstrip since it’s 2001 debut—but these are the fastest 6.6L oil-burners on the planet.

JP Gomez Wins at Wild West Motorsports Park [Gallery]

JP Gomez finished out the year strong with back to back victories, capping everything off with a win at Nationals.

2-Time King Erik Miller Takes Home His First Ultra4 National Championship

The 2018 Ultra4 season wraps up in a storm of excitement! See who came out on top.

Getting Radical on Track at VIR With Formula Experiences

The first thing you learn spinning an open cockpit car at 130 mph is that if you're going to mow the lawn, you'd better have your visor down.

8 Formula Drift Pro 2 Drivers to Watch in 2019

Here are the 8 drivers ready to make some noise in the pros.

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