Family Affair: 2019 Ultra4 KMC Battle in Bluegrass Recap

This year's Battle in Bluegrass was a family affair, with the Blylers finishing 1-2 and son Josh capturing the win.

Origin Story of the WRX, Nissan Skyline GT-R and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Group A racing turned boring cars into champions, video game heroes and posters on walls.

Aero Over Power: How Air Improves Lap Times

Big wings, big power. These cars may look a bit ridiculous, but they all lay down fast enough times to justify the massive aero.

Derek West Wins at the 2019 Ultra4 Clash at Cross Bar Ranch

Nitto drivers take first, second, third...and fourth!

6 of the Best Drift Cars from Gridlife Midwest

Pros, pro-ams, and indys at the best car celebration of the year.

Figure 8 Racing Brings School Buses, Chain Cars, And Pro Drivers Together, Head-On

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s one of the craziest things you’ll ever see.

#GRIDLIFE Midwest’s 5 Fastest Street Legal Cars

#GRIDLIFE is home to the fastest street legal race cars in the Midwest.

10 Hottest Cars of HyperFEST

A bucket list automotive event paired with a dream track location attracts unforgettable race cars.

A New Kingdom: 2019 Ultra4 El Rey de las Bajas Recap

A new king was crowned in a new kingdom south of the border. Find out who was victorious in the inaugural El Rey de las Bajas.

From a Totaled Car to Podium Finish: Ryan Tuerck Takes Second at Formula Drift Atlanta

In Formula Drift, the road to the podium is never a straight line.

How Travis Reeder Slid His Way Into the Drivers Seat of the First Electric Drift Car

It was a long journey from ProAm to the first electric drift car, and it looks like the best is still to come.

10 Least Likely and Weird Race Cars of All Time

In celebration of racing's ability to surprise, we've put together this gathering of the least likely vehicles ever to make it to the starting line.

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