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Aqua-Tested: Wet And Dry Track Time In The Nitto NT01

Changing track conditions are a challenge almost every driver will have to face at least once or twice in a given season.

Best Tires for Diesel Truck Competition Pulling and Drag Racing

From the dirt to the drags, Nitto tread gets the job done in diesel motorsports.

2022 Scheid Diesel Extravaganza Drag Racing: The Fastest Diesels In The World Descend On Rural Indiana

Beyond the top-tier truck and tractor pull, the drag racing that occurs at SDX is some of the best in the business.

Diesels In The Dirt At The 2022 Scheid Diesel Extravaganza Truck Pulling Event

If you only attend one diesel event in your lifetime, the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza is the one to hit. Here’s why.

Competition Diesel Performance Truck Tires: Why Serious Racers Choose the Nitto NT555 RII

Veteran 7.70 Index racer Nick Morris made the switch to Nitto’s latest DOT-compliant competition drag radial—and he’s never going back.

3 Ways to Make 1,000+ Driftable Horsepower

How Papadakis Racing’s Turbocharged I4 and I6, and RTR’s V8 Engines Make Big Power

Aluminum Or Iron Duramax Heads?

Was everything you were told about the reliability of a Duramax’s aluminum cylinder heads a lie? Sort of. Here’s why.

Team Nitto Driver Chelsea DeNofa Wins 2022 Formula Drift Seattle

DeNofa took first place at last year's event at this location, and defended his win throughout the day's collision controversy and car-to-car contact catastrophes, and countless OMTs.

Diesel Grudge Racing—Is Becoming A Thing

With bragging rights and money on the line, grudge racing is a growing trend among the compression-ignition crowd.

Kazyua Taguchi Wins Formula Drift St. Louis 2022, Tuerck Takes Second

Even with the track modification for this year’s event, we saw lots of drivers blind-sided by tire smoke in the chase position with a number of collisions near the finish line.

Competition Diesel Performance Truck Tires, Part 2: Why Drag Racers Choose the Nitto NT420V

Nitto’s luxury truck and SUV tire, the NT420V, has found a home in diesel drag racing.

Competition Diesel Performance Truck Tires, Part 1: Why The Pros Choose Nitto

From NT555 RII drag radials on the street to Mud Grapplers in the dirt, Chris Patterson trusts Nitto to drive his Cummins-powered Dodge dually to the top.

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