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A Father & Son-Built, Drag Racing Duramax

Budget-built in a rented garage—this Chevy Silverado 3/4-ton is a runner right off the trailer.

5.9-Second Diesel Drag Trucks, Pt. 6: A Record-Setting Duramax, A Cummins-Swapped Ford, A ’69 Nova And A ’45 Chevy Rat-Rod

Hold on, our series concludes with some of the raddest rides you’ll find in all of diesel drag racing.

Chelsea DeNofa Dominates 2021 Formula Drift at Lake Erie Speedway for Second Win of the Season

Team Nitto takes the top two positions on the podium for the first ever FD competition in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Diesel Dyno Kings Use Nitto Tread to Win

The top dyno performers of U.C.C. ’21 were all running Nitto tires…and so was more than half the field of competitors.

2021 Tear Down in Tennessee: Team Nitto Sweeps Second Ultra4 East Coast Podium

This Ultra4 off-road race season is hot and heavy, proving Team Nitto to be on top race after race.

5.9-Second Diesel Drag Trucks, Pt. 2: a 6.8L Cummins, 7.3L Power Stroke And a Wheels-Up Duramax-Powered Chevelle

A half-ton Ram, an F-350 and a muscle car all mixing it up in the same, action-packed racing category…

Ultimate Callout Challenge 2021: The Tightly-Contested Event All Comes Down To The Sled Pull

No U.C.C. champion can be crowned without first conquering the iron sled—so 13 diesel trucks took to the dirt to determine a winner.

It's All About Grip: Everything You Need to Know About Track Day Tires

We round up all the important info and facts about tires for track days, autocross and HPDE.

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