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Bakchis, Field & Vaughn Gittin Jr. Snag the Podium to Kick Off 2021 at Formula Drift Road Atlanta

As the evening fell over Road Atlanta, 30,000 horsepower+ was ignited in preparation for the first Formula Drift round of 2021.

The 3200hp 3-Second Diesel Door-Slammer Drag Strip Destroyer: Inside Firepunk’s Record-Setting, Cummins-Powered S10

A behind-the-scenes look at the quickest eighth-mile pass in diesel history.

Renaissance Ride: "Pinky" the Honda Civic EK Show Stopper

At every stage of its evolution, this car was just begging to hit the track.

4WP Battle in Bluegrass: The Ultra4 Eastern Series Kicks Off with a Nitto Podium Sweep

There's nothing better than a full podium sweep and that's exactly what Team Nitto pulled off at the first Eastern Series race of the 2021 Ultra4 Racing Season.

King Shocks Area BFE Beatdown: Team Nitto Sweeps the Podium at First Ultra4 Regional Race of 2021

Team Nitto drivers earn top three podium positions at Ultra4's King Shocks Area BFE Beatdown in Moab over Easter Weekend

Fit for Battle

Not unlike the fabled 300 warriors at Thermopylae, Mario Mojica loves the challenge of fending off larger foe in battle in his track-ready Honda Fit.

Driving Line Issue 25 Released

It's here! Get the latest issue of Driving Line for free online.

The Lowdown on Ultra4 Racing's King of the Hammers 2021

Where to get your off-road racing fix this weekend and which drivers to watch for the win.

Casey Currie Joins Polaris RZR Factory Racing Team

The World Leader in Powersports Welcomes Currie to Team Polaris as RZR Factory Racer and Brand Ambassador

Extreme Diesels: The Wildest Turbo & Fuel Setups

Single, triple and sextuplet turbo setups and enough fuel for 4,000 hp—welcome to the world of insane diesel technology.

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