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Chevy Unleashes Cool

KG7A7404-1 Chevy opened SEMA week by presenting their media reception for their 2015 line up at the Pallazo. Starting with their strategy for their small cars, they targeted the younger demographic by providing base models while providing customizable performance options. Chevy introduced the 2015 special edition SS Camaro with interior and trim enhancements. KG7A7406-1 A premium outdoors concept was offered for the Tahoe that presented large alloy rims with a beefed up brake kit while offering amenities such as a wifi hotspot and the ability to tailgate. KG7A7411-1 The largest crowd pleaser was the Z06 stingray rated at 0-60 in 2.95 seconds with its LT4 V8 with the ability to build your own LT4 engine from the factory. KG7A7416-1 The Colorado and the Silverado both targeted the family oriented outdoor adventurist. KG7A7412-1 One of the newest engines to the line up was the 2 liter turbo LTG engine rated at 275HP and 290lb/tq while maintaining 25psi of boost matched with a 6 speed manual gearbox. KG7A7413-1 The big push for Chevy was consistent throughout the reception; Chevy designs, engineers, tests and backs their products. The key benefits provide the end user with reliability of OEM parts while improving the performance of the automobile. The COPO Camaro may be a racecar... but it's backed by the factory! KG7A7393-1  
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