Diamond in the Rough - Monthly Series

Diamond Like a shark in the shallows that will die if it stops swimming, I am relentlessly prowling, eyes scanning, always on the lookout for hidden automotive treasures…always. This is an endeavor that demands focus and dedication…and a fat wallet to make your finds ‘actionable’…guess which one I lack? But the act of discovery is enough to zap the adrenal gland and keep the dream alive. There’s a definite “Where’s Waldo” vibe to it. It’s also about the cars, where have they been, what can they become…each suffering carcass has a story to tell. This month our Diamond In The Rough series will examine the philosophies of the find and examine three of my latest ‘triumphs.’ Week 1—  Philosophy Of The Find: Souls Worth Saving? Goodguys sign INTRO copy Week 2 — Jaguar E-Type: Paradise Found… Paradise Lost? Jag distance INTRO copy Week 3 — Ford Bronco: Bruiser On A Budget? Classic Bronco distance INTRO copy Week 4 — Chrysler Business Coupe: Patina On The Sly? Chrysler Biz Coupe distance INTRO_2 copy Come back to DrivingLine.com often to catch each of these stories on the "Diamond in the Rough". -Evan Griffey


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