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Droppin’ the Hammer: Rothsen’s Rocket Bunny Nissan GTR

It’s hard to take a Super Car and turn it into an Epic Car, but Rothsen of Northern California made his dream into a reality with his 2010 Nissan GTR nicknamed “BLKHAMR”. All the hard work has paid off by finally being able to show it here at the SEMA Show at the RSV Forged booth. BLKHAMR-1 This Godzilla caught my eye earlier this year at Wekfest LA, when it was literally laying on the grass being the first GTR on AirRex Air Suspension. BLKHAMR-2 Then a few months later at Wekfest SJ, I saw him again stepping his game up by joining the extremely exclusive club of Rocket Bunny GTR owners. BLKHAMR-4 BLKHAMR-6 So at SEMA I wouldn’t expect anything short of another big, new addition - these one-off, custom build, super concave RSV Forged RS5 wheels! BLKHAMR-5 BLKHAMR-3    
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