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Mama Says: Top 10 Taillights Of All Time

I just returned from the New York Auto Show and all I can think about is this hot piece of tail: IMG_5491 That's the Aston Martin Vulcan, ladies & gentleman.  And it got me thinking, taillights can really make or break a vehicle, so I think it's time to take a look at some of the best. Some of the most recognizable taillights of all time belong to the Ferrari Testarossa. One look at those louvered lights in a traffic jam, you know you're moments away from inhaling some Enzo dust: IMG_3376 Speaking of louvered, let us not forget that there may not a Testarossa if the GTO hadn’t louvered it first: IMG_3386(1)(1) It’s hard to talk about taillights without bring up the Corvette. The double round lamps are so essentially ‘Vette that the C7’s back end departure caused an uproar. Here’s a double whammy of the classics: IMG_7279(1) And if 4 round lights are great, 6 are awesome, especially when they are encased in the all carbon fiber Pagani Huayra: IMG_8411(1)(1)(1)(1) In this case, the more brake lights the better, especially considering your insurance may not cover the $1.2M in replacements costs. However, we can’t all be beautiful. And sometimes, it's just not your thing: IMG_6004(1)(1)(1) This VW's rear end waves its ugly flag high and proud. These taillights kinda look like Maggie Smith’s eyeballs—protruding & disturbing, yet so expressive.   Speaking of another famous Brit, how about that Mini Superleggera? Those tail lights will make an Anglophile out of anyone: IMG_1290(1) But, as an American, I am particularly proud of the ’65 T-Bird. Not just because it was a great American luxury car/boat. But also because it had taillights that doubled as sequential turn indicators. So before you get all excited about that Audi, pay some respect to your elders: IMG_0958 Finally, my personal favorite rear view of any car, anywhere, anyhow, is the Series 1 E Type. IMG_8385(1)(1) Because if there are cars in heaven.. well, I’d better shape up my act!   (The views, opinions and positions expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of the Driving Line editorial staff.)
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