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The Year of the Bunny (Rocket Bunny that is)

JDM Wong opens up SEMA 2014 week with a bang

SEMA_Amodena_01 It’s hard to believe but this is my sixteenth SEMA Show; my first one was a world where the import scene was just starting to take off in popularity, and wild body kits were just part of the equation. This week I’ll be taking a look at some of the hottest parts that caught my eyes and no doubt will be making headlines in the aftermarket world – and what better way to start than by revisiting the most sought after and extreme kits around from the house of TRA Kyoto, better known to enthusiasts as Rocket Bunny. Bursting at the seams of popularity, in just the past few years, Kei Miura’s designs of overfenders, GT wings and sculpted bumpers have catapulted him to superstardom, not just for the looks alone but the craftsmanship as well. He laser-scans each vehicle so that he can create a true-to-life 3D rendering and adjust as he sees fit. This year at SEMA you can see plenty of new entries to his aero lineup, including the Lexus RC/RC F, Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ, Nissan GT-R, Mazda RX-7 FD and the legendary Acura NSX, all of which are on display at the show. SEMA_Amodena_02 Lexus Tuned RC F at the Lexus booth The first RC F to receive the Rocket Bunny treatment is Lexus Tuned’s burgundy-colored coupe, which is on display at the Lexus booth. The car hasn’t even reached the market yet but it’s already shaping up to be one platform that’ll turn heads. live-from-sema-2014-047 BloodTypeRacing Hyundai Genesis at the Hyundai booth Now this one’s unique: most Rocket Bunny designs are for Japanese makes but BloodTypeRacing out of Arlington Heights, IL really shook things up by widening a Genesis coupe. It was unveiled during Hyundai’s press conference on Tuesday morning. SEMA_Amodena_05 SEMA_Amodena_07 Super Street FR-S Version 1 and 2 project cars Perhaps the kit that really set things off for TRA Kyoto is the one available for the FR-S/BRZ ZN6 chassis. Super Street has built two so far: the first one being a British Racing Green with the Version 1 kit located at the Central Hall feature vehicle area, and their entry for the Scion Tuner Challenge 2014, a yellow, ultra-wide body Release Series 1.0 that has a customized Version 2 kit. Both are crowd pleasers and true to the Rocket Bunny spirit. SEMA_Amodena_04 TWC RX-7 at the Enkei booth Bringing an old classic back to life is the kit for the FD RX-7, and there are plenty of these hanging around various parts of the show. But head over to the Enkei booth in the South Hall and you’ll see Jim Pan’s stunning FD, sporting not only the kit but the newly released 6666 wheels, sized specifically for this kit. live-from-sema-2014-177 Six Sigma AutoDesign NSX at the Nitto booth Here’s the ultimate crowd pleaser: the Six Sigma AutoDesign NSX that was finished just hours before SEMA opened! This is one of the first in the world to receive the kit, one of which isn’t just wild looking but where the entire front end flips open. It’s custom metallic blue wrapped and also sees the Enkei/Rocket Bunny 6666 mesh wheels.
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