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10 Things You'll Remember If You're a '90s Honda Enthusiast

Dust off your pull-out cassette decks, open a fresh Air Spencer squash refill and get that pompadour set right: It's time to revisit the '90s once again. This time we're exploring the Honda scene, one that'll resonate heavily if you're from SoCal, like me.

The import scene literally blew up here and spread across the country like wildfire, and though import drag racing took a dip in recent years, there's a subculture waiting to bring it back up to full speed. Until then, here are some of our favorite '90s Honda memories; if you can remember them, you're definitely a '90s Honda enthusiast.

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1. Probably Honda (or Acura)

It was the mid '90s — you were more than likely to roll around in either a Honda or Acura. Affordable platforms with tons of potential.

drivingline 90s honda enthusiast 01

2. Scrappy AF

There were no catalogs to order a lot of parts from. Racers had to get creative and they did a hell of a job. Most of those ideas still stick to today's modern race cars.

3. The Right Height

Your car was the right height if a cop held his baton to your headlight and it fell dead center from there to the ground.

4. DIY Stance

You lowered your Honda or Acura at a friend's house, launching springs out of their driveway, cutting three to four coils to get the perfect drop.

5. Wheels, the Real Deal

drivingline 90s honda enthusiast 04

Fat 5 GS-R alloys or del Sols if you had a little cash, '92-95 Civic Si hubcaps at the bare minimum.

6. The Scene

Han Motoring or Dazz Motorsports to drool over wheels you hoped to buy some day. Carmate sales to see cool parts and cars and to be seen.

7. Battle of the Imports

drivingline 90s honda enthusiast 03

You witnessed history in the making as import drag racing, and the overall scene in general, came to life at Battle of the Imports at LACR.

8. Pre-JDM

JDM wasn't even a thing yet. Japanese-spec or J-spec. Clear corners or you taped the amber part off so it looked "clear."

9. Legendary Car Crews

You know the following car crews: Redline, Precision, Cyber Racing, Prototype, Kosoku, Wicked Racing, Street Image, 8 Ball, Metro Speed, Bosozoku, PYR, Lucky many memorable ones out there! Too many to list!

10. Wheelie Bars

You remember when wheelie bars changed the game. Need proof? Just ask Ron and Ed Bergenholtz.

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