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1:1 Scale: A Life-Size McLaren Built From LEGO

Building a car out of LEGOs is something just about all of us can relate to, and in recent years the brand has released a number of highly detailed kits based on real vehicles from around the world. So far the lineup has included everything from Le Mans racers to the venerable VW Bus, but this is a little bit different.

lego mclaren 01

At this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, LEGO and McLaren have teamed up to create a life-sized LEGO replica of the new McLaren 720S. 

lego mclaren 05

Better yet, visitors to the McLaren booth at Goodwood can help finish putting the 1:1 scale kit together. The completed car will feature over 280,000 LEGO bricks and when finished will weigh almost 400 pounds more than the actual road going 720S.

lego mclaren 04

While the idea of putting together a life size LEGO car with your friends sounds awesome, we are guessing the slightly smaller LEGO Speed Champions 720S kit might be a little more feasible for most of us.

Kids' play? This isn't the first time we've played with a McLaren... watch this.

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