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13 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up King of The Hammers

If you've ever been to King of The Hammers, you'll probably relate to at least one of these. 

1. KOH, the ultimate desert race... also the toughest one-day off-road race in the world.

Erik Miller meme - "me at the start of KOH vs. me at the end of KOH"

That second image is from KOH 2014, when Erik Miller basically ran a 10k through the desert to fetch a spare part for his busted buggy. What a beast. 

2. Hammertown essentials.

The KOH starter pack

There will be dirt... like, a lot of dirt. Everything you need to know for KOH 2017 is right here on Driving Line.

3. There's always that one guy...

KOH spectator: Those 40s look tiny next to my rig. Me:

Seriously, dude. Not impressed. Sorry 40s aren't big enough for you.

4. Every. Single. Time.

Caveman Spongebob meme - "When you really need to pee but you hear the engines fire up."

The porta-potties are always SO. FAR. AWAY.

5. It's just too tempting.

Evil Kermit meme - " Jason Scherer on Race Day: Don't break anything; it's Lap 1. Also Scherer: Take the hard line."

Jason Scherer has a co-driver this year, so this probably won't be an issue.

6. No mercy.

Arthur's clenched fist meme - "When you're in the lead and that boulder comes out of nowhere."

I swear, those rocks have a mind of their own.

7. Good in the street... and in the dirt.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. FD and Ultra4 meme - "Get you a man who can do both."

From Formula Drift to Ultra4 off-road racing... Vaughn Gittin Jr. knows how to have fun.

8. At least you still have pants on?

Confused/blurry Mr. Krabs meme - "When you wake up the morning after the bonfire and you realize you never made it back to your trailer."

But seriously, you can't do KOH without hitting up at least one of the bonfires.

9. The straight axle vs. IFS debate.

Michael Phelp's mad face meme - "Loren Healy's face when they tell him he needs a straight axle to win KOH."

Will the feud ever end?

10. Be like Bill.

Be Like Bill meme

But seriously — anyone can go off-roading. You have to start somewhere!

11. Campbell fam FTW.

Campbell meme - "Name a more iconic trio. I'll wait."

They're pretty much the royal family of off-road racing.

12. Nooooooo.

crying Michael Jordan meme - "When you're halfway up Backdoor and someone yells, "You need to winch"

Happens to the best of them.

13. Dave Cole always has the best "Views."

Drake sitting on Nitto Tire arc "Views" meme - Dave Cole and Jason Blanton

Anyone remember Jason Blanton's epic roll and recovery? Maybe Hammerking founder Dave Cole does.

Ready for KOH 2017? Get all the event coverage you need at

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