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2014 Lonestar Round Up is Worth the Distance

2014-lonestar-round-up-hamb-roadster Many of my car friends from So Cal talk about wanting to make a trip to Austin, Texas for Lonestar Round Up –but due to its distance in the face of the many car events we have locally, as well as it being held the weekend before the huge car show in much closer Las Vegas – I don’t know many who have actually made the trip.  Which is why, this year, I decided to mark 2014 Lonestar Round Up on my calendar. 2014-lonestar-round-up-hamb101 In its 13th year, LSRU has been gaining steam and is known to be one of the top-list car shows for people in the traditional rod and custom car scene.  I saw license plates from as far as Colorado, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Canada – there were tons of high quality builds as well as a healthy amount of patina and rat rods. Hosted by the Kontinentals car club, Lonestar Round Up includes music and pours into the nearby South Congress neighborhood with cruising and band lineups at night. 2014-lonestar-round-up-hamb106 Browse through the gallery below, and check back in at DrivingLine in the coming week for more in-depth looks at some of the cars and culture. Next year I’ll be back with my Studebaker! id  14535

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