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A DeLorean that's Headed Back to Futures Past

LA67U7229 We all know that a DeLorean can’t really travel through time... LA67U7241 ...unless it has a flux capacitor. LA67U7235 This one — it has a flux capacitor. It even has a Mr. Fusion Home Reactor and all the gizmos and thingamabobbers necessary to produce 1.21 gigawatts of power and make the Delorean go 88 mph. LA67U7245 It’s one of the many things that makes this particular time machine DeLorean replica all that much cooler. Other than looking like it really did leave those burning tire marks in front of the clock tower, this DeLorean uses all that speed to participate in The Fireball Run AdventuRally. Alternatively called The Race to Recover America's Missing Children, The Fireball Run AdventuRally is a reality show that has aired since 2008, pitting 40 teams against each other in a bid to find some of America’s missing children. The teams travel the country, 2,500 miles in eight days, distributing fliers and trying to locate those children. LA67U7231 This DeLorean is part of Team #15, headed by Paul “Doc” Nigh and his wife, Reba. To date, they have found three of the four missing children whom they’ve been assigned. They’re currently attempting to locate Austin Hernandez of Tehachapi, CA - a just-turned 18 year old who has been missing since he was 10 months old. LA67U7238 Doc Nigh is an accomplished studio musician who plays bass, guitar, drums and keyboards, as well as the character of “Doc” in Fireball Run with his wife playing the role of “Clara.” Doc tells Driving Line that he originally wore a wig to look like Emmet “Doc” Brown, but eventually grew his own hair out seeking to be more authentic. He has met with Christopher Lloyd, who played the character in all three Back to the Future movies, and obviously he and Reba are huge fans - leading them to invest over $150,000 in this DeLorean (nuclear fusion isn't cheap, you know). And if you go to his website,, you can learn more about the project or donate to it. LA67U7242 The pending season of Fireball Run is subtitled “Space Race” and will conclude underneath the Space Shuttle Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The live action series will air from late September to early October - find out more at It’s a good cause, and it features 40 freakin’ cool cars... so watch it. Hear a little more from Doc Nigh in the video below.

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