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All You Can Porsche Per Month: The Ultimate Subscription Service

Imagine having a fleet of brand new Porsche vehicles at your disposal, complete with delivery service right to your door and all running costs covered. Sounds like the stuff of dreams, right? Well if you happen to live in the Atlanta area, it can be a reality. This week Porsche North America announced the launch of a new subscription program that gives members unlimited access to a selection of Porsche vehicles whenever they want.

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Called Porsche Passport, the service will launch next month in the metro Atlanta area (which happens to be home to the Porsche North America headquarters) with other markets possibly to follow. How does it work? For a $2,000 per month fee, members get on-demand access to eight Porsche models including the 718 Boxster, Cayman S, Macan S and Cayenne.

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And for an extra $1,000 per month you can upgrade to a plan that offers 22 different models including higher end vehicles like the 911 Carrera S, Panamera, Macan GT-S and more.

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The subscription includes unlimited mileage, frequent vehicle changes and also includes all maintenance, registration fees and insurance costs. Vehicles can be chosen either same-day or in advance via the Porsche Passport app.

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In a way, it's like the ultimate car lease program—while it's not cheap, it's a fascinating concept. In this age of subscription-based everything, it only makes sense that cars would be next. We'll be interested to see if this business model catches on.

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In the meantime, which other automakers would you like you to see introduce similar programs?

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