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AutoCon Los Angeles 2017: Big Stars & Even Bigger Cars

It’s amazing to see how far AutoCon has come with its relatively short seven-year presence within the automotive show world. Though it largely covered imports early on, its recent connections to the Purist Group, domestic and truck/off-road enthusiasts have allowed it to extend its reach, embracing all realms of the automotive community.

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What’s in a name? AutoCon really strives to set itself apart through the very definition of its name: AUTOmotive CONnection. Using cars (and trucks) as the anchor, the show’s founder, Justin Fong, wants to bring enthusiasts together to break bread and learn more about ourselves — and each other — because of the very cars we drive and build. One unique way he does this is by selecting specific builds to be brought onto the main stage so that the owner can talk about his/her car to show attendees, and if you’re lucky enough, they’ll fire it up, too.

AutoCon LA

Though it’s standard to see project debuts at shows, AutoCon had the distinct honor of debuting a very special car for the first time on American soil: Honda’s production model Civic Type R. Launched globally at the Geneva Motor Show this past March, Honda felt it would be proper to have enthusiasts get first crack at seeing the car in person, leaving it front and center by the main stage at the Meguiar’s booth.

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While cars should ultimately be the biggest motivating factor in drawing you to an event like this, it doesn’t hurt to pull in some guest cameos. One in particular who stood out — and we were too old to realize who it was until we saw the massive queue to meet him — was TJ Hunt, a YouTuber who managed to bring his own Nissan 350 Z to put on display.

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And when we say massive queue, we mean lines stretched all day, even two hours before opening!

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Representing Reach Out WorldWide, DEEP Lifestyles Supply Co. and Purist Group was Cody Walker, who also announced shortly after the show that he’ll be hosting special Drive 4 Paul events in Hong Kong and Australia this month. If you’re in these areas, you’ll want to be sure to attend. More events around the world are in the works, so keep your eye out here.

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Pro BMX rider, Coco Zurita, brought out his Nitto-sponsored Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R as well. Coco is as much in love with his cars as he is riding, so if you ever see him at an event, you'll get into great conversation about his stable of Nissans.

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AutoCon hits the road with its next stop planned for the East Coast in New York on June 10. View the full AutoCon Los Angeles event gallery below.

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(Photos: Danny Nguyen/JDMZipTies)

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