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Best of Show: November Cars & Coffee

As we close out the end of the year, we're really starting to see some cool cars at Irvine Cars & Coffee - traditionally it slows down a bit during the holidays, but as you can see - the crowds and cars still show up in volume this month! 918_orange I've got to start out with the first customer-delivered Porsche 918 Spyder to show up at Cars & Coffee. Color appears to be RS orange. 918_orange2 918_orange3 This particular 918 had the optional Weissach package - a lightweight option with magnesium wheels, even more carbon fiber bits and titanium bolts for the chassis. 918_orange4 That rear aero in Carbon Fiber against the RS orange really stands out. 918_crowd Definitely a crowd pleaser as it was surrounded from start to finish. black_speciale The same day the Porsche 918 showed up, we also ran into the Ferrari 458 Speciale - this is the lightweight performance version of the 458. black_speciale_2 \ Clad with different aero, more carbon fiber and revised tuning - this Speciale is an ode to Michael Schumacher's Ferrari FXX racecar, the livery and color match to a tee. toyota_corolla Not an exotic to some, but just as hard to comeby - a mint oldschool Toyota Corolla with Enkei wheels and some really OG aftermarket goodies. huracan How about Lamborghini's latest? The Gallardo replacement - the Huracan. We're starting to see more and more of these show up in the wild...which is definitely a good thing. orange_huracan Orange was quite popular for November...another Lamborghini Huracan with optional wheels. vw_big This sticker stopped me in my tracks...VW Bug but that's a Chevy quote isn't it? vw_chevy that's why... vw_chevy2 427 Chevy in a VW Bug...I'm lovin it. (McDonalds) studebaker This was cutting edge aero back in the day - love this Studebaker. studebaker2 So much character - really a standout for the time-period. f1_car With so many great cars, it's hard to stand out at Cars & why not bring something your open wheel F1 training car? f1_steeringwheel That steering wheel looks all business. salt_rocket I did just say it's hard to stand out right? LOL! Bring a Salt Flats streamliner...or rocketship - that'll turn some heads. salt_rocket2 I didn't stick around to see how this arrived, but I'm guessing it didn't cruise in off Irvine Center Drive. crooks1 A week after SEMA, we had a bunch of the feature cars show up - this was cool especially for those that didn't catch them at SEMA. 997.2gt3 Floss Design brought out their motorsport themed Porsche 997.2 GT3. 930_rwb Rob (Crooks & Castles) personally brought out his Porsche RWB 930 - haven't seen this car in a minute. Looks good with the new color. porsche_lineup That's a pretty decent Porsche lineup right there... rcf Lexus USA / Gordon brought out their SEMA RCF with Advan/Yokahama wheels, fully kitted out. This kid approves. bmw_wagon2 My buddy Stan brought out this Von Doom Project - a BMW 328 MSport Wagon on air with matching cafe racer and trailer...on air! BMW_wagon As a new family man, Stan definitely stepped up my thoughts on what I should do to haul the toys and kids, LOL! hamann_m4 Hamann, an older European tuning name, is coming back into the game...good to see. bulletproof_lineup Ben and the team at Bulletproof brought out some of their SEMA projects, old and new. gtr_carbon Full Carbon Fiber bodied GTR anyone? gtr_carbon2 Yes, FULL CARBON FIBER BODY. ltmw_m4 LTMW / LibertyWalk brought out their SEMA ///M4 wide-body car...and its for sale! This car is pretty crazy in person. That's it! Lots of cars for November, can't wait to see what the last month of the year has in store for us - be sure to checkout the monthly video below!
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