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BLOX Evo 3: The Saga Continues

In life, it's a general rule of thumb that if you don't progress, things can quickly become stagnant. The import car show is a prime example of this concept. The crew at BLOX knows this well, having made a name for themselves, not only for producing performance parts on a national scale, but also by being one of the best at hosting proper car meets and shows in the Bay Area. 

drivingline blox evo3 11

What started off originally as the BLOX Open House at the company's headquarters in Fremont had to be moved to a venue that could actually accommodate a large gathering of cars—a smart move considering their meets became so crazy that they took over their entire business complex, pissing off their neighbors (believe us, we've witnessed the madness firsthand). This inspired BLOX to think bigger picture. It was time for an evolution, and they used the Japanese word "kaizen" as a source of inspiration, which is "a philosophy focused on continuous improvement."

And just like that, BLOX Evolution was born.

drivingline blox evo3 19

drivingline blox evo3 18

That was 2014, and since then, BLOX Evo has been using the stunning Pier 70 in San Francisco as its new home, the perfect backdrop for a car show of this nature given its patina hues and mega footprint. All the main elements remain true, like local car crews battling for bragging rights, dancers and DJs providing entertainment...but they've stepped it up with a custom-made Best of Show title belt that's given to the owner of the show's top car and is actually tweaked every year. No passing the baton or Stanley Cup; you get to keep an original belt.

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(Photos: Ryan Trinidad)

BLOX has every intention of continuously evolving what's already a great car event, and you can check the gallery below for even more proof.


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