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BMW Films' "The Hire" Is Back! Time to Binge Watch Season 1

BMW Films was ahead of their time when they debuted "The Hire" some 15 years ago, and well before the existence of YouTube. In case you didn't know, "The Hire" is an adrenaline-pumping series of short films that star Clive Owen as "the Driver" who takes on assignments with only his weapon of choice, a BMW... Think James Bond movie in 10 minutes or less.

When watching the sneak peek of "The Hire" season 3's first episode "The Escape" in the video above, you might get excited but find yourself wondering, "How have I never seen this before?"

Well, never fear—we've collected all the episodes right here on Driving Line for your viewing pleasure. Let's start from the beginning, with the 2001 release of "The Hire," season 1:


"Ambush"  |  Episode 1

There's nothing more mysterious than driving down a dark road with an old eccentric man, especially when a van filled with men in ski masks and guns pull up next to you. You'd never guess what they're looking for or where the old man hid it or if the old man was telling the truth at all.

DIRECTED BY: John Frankenheimer



"Chosen"  |  Episode 2

There might be more action in this short film than all of Eddie Murphy's 1986 "The Golden Child." Just wait until you get to the part with the monk in cowboy boots.




"The Follow"  |  Episode 3

In one of the more star-studded, yet somber films of the series, the Driver is hired by a manager (Forest Whitaker) to follow the wife (Adriana Lima) of a celebrity (Mickey Rourke). The Driver thought he was on a mission for one thing, but found something entirely different.

DIRECTED BY: Wong Kar-wai

FEATURED BMW: 328i Coupe & Z3 Roadster


"Star"  |  Episode 4

For once the Driver's concern isn't about his passenger's well-being. This is arguably my personal favorite film of the first season. It felt like gymkhana in a BMW M5 with Madonna. The ending is priceless!

DIRECTED BY: Guy Ritchie



"Powder Keg"  |  Episode 5

This is one powerful way to conclude a season. In one of the few films where the Driver finds himself in danger, the plot in this one is less about the automotive action and more about the raw emotions and sacrifices for the greater good of mankind.

DIRECTED BY: Alejandro G. Iñárritu



Want more? Come back tomorrow and we will have all of Season 2 right here on Driving Line!

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